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Passing through quickly, as I’m way past ready for some sleep, but I didn’t want to let the day get away without letting you know that Prevention Magazine has a contest going you might want to enter. Some lucky person will win a home gym worth about $25,000! I can’t even imagine what a $25,000 home gym would look like, but you can bet I entered. :) (Good luck, and if you win, you really should invite me over for a workout.)

Until I win, I’ll have to make do with gym workouts and/or exercising at home without equipment. FitWatch offers a really good home workout. I have it on my agenda for tomorrow afternoon.

Hope you’re having a good week. Mine has been a tad jumbled, but it should smooth out tomorrow, right after that home workout!

9 thoughts on “Win a Home Gym

  1. If I won a $25,000 home gym, I suspect I’d have to win a new home to put it in!! Guess I’ll just be content with my Infinity Home Gym otherwise known as OUTSIDE (although it sounds as if it has something to do with Comcast, doesn’t it???).

  2. Me too! Maybe it comes with a new room for your house. I admit I sometimes covet a bike trainer or a treadmill, but in all honesty, I’d much rather be outside exercising. We’ve had a few pieces of exercise equipment over the years that quickly turned into clothing racks. No convenient place to store them. Also, the dvd exercise (I still like Sweatin’ to the Oldies!) does it for me when I need to exercise in the house–I’ve been known to have StTO on on the TV screen and a netflix movie on the laptop. Multitasking

  3. I don’t know where I would put a home gym; however, if I win, you will be the first person invited over. I would make for a great road trip. HA!

    BTW, the apple pies look delish. I think I might could make them.

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