Breakfast of Champions?

When I was anticipating my pb&b pancakes last Friday, I had to laugh (on the inside) when I overheard this exchange between the waitress and the woman seated behind me:

Guest: What comes with this omelet?

Waitress: Bacon and hash browns, plus either 2 pancakes, toast, or a biscuit.

Guest (to her friend): That’s too much food. (And to the waitress): I’ll have the [8] silver dollar pancakes with bacon. Um, and can I get an order of hash browns with that?

It took everything I had not to turn around and ask how that was less food, but I was raised better than that. Plus, when you’re having peanut butter and banana pancakes for breakfast (even when you don’t realize they’ve got powdered sugar all over them), you’re not really in any position to judge. :)

Also while I was waiting, I noticed this menu item:

breakfast menu item

I have nothing against wheat, in Special K, in bread, or in pancakes. I eat some sort of wheat product almost every day. I like wheat, really I do! Seldom, though, do I eat it twice in one day, much less twice in one meal. I just thought it was odd to serve it that way, and odder still to label it “healthy”.

(Although now that I think about it, I never thought it odd to eat spaghetti and bread, and it’s the same thing. Only tastier.)

Anyway, that’s where my thoughts were today–breakfast. I’m traveling again this week, and I’m thinking breakfasts are going to be my best meal of the day. Some of these towns I’m going to don’t seem to have anything except chain restaurants and fast food places. I hope I don’t get tired of deli sandwiches and Wendy’s salads.

What’s your favorite, favorite, favorite breakfast, “healthy” or otherwise?

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  1. Loved your question as it made me reflect on how much I’ve changed. What came to mind immediately was breakfast at my MIL’s consisting of eggs, bacon, the best biscuits every made, really good gravy and lots of butter on the rest of the biscuits that I’d eat after everyone else was done. Breakfast at MIL’s was a bi-weekly ritual for many years. Haven’t done that in a long time – it doesn’t even sound good anymore. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and right now, it’s more about who I’m eating it with than what I’m actually eating. I enjoy any of the breakfast items at Panera. And I do like IHOP’s Harvest and Nut pancakes. (Kind of rambling comment – sorry!)

  2. I’ve changed too. For years and years I happily ate cereal for breakfast. Often the healthy kind. Sometimes cold; sometimes hot. Loved it with fruit in the summer. Or bananas in the winter. But it never kept me feeling full for very long. A couple of years ago I evolved to eating protein in the mornings. I’m not sure I’d say that is my “favorite,” but just where I am right now. For almost two years I ate beans, a great combo of protein, carbs and fiber. Then suddenly I was “over” that.

  3. ROFL…isn’t it funny how people justify things? The first option actually would’ve kept them fuller longer.

    Oh man, if we’re talking going all out for breakfast with no caloric restriction, it’s 2 places. 1) The Cooks Calling omelet from Eggsperience in Chicago with a side order of their wheat bread. GASP! I have their bread in my freezer! I know what I’m having next week! 2) Cinnamon Roll pancakes from Orange with a Peel in Chicago. SOO yummy!

    If we’re talking healthier breakfast, an egg white omelet with 1/4 cup of sharp cheddar and TJ’s fiber bread toast with a tbsp of nut butter or egg white french toast. Dang I’m hungry.

  4. I have homemade protein bar & whole grain toast with PB (flax & chia mixed in the PB)… for 1st breakfast! 😉 LOVE!

    Me, I would have bread with anything! 😉 I love it! Course I eat is dry most of the time except after workouts with the PB!

  5. You had to ask! Bfast is my most favorite meal of the day. Once a year I go out for restaurant french toast WITH the butter and powdered sugar and syrup. And some bacon too. At home, my newest favorite seems to be this Abundance oatmeal, only its multi grain. So easy to fix and so so yummy. I am also liking my ‘healthy’ version of french toast, using the Thomas’ multi grain english muffin. Yumm yumm.

    Yes those comments and the menu show how skewed a lot of the public is about food. Its easy to forget that when most of the people we talk to (blog) are very aware of healthy food habits.

  6. I don’t eat breakfast out much, but when I do, it’s almost always a veggie omelet or eggs with turkey bacon (no toast or hash browns). At home it’s eggs or coconut milk yogurt/fruit/granola parfait or protein shake with fruit. Every Sunday, my husband prepares gluten-free banana or blueberry pancakes which I have with agave syrup, yummy! Love Sundays!

  7. Smart for the heart? Where’s the protein??

    Well, I guess I don’t have to say what my favorite breakfasts are since they are on the blog. I will say that I just love the bagel, though. I never liked them growing up – or cream cheese for that matter. How foolish I was to not like them LOL!

    I am picky about my bagels, though. I never buy store bagels and bring them home. They have to be fresh made.

  8. I’m pretty sure my favorite, favorite breakfast WOULD be the PB&B Pancakes that you had last week, but since I have not had it…. YET… I will have to go with oatmeal, cinnamon, topped with PB and banana.
    I am pretty sure the woman was thinking that those little itty bitty silver dollar pancakes were not much food. That is what “the old Jill” would have said!!!!

  9. I seem to go for fat free Greek yogurt with berries and sometimes add in some dry oatmeal – or if it’s hot out I like to make a smoothie with either Greek yogurt or Kefir.

    In the old days – I use to like a pecan waffle with syrup!

  10. Back in the day, it was an everything bagel, toasted, with cream cheese. Every. Single. Day. Then it became a whole wheat bagel, toasted, with PB. Then eventually I got into eggs. These days my favorite is plain Greek yogurt (2%) with raspberries and chia seeds or ground flax. It feels SO good in my tummy! I also like to have hot oat bran cereal with a little PB mixed in or sometimes toast with PB (these days I’m using gluten-free bread and I found a good one: Food For Life’s brown rice/almond bread.

  11. I let my Girl have what she wants for breakfast.
    Some mornings that’s chicken and tomatoes and others it’s Attune cereal.
    The bus stop thinks Im crazy…they are all old school special K’ers :-)

  12. Hi Cammy. Favorite breakfast? If calories weren’t an issue….french toast with LOTS of syrup and butter. As calories ARE an issue, smoothies, toast with almond butter, yogurt and fruit at all faves. Have a WONDEFUL Wednesday.

  13. I like to have sprouts in my breakfast as they are rich in protein and they work as supplements for me. Surprised!? Even I was surprised to know about it when my gym trainer explained me about it.

  14. Peanut butter and banana pancakes. One word: lordy! For a rare treat, there’s a local restaurant that serves a tasty pecan – bacon waffle. Of course I add maple syrup. Love it, love it.

  15. Cammy, I hope your travels are going well. Your topic on breakfast just happens to be my favorite meal topic EVER. SO many options for breakfast, and I’m going to answer your question of my favorite breakfast meal.
    First, let me take you back to a trip to Vegas a few years ago (what? you didn’t think I was just going to spew out a couple of foods, did you?) We went to a breakfast buffet. On one table was every breakfast pastery known to man. On another table was every pancake combination you could think of; on the third table were omelets, biscuits and gravy, and various breakfast meats. Then, there was the oatmeal table. How can they make that interesting, you ask? By giving you add-ons like peanut butter, nuts, fruits, chocolate chips, honey, maple syrup. They even had a juicer and a place where you could make your own smoothie.
    I swear I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I didn’t know where to start. But I will tell you, that was the best breakfast day I’ve ever had. (wiping tear away from my eye). Good times.

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