Cammy: Road Ninja-in-Training

ninjaYep, that’s me. Only with a steering wheel in my hand. :)

I’ve just returned from the first of many road trips over the next month or so.** This trip was shortened to an overnighter, which was fine as it served as a sort of test run for the weeks ahead.

I’ve already learned my first lesson: eat more protein for breakfast, especially if I’m planning a light lunch. I think I was hedging against potential road snacking in choosing non-Greek yogurt and fruit (berries/banana) for breakfast, with 9 almonds as a mod-morning snack. By 11 a.m., I was super hungry and the PB2 & Jelly sammie with a small apple didn’t do a whole heck of a lot to fill me up.
pb sandwich and an apple

Too light (no healthy fat!), but it was enough to stop me from my first temptation:


Slabs of every kind of fudge imaginable. I don’t like to use a store for a restroom break without buying something, and these were right on the counter in plain sight, but I bought a newspaper instead. Where’s my medal?

On to the next stop:

trader joe's nashville

I was actually trying to capture the color of the rental car with this picture, but the skies darkened suddenly and my iphone wasn’t up to the task. The car may look blue, but it was more purple than blue. I was a rolling blueberry for 600 miles.

Anyway, about my TJ visit. I stopped specifically for coconut flour, which local stores don’t seem to carry. (I’ve got a cake to nuke bake.) I was sure TJs would have it. Not only did they not have any coconut flour, they didn’t have any flour other than wheat flour! One of the helpful salespeople said the only other flour they had was almond meal/flour, but I can get that at Kroger (for about $2 less) along with 20 varieties of wheat flour.

So I grabbed a bag of oat bran, which I can also get at Kroger but keep forgetting to, and left. The helpful checker person suggested I try the Whole Foods about a block down the street for coconut flour. I wasn’t hopeful since the WF in Memphis and Little Rock don’t carry it, but what the heck? I was already off the interstate. As it turns out, this was one of those awesome Whole Foods, with aisles and aisles of…stuff, including THREE types of coconut flour from which to choose. And, um, still-warm peanut butter cookies in the bakery.

Hey, at least I waited until I was on the road again before eating it. (The friendly checker guy said a lot of people will eat them while they shop and turn in the empty wrapper at the checkout with a report of what they ate. Trust, they has it.) I even delayed my wait while I popped in here:

west elm nashville

I love West Elm. More than peanut butter cookies,even, no matter how warm and gooey they might be. (Seriously? My cookie was a little dense and oily tasting.) Alas, West Elm did not have a tiny black-and-white pillow like I was seeking and having just made trips to TJs and WF, I couldn’t afford anything else. So it was back to the road for the final leg of Day 1. Destination: Cookeville, TN.

Had I not indulged in the cookie, I might have been able to take a short walk across the hotel parking lot to this sweet spot:

dunkin donuts

They should be allowed to build these things on hotel parking lots! I smelled donuts all night! (Considering they closed around 10, I think it might have been partially my imagination.)

Nutritionally speaking, dinner wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible either. Cookeville has A LOT of fast food joints, chain restaurants (Olive Garden, Golden Corral, IHOP, etc.), and “home-cookin'” type places. I opted for a slice of pizza and a salad at Fazoli’s:
pizza and salad

When I went to pick up my salad, the generous server had THREE bread sticks on my plate! I thanked him and politely asked that he take two of them away. I nibbled on the one I accepted but had to give it up when my pizza was served and it was TWO slices. Apparently this Fazoli’s doesn’t sell single slices; it’s double slice or nothing. Wouldn’t that have been handy to know WHEN I ORDERED IT? Still, the second slice was rather small–together, the two slices weren’t as large as a single slice at some places I’ve been. Added bonus: the pizza, along with an orange I had brought along, kept me from tippy-toeing across the hotel parking lot last night.

Oh, and fortunately, this hotel had a workout room of sorts, and I was able to get in 20 minutes of incline treadmill and 5 minutes of running around the hotel exterior in my shirtsleeves, trying to find a door that would accept my key card. After sitting in the car for most of the day and then eating pizza, the exercise felt good.

I was up and out early this morning. Eggs and toast for breakfast and then on to the training I was sent to do. Then it was back in the car for the drive home. Lunch today was much better:

Wendys apple pecan chicken salad half size

Wendy’s half-size Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Man, did this hit the spot! Perfectly filling without being heavy for the journey home. Not to mention a table in the only sunny spot in the place. Double win!

I stopped again for a banana on the way home. I had hoped to stop for Fro-yo in Jackson but between the cookie and the pizza, I thought the banana was a better choice. :) Besides, I’m on the road again all next week. I’ll definitely be packing more than a few pieces of fruit and some almonds.

This weekend will be spent prepping for the week ahead, doing laundry, and catching up on blog reading, exercise, and sleep. I’ll be back on Monday with a sneak peek at my travel bag o’ goodies.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

**Note to Burglars: Someone is staying at my house!

9 thoughts on “Cammy: Road Ninja-in-Training

  1. Hey Cammy, Congrats on navigating through the Scylla and Charybdis of fudge samples, Dunkin Donuts, and bread-pushing waiters! I must have laughed aloud while I was reading because DH kept asking “what’s so funny?” Are you coming my way???

  2. Hi Cammy! You did great! Passing up the fudge, well, big high five to you girl :) I loved hearing how you handled the temptations. It helps me see how I’ll be eating on my next road trip. I was thinking boiled eggs might be a good choice for on the road snacking, too.

    Have an awesome weekend and hope next week goes well!

  3. What a great adventure!!! I am so glad you were able to find your coconut flour…and you do deserve a medal for only getting a newspaper.

  4. WOW, you did pretty dang good! Passed the fudge too! I am not a fudge fan but I know many are!

    I have lots of TJ’s around here & don’t understand why they don’t sell coconut flour nor chia among other things. I must write them & see what is up! :-)

    Sounds like you are super busy Cammy & hoping you are liking this new job!

  5. That was fun to read about. Sounds much like some of my road trips, navigating all the temptations, giving in to a few, and still making it home the same size as I left!

    TJ’s and WF’s need to get on the specialty flour bandwagon! I am trying to find peanut flour, and neither of them have it!

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