My Top Ten

my top ten

Today’s post is inspired by an internet meme I saw recently. I liked the format and decided to use it to share a bit about myself. (Like I don’t already fall into the over-sharing category.)

What Are You…
1. Working on: a brochure for a client who wants a whole lot of info and photos in a space not designed for it.

2. Reading:
A mystery cozy, Closet Confidential by Mary Jane Maffini, and a ginormous stack of backlogged magazines.

3. Watching: With my two favorite shows (The Closer and Psych) on hiatus, I’m mostly watching HGTV and Food Network these days.

4. Listening to:
With the warmer weather, I’ve mostly been listening to my playlist while I’m out walking.

5. Making: Slow-cooker barbecue chicken…and well, see the bottom of the post for the rest of it.

6. Playing: On Pinterest a little too much, thank you.

7. Inspired by: YOU! I’m not kidding (or sucking up); your stories of your triumphs and struggles, as well as your comments here, inspire me and lift me up. I’m motivated to keep going because YOU keep going.

8. Imagining:
Winning the lottery and blogging from the balcony of a beachside condo just after completing a long bike ride or beach walk. If it was a really long imaginary bike ride or beach walk, I imagine a cupcake to go with it.

9. Finding most challenging: Staying consistently below my average calorie target. I can hit the average without much effort, but considering I’m trying to offset my holiday luxuries, I need to string together more days on the low end of the range.

10. Adding to your bucket list in 2012: Finishing my home remodeling projects. Must make decisions. And some money to pay for them.

Earlier (#5) I promised photos of what else I’ve been working on. Here goes:

1) Remember the abandoned and drawerless nightstand I found on one of my walks? I finally managed to get a coat of paint on it:

printer stand makeover

Now that I have it set up as a printer/paper stand, I think it wants to be a TV stand. And to be painted glossy black. Oh well, maybe in the spring.

2) Lamps! I had some 1980s lamps (I know this because I purchased them at K-Mart in the 80s for my first home) in use in the den that begged to be updated. So far I’ve managed a coat of spray paint:

lamp makeover

Next step is a darker glaze and/or some stenciling for interest. Also, I’m going to need to paint the shades white. (Yes, you can paint fabric shades. See the next entry.)

3) The painted chair.

painted chair

I had this ugly chair with good lines, but stained and ragged fabric, that I picked up at an auction for $5. My plan was to learn to upholster with it, but, well, it’s been sitting in a corner of my spare room wrapped in a shroud for the past 10 years. When I read this article about painting upholstered furniture, I decided to experiment with the ugly chair. If it worked fine; if it failed, I’d go back to Plan A and recover it.

At this point, I can’t say it works for me, but at least the stains and such are covered. I’m thinking of adding a stenciled (or fabric-decopauge) to it, but I’m still undecided. For now, it will do for holding spare towels until I get around to adding to it, trying the upholstery route, or putting it out in the spring yard sale.

And that’s probably more about me than you ever wanted to know. :)

Feel free to share your own answers in the comments, or take it and run with it on your blog.

14 thoughts on “My Top Ten

  1. I too am not a pinterest addict. I sent them an email and asked to join- but never heard back! Is it me???? :)
    I watch Psych! FUNNY!!!!!!
    The chair looks GREAT!

  2. Love the list! Geez, I’ve got some lamps that look just like those and I’m still using them. Perhaps, I should take note of the Cammy School of Interior Design and realize they are way outdated.

  3. Those are some great DIY projects and you know that’s been my world the past few weeks! I love the printer stand! Isn’t it funny how once you try something like that and realize that you can in fact make something old and worn look new and stylish that you look at furniture you pass completely different!

  4. Wow, so productive! I occasionally think about painting some furniture. I get as far as buying the can of spray paint.

    And a brochure! I am working on a newsletter for our Haiti project, and having a hard time with the template. I have a hard time any time something is set up on Word.

  5. I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor about the painted furniture! That is WILD! Love the link to the other one, too. You are awesome! :-)

  6. “I need to string together more days on the low end of the range.” I am glad I am not the only one struggling with this part. It is really hard to move from maintenance to the losing end. I think harder than when I was actively losing!

    Painting a chair. Never would have thought of that. Do you use fabric paint?

  7. I love Pin too!

    You are amazing with your craft projects! I can’t even do the easiest of them – not my thing.. 😉

    I watch too many things to write – well, record & watch when we can

    Working on blog stuff

    Inspired by you!

    Most challenging – right now, my teeth!

    Bucket list for 2012 – job & some money! 😉

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