Plan B…and Beyond

We all know that life doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s a good thing. If we didn’t have surprises, life would get very, very boring, and I don’t like boring.

I do, however, like routine: My Plan A. I like going into a week knowing that on this day, that day, and the other day, I’ll be at the gym lifting weights, and on three of the remaining four days, I’ll be getting in my cardio, either in the gym or outside in the sunshine. I like having a rough idea of what my meals will be, or at least the entree portion of the meals, and I like having a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt on hand to round things out. It’s all nice and orderly and perfect–totally unlike life itself. While Plan A is good in theory, it’s not how I live most of the time. It’s not how anyone I know lives most of the time.

I spend most of my time in Plan B world. Plan B starts with the fundamentals of Plan A but adjusts for those times when my planned meal doesn’t come together or when a friend calls and wants to meet for lunch or when there’s just not time to get the gym for that strength training workout. Or when I think I might DIE if I don’t have a cupcake. Those odd and random fleeting things that pop in and out from time to time. In other words, Plan B allows for life to happen.

This is looking like a Plan C week. Heck, it’s looking like a Plan C month. Business-y road trips are creating havoc with my exercise schedule and possibly with my menu. (Business-y travel to ordinary places doesn’t fall under the somewhat relaxed guidelines of vacation travel. Pity.)

But there is a plan, and if it should happen to fall apart, I’ll move on to Plan D. The idea is to remain mindful and to consistently seek the best adjustment possible. I won’t always succeed at it, but that’s what the other letters are for.

How’s your week shaping up? Plan A, Plan B, or somewhere beyond?

18 thoughts on “Plan B…and Beyond

  1. Oh I like this Cammy. Especially today. Because I am a person who likes my routine. And last night I realized I had a couple of unpleasant chores that had to be done today and that shot my plan A all to pieces. But I will go one with plan B (still formulating) and get some pleasant activities in there somewhere.

  2. I’m a routine person, for the most part. I tend to do the same thing in the morning. When it comes to exercise though, I usually do the same type of exercise (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike), but I’ve been lacking in the consistency of getting it done. I think I need to come up with some Plan B’s, C’s, and possibly D’s for me!

  3. You plan A sounds a lot like my life. I roll with changes pretty well. In fact, I actually do better sometimes when changes happen unexpectedly rather than when I know I have really busy time coming up because I don’t have time to get stressed out about it. Kind of weird, isn’t it?

  4. OMG – this is so fitting for me because I have a post all done about routine! I love it and don’t always respond well to disruptions. You have such a great approach:)

  5. yep! It’s a Plan C week for me, too. Loved your poster, I repined it to my fitness board. Any of your upcoming trips bringing you my way? Let me know.

  6. I like plan A. Plan B and beyond can cause me stress. As I get older- I have been working really hard on adjusting better to Plan B, C and D. I want to be that person who can roll with Plan A, B, or C. But the truth is- I really do well with routine. This year has been kind of like Plan Z. That led me to meds!!! That should give you a clue as to how much I really need Plan A!!!

  7. I like routine but I also like to have options in case something gets thrown into the mix. I used to be super rigid about my plan A and that nothing was going to veer me off that course but I know better now. As they say life is what happens when you’re making plans.

    You said cupcakes. You live in Memphis. Muddy’s Bake Shop. Sigh.

  8. Should be a Plan A week for me unless something goes awry. No weird challenges that I know of, hikes/exercise already planned and groceries bought for week’s meals.

  9. I like this approach. I’ve been using it subconsciously, but will use these parameters to frame it.

  10. I love your approach to this! I am a planner by nature so when my plan gets thrown off track so do I. My hubby is more of a spure of the moment type – be flexible- spontaneous and go with the flow! Perhaps that is why we make a good match.

    There are 25 more letters – love that! Have you thought about being a life coach? You have an amazing perspective on life Cammy.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE!!! Love that 25 more letters too! :-)

    I prefer routine & like it at A & B… I don’t get off track too often but at least my workouts are when they can’t get interrupted by the day! :-)

  12. I think people like us need to develop a routine because we don’t do too well “flying by the seat of our pants.” The structure helps to rein in the behaviors and provide a stable environment in which we can stay on track. That being said, we also need to learn to be flexible, because life has a way of throwing curveballs sometimes. It’s that flexibility within the structure that we practice throughout maintenance, and the ability to get back on track if we stray too far outside the lines. Good way of reminding us to be flexible!

  13. I am definitely winging it this week, Cammy. It’s my birthday this week and since I have previously labeled myself as notoriously cursed on that day, I’ve decided to do things different this year and just be very organic about the whole thing. I’m doing everything opposite of what I normally do – and you know what? It’s working! I’m actually a lot happier this year. Go figure.

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