Popping Right Along

Nothing unusual or exciting to report from my world these days. Unless you count my renewed enjoyment of popcorn as a snack food. That’s exciting, but possibly only to me.

I’ve long loved popcorn and lucky for me, at 100 calories or so for a 3-cup serving with a healthy boost of fiber (14% of the RDA), it’s on my list of healthy snacks. Even so, I haven’t been having it that often until recently.

Thanks to the folks at Squawkfox, I’ve learned a new way of popping that will ensure I enjoy it more frequently. Having given up the microwave version of popcorn years ago, my popcorn-longing was tempered by my disdain for dragging out the air-popper and the associated clean-up after that. (Plus, for some reason, my popper started spitting lots of unpopped kernels at me before getting to the popping action. Annoying.)

After reading Squawfox’s post, How to Microwave Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag, I’m back in the popcorn game. You can click the link for the step-by-step but if you want the digest–spoiler alert!–you put some popcorn in a brown paper bag, fold it up, and press Start. In a few minutes you’re rewarded with hot white puffy yumminess. I eat it right from the bag. (I never said I had class; I apologize if I misled you.)

I know there are bunches upon bunches of possible toppings for popcorn (check out the Squawkfox link above for a few), but I usually eat mine plain. If I have calorie room (and sometimes if I don’t), I add a patlet of butter and a sprinkle of salt. But plain works for me as well. Sometimes even better–no messy fingers.

Someday soon (my ever-present mantra), I’m going to try oil-popping using coconut oil. I’ve heard it’s really tasty. When I do get around to it, I’m going to try a method I read about on Simply Recipes, which involves removing the pan from the heat for 30 seconds after adding the popcorn to allow the kernels to come to the right temperature. The recipe provider swears this eliminates the unpopped kernels. We’ll see about that.

Is popcorn in your snack rotation? What are your favorite toppings?

14 thoughts on “Popping Right Along

  1. Love popcorn. I have not been eating it as much lately. I think I will have some today after my bike ride! Yes- I get another ride in today. The weather has been NUTS!!!

  2. yes yes yes.
    nutritional yeast, braggs liquid aminos, choc protein powder :)
    I havent topped with CHIA yet :-)

  3. I love popcorn, in fact, so much that kettle corn became a trigger food, so I’ve had to eliminate it for the time being. I truly hope to be able to add it back someday and I will certainly try this. Where DO you find all these websites and how in the world do you have time to keep up with them. I certainly am grateful that you share……………

  4. Thank you for posting the photos of your transformed finds, Cammy! I’ve been wondering about the nightstand since you first mentioned it. Looks GREAT, as well as the other things. We are kindred spirits in this area. I get this buzzing high when I find something interesting on the side of the road~ lol

  5. Plain popcorn? Man, you are advanced!! Popcorn with coconut oil? That sounds yummy. Plus I read that tip on the link about putting the salt in the oil so it is evenly distributed. How come I never thought of that? Mmmm, Miz’s suggestion of chocolate protein powder also sounds yummy.

  6. Sadly, no. I used to enjoy it for a very filling snack but it has been years now since I’ve had any thanks to all the darn work on my teeth. Seems those husk things get caught in my gums and that is not a good thing. Pretty big deterrent for me.

  7. Oh, yes. Looove popcorn. Have it as my p.m. snack a few times a week on average, using a special microwave-safe bowl that I got for Christmas some years back. Favorite toppings include garlic, onion powder, and parmesan; or maple syrup and bacon salt. (Yes, maple and bacon.) Sometimes I’ll toss in a handful of trail mix, allowing me to indulge in a tasty, healthy, but calorie-dense treat while letting the bulk of the popcorn satisfy me. Recommended: Trader Joe’s Wasabi Wow, with almonds, cashews, dried fruit, and wasabi peas—sweet, spicy, and salty all mixed together.

  8. I have to be careful with my teeth, too…not because of specific work, but it just seems that as I get older, stuff gets stuck more easily. That said, when I really want to indulge, I go for Smartfood popcorn. I also enjoy plain old microwave popcorn but the kind that’s natural without all the chemicals. And Cabot’s makes a cheesy topping that’s not bad…

  9. I love that you added a tasty-arrow on your picture. Stuff like that really makes me smile. :) I am a sucker for popcorn, it was my favourite as a kid too. Only my “funny” uncle told me once that it would bite me in the butt when passing out (???), and I went off it for a while. I do enjoy it now though. 😉

  10. Popcorn with coconut oil? Don’t go there. It is amazing and you won’t be able to pull yourself back. I make kettle corn with coconut oil and the family loves it (as do I). I can really snarf down the popcorn LOL!

  11. I will be checking out all these links a bit later – thx!!! Yup, in a paper bag is good! :-) I am not a popcorn eater but hubby is! I like it but just prefer other things for my snacks like a healthy piece of bread – I love my bread! :-)

  12. LOVE my popcorn, but have been avoiding high glycemic foods, so I only indulge when I really need something crunchy. Still doing the microwave popcorn, but will go back to the bag when I finish up with what’s in the house. I’m glad you posted, as I forgotten how easy it was to use the paper bag.

  13. I love popcorn! I’ll have to try the micowave in a brown bag trick. I usually reach for a smidge of Adobo seasoning, or Old Bay, black pepper and a bit of parmasean. Mmmmmm, coconut oil .. another way to get my coconut fix (since I’m the only person in my house that likes it).

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