Sweet Like Candy

Let’s all take a moment to congratulate ourselves; we’ve made it through another week! //back pats all around//

We’re finally having a teensy blast of winter here in Memphis, and I’m doing my very best not to complain about it. I’m mostly succeeding, too. //more back pats//

Since colder weather tends to lead to snackiness on a certain person’s part, I made a quick stop at the international market to stock up on fresh produce for the weekend.

After picking up some nice plump tomatoes ($0.89/lb. in February!), I rounded the corner and spotted these oddities:


I’ve heard of of jackfruit before, but I’d never seen one. These things were huge! Some were about the size of small watermelons. At $2.69 per pound, that would be one pricey piece of fruit!

I asked another shopper, who appeared to know what she was doing, if she could describe the taste and the best she could come up with was “sweet”. Okay, I kind of got that from the sign, so I asked if she could compare it to anything else, but she couldn’t come up with anything. Oh well, I tried. She did say that these did not feel or smell ripe and that I should check back, because as they ripened, the store would probably cut them and sell them in smaller servings. I’ll be sure to update you if I’m able to try it.

Later, as I was leaving the land of produce, I heard a man telling another woman that jackfruit was “sweet…but not sweet like candy.” When I got home, I checked it out and found this video on YouTube in which the jackfruit is described as similar to “Juicy Fruit gum”. Mmmmm, I like Juicy Fruit!

My purchases were rather mundane:

fruits and vegetables

Apples, oranges, tomatoes–oh, what’s this?

fresh pineapple

Fresh, juicy pineapple! (I knew it was juicy when the container leaked pineapple juice all over my arm when I picked it up.) This is a real Valentine’s Day treat for me. Kroger and Whole Foods often have fresh pineapple, but it’s priced between $4-$6 for a small, juice-packed container. This one was rightly priced at $1.61, so it went straight into my basket. When I got out to the car, I had to sample a bite, and it was sweet. Sweet like candy, to me!

Oh, in other grocery news, if you have an Aldi’s near you, you’ll be pleased to know that in addition to aisles of boxed and packaged goods (with a few bits of fresh produce, meat, dairy and lawn chairs), they now carry this precious fridge staple:

fage 0% yogurt

Suh-weet! I’m not sure why Aldi’s decided to carry Fage, but I’m grateful they did. This price is about $0.70 less than Kroger and worth stopping in and stocking up when I’m in the area.

Hmm, I think I’m through talking about groceries now. :) Sadly, though, I don’t really have anything else to discuss.

So I guess I’ll leave you with a link to an enjoyable read: 10 Tips On Becoming a “Popular” Healthy Living Blog. Blogger Laury pokes fun at us (and herself), but in a gentle and funny way. Not that I’m judging. :)

Wishing you all an awesome weekend! (U.S. peeps, only a month until daylight savings time!)

14 thoughts on “Sweet Like Candy

  1. Mmmmmm, pineapples! I looove that! I’ve never even seen the jackfruit before, I don’t think we have it here – but I will have to look for it 😀

  2. Fun post, but THE most important thing for me to hear on this snowy, gray Saturday morning was your statement that Daylight Savings Time is only a month away. Thank you from the bottom of this ol’ Yankee’s (Connecticut) heart! I REALLY hate winter in New England – and I’ve lived here all my life… *grin*

  3. Did you know that Aldi’s is owned by Trader Joe’s? I found that out recently.

    I am now very interested in that jack fruit. I wonder if it is like a melon inside or citrus?

  4. Hey Cammy, I’ve never seen a Jackfruit before. It sort of looks like an osage orange on the outside. My cart usually has that same winter trio: apples, oranges, and store bought tomatoes. I found a great recipe for slow roasted tomatoes on interest. I made them last night for dinner. Yum.

  5. I love to try new fruit…and have never heard of the Jackfruit! I’m curious for sure! I recently tried Minneola oranges and they are wonderful!

    Oh, and the “10 tips on becoming a healthy living blogger” was hysterical.

  6. Never heard of that Jackfruit BUT I did chew juicy fruit gum when I was young.. no more! 😉

    LOVE pineapple – hmmmmmmmmmmm, I need to head to Hawaii to get some! Too bad not in my budget! 😉

    Love the FAGE! YES to that!

    Have a great one Cammy

  7. Aldi is now carryinging Kefir as well at a considerably lower price than Kroger. I have a Kefir smoothie every day,so that was a really nice discovery for me. We have a third Aldi that just opened!

    The bitter cold has made its way from you to me and doggone it, we have to go out tonight!!

  8. I love reading about groceries, buying groceries, looking at groceries LOL! Never heard of that jackfruit. And I also buy the whole pineapple when they are on sale and cut it up myself. I can usually get one for $2-3. I have to eat down my current yogurts (homemade AND goatmilk yogurt) before I can get some Fage again. I’ve been enjoying apples lately. Very sweet and satisfying. And I started sprinkling cinnamon on them like Lori does with her pears.

  9. I laugh that as soon as we FALL BACK I start counting down till the springing forward.
    the dark early does NOT WORK :) for this MISFIT.

  10. I tried jackfruit in Hawaii many years ago and for the life of me I can’t remember what it tasted like! I’m looking forward to pineapple this afternoon. I eat fruit salad every day, it’s an addiction!

    That healthy living post was hilarious. Guess I’ll never be popular…this womb is closed!

  11. The jack fruit is common in the South of India. The hardest part is cutting open the fruit and reaching the portion which is edible. Usually we we use sesame oil to coat our fingers to work with cutting open the fruit. Once cut you will see that there are many individual jackfruit pearls. the fruit is actually the fleshy portion that surrounds the seed (imagine pomogranate pearls – just 20 times bigger). We in India use the seed in some delicacies as well after sun drying them. The smell of a ripe jack fruit is very strong and the flesh of the fruit is very sweet. Hope that helps :)

    btw i read ur blog regularly :) love the way you write!

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