The Road Ninja Prepares

What an exhausting weekend! It seems like I’ve been going nonstop for two days not counting naptimes. I didn’t get today’s workout squeezed in until 4:00, but at least I got it in there. There was almost no one at the gym at that time, which I plan to keep in mind for next Sunday.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a short travel day, about 3.5 hours, all interstate. I’m hoping to get there early enough to find a walking trail.

I have everything prepared to ensure I get some healthy foods in this week. In terms of calories, I didn’t do badly on my quickie trip last week, but I’d like to do better this week on the nutrition side of it, so today was spent getting things assembled.

travel food

It’s kind of embarrassing how much food I’m taking, but we do what we have to, right? Here’s what we have, starting in the upper left:

Popcorn – You can’t really tell what they are, but I’ve prepared 3 paper bags, each with 3 tbsp. of unpopped corn. Two of my hotels have in-room microwaves. If I’m hankering for a crunchy fiberlicious snack, I’m set.

Next to the popcorn are some Arnold Sandwich Thins. I have four left, and I’ll have one for breakfast tomorrow. The rest might come in handy later.

Protein powder – I just happened to have these packets of Jay Robb Chocolate Protein in my pantry, so I grabbed a couple to toss in the bag. If nothing else, I can stir half a packet into some Greek yogurt (if I can find any) for breakfast. Or I can bring them home unused. They don’t take up much space and give me an option.

Moving around, we have fruit and lots of it. What can I say, it’s easy and I like it.

Boiled eggs – I needed to use these eggs (probably should have already used them), and they’ll give me a good nutrient-rich breakfast or lunch for the next two days. (Tena, you also mentioned boiled eggs in your comments last week, proving that it’s true that great minds think alike. :))

Above the oranges are some chocolate protein muffins (these ones, only without the Truvia since the protein powder I used had sucralose listed). The recipe makes 10 mini-muffins at about 25 calories each, and they taste…okay, but not amazing. I didn’t realize they were so low calorie or I would have added in some nuts and/or chia seeds and/or chocolate chips. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if they hold up for the trip without going all rubbery.

Next up are a couple of plastic containers. One has the Holy Grail – four Ghiardelli dark chocolate squares and eight milk caramels. Can you think of a better way to end each day?

Tucked beneath the candy is a container of PB2 (peanut butter powder). I found a forgotten stash of PB2 in the freezer a couple weeks ago. If I can palm some jelly packets off the continental breakfast bar at the first hotel, I can have PB2&J sandwiches a couple days. Failing that nefarious plan, I can stir some into oatmeal or yogurt for a peanut buttery treat.

Somewhere in all that is a baggie with Sun Crystals (stevia and sugar blend, 5 calories per packet) for tea sweetening, and some salt and pepper packets in case I need them.

Not pictured are the half can of almonds still in the travel bag from last week. Almonds are a near-perfect travel food for me. They’re filling, but they’re not a food I overeat. Not currently, anyway. With me, that’s always subject to change.

Wow, it looks like so much, but it all fits neatly in one normal-sized tote bag along with a couple of plastic grocery bags I use to carry in just what I need each night (a piece of fruit, a piece of chocolate, etc.). If I want more, I can haul my butt back out to the car.

Okay, so we’ve got breakfast/lunch and all the snacks I could possibly want need taken care of, that leaves exercise. This week doesn’t look good for full workouts, so I’m going to take my yoga mat and my Pilates for Dummies DVD:
pilates for dummies dvd

I don’t think I ever reviewed this DVD, which I’ll try to remedy in the near-future, but I love it. Since I’ve been going to the gym so regularly, I haven’t done this workout in ages. It will be interesting to see what, if any, change I’ll see with this different type of exercise. If the weather and my work schedule allow, I’ll also try to get in a few walks, even if they’re short.

So that’s the plan. The big pay-off for this diligence will be on the final stop of my trip, which is the pancake house capital of the world: Pigeon Forge, TN. Seriously, there must be a pancake shop for every 10 people, and I’m not about to leave without having my serving! If I have a really good week, I might even splurge on real syrup. On the side, of course. :)

But this isn’t all about pancakes, with or without syrup. The biggest payoff I’m hoping for is an abundance of energy. I’ll be on my feet for about 8 hours for two of the training days, and I have to be “perky”. Eating right, fitting in some exercise, and getting proper rest are the only ways I know to do that. Beyond pharmaceutical intervention, that is.

Wishing you an awesome week ahead!

17 thoughts on “The Road Ninja Prepares

  1. thats commitment!!! carrying the dvd along….and having healthy eating options on hand… thats really saves the day many times 😛

  2. It is a common joke among my friends that when I travel, the food bag and the book bag take far more space than anything else! That’s o.k. – I rarely return from a trip regretting what I’ve eaten. It’s worth it – don’t apologize. That food stash looks great!

  3. I love this Cammy & shows people that it can be done! All the perfect essentials for traveling!!! You can also mix your protein powder with water or almond milk or low fat milk – I do that sometimes for a quickie mini meal…

    So, you gonna tell us what you are doing?? 😉

  4. Yes, you’re right – we do what we have to do! I always pack food when I’m going on a trip, even to an all-inclusive. I eat gluten-free also, so it’s important for me to bring along safe foods. I’d like to mention a couple of foods that have been lifesavers for me, Kind bars and GoPicnic meals. A Kind bar can be a good meal on the go or snack, and the GoPicnic meals are like grown-up lunchables. They’re not cheap but once you sign up on their website, you get notices of sales. I also bring one or two during the week for lunch just to break up the salad and chicken/tuna/salmon routine. Enjoy!

  5. You are sooooo good at this! I’m not surprised, of course. My struggle with road trips is that a lot of the easily packed stuff can also easily be triggers for me. Yep, I’ve taken bread thins on the road. Well, me and bread. Sigh.

  6. You didn’t mention keeping stuff cold–most of what you’re bringing doesn’t need refrigeration, I guess. I like to keep those blue ice things in the freezer, and then I can just throw a couple of them in my travel bag and take my yogurt and cottage cheese along with me.

    You sure are doing a lot of traveling–its making me tired!

  7. Excellent job, Cammy! You can also employ some of those apples if you can’t get your hands on jelly. I ate peanut butter and apple on sandwich thins for lunch almost every day that we traveled for 10 straight months. (Target/Walmart usually had the best prices on sandwich thins, btw.) We also carried an average-sized lunch bag with a freezer pack insert, because most inexpensive hotels we stayed in had a small fridge/freezeer as well as a microwave. We traveled in cold times and climes, so we could sometimes keep the lunch bag colder by leaving it in the car! I hope you are going to warmer places, lol. Congrats again and thanks again for great planning and sharing with the rest of us. Have fun and be safe!

  8. I love the Pilates DVD, too! It was the first time I tried Pilates.

    You do so, so well with the planning and packing. Sometimes it is embarrassing to bring your own food to places. Yes, you can always make healthy choices when you get somewhere, but is is *so* much easier if the choices are already made for you.

  9. Good job!!

    I love a good road trip and the more I travel by car, the more I love to take my own stuff…and, when possible, I like to stay in hotels that have little kitchenettes so I can keep stuff refrigerated and not have to eat out.

  10. I love how you laid that all out! If we ever go anywhere again, I’ll have to look at this again.
    It can be done.
    Thanks for hte inspiration. I hope you have an amazing time.

  11. Move over Michelangelo, Cammy is the newest Ninja. An artiste at packing for a road trip. Kidding aside, I love getting a peek into your logistics for the road trip. Mine look similar, except for green grapes and carrots which are for car nibbles. And I take the WATP (Leslie Sansone) dvd already loaded into my laptop so I don’t have to get down on the floor in a hotel room. Say “Hi” to Pigeon Forge for me.

  12. I love that you are the food ninja! 😀 I really need to take notes and be better at food on the road myself. There are soooo many unhealthy options easily available. Fantastic planning on your end!

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