Does This Exercise Make My Butt Look Big?

As I was walking out of Kroger today, I had the strangest sensation that my butt was bigger. Not big as in knocking groceries off the shelves–just bigger. Of course I had to discreetly check out my reflection in the store window…only to find that my butt looked (un)remarkably the same as it did earlier today. Very weird.

In thinking about it (and checking a couple of times in the full-length bathroom mirror at home), I realized that what I was most likely feeling was not an increase in butt size but an increase in exercise to the butt muscles. They didn’t get much of a workout last week other than getting in and out of the car. But today at the gym, I did an exercise I don’t do very often, and I suspect that my glutes were just showing their objection appreciation.

Introducing the Single-leg Bridge with Stability Ball:

I like this exercise. While it primarily works the glutes, the use of the stability ball works everything from the abs to the feet. It’s a great way to wind down a workout. And with luck, it will NOT make your butt bigger. (I’ll check again tomorrow and let you know.)

Speaking of workouts, I made the mistake of going to the gym at 6:00 a.m. today. Waaay too crowded at that hour with the 8-5 working folks. We were elbow to elbow at the weight rack and I had to work with only half my mat rolled out in the mat area.

With that many people, it’s difficult to follow my normal workout pattern–3 sets of 3 different exercises with a 30-60 second breather between sets before moving on to the next group of exercises. (Not sure what to call that since it’s more than a superset but less than a giant set). Anyway, it’s how I worked with the trainers and how I work out most days now. In a crowded gym, it doesn’t work so well. After twice losing my spot or machine, I skipped the third circuit and went to the mat. I’d completed lats, chest, shoulders, triceps, quads, and calves by then, so I felt okay about dropping the rest of it and filling in with a zippy 1-mile walk to round it out.

The “bottom” line is that I got back to the gym. Thursday morning I’m going either earlier or later, but I’ll definitely go. Tomorrow’s mirror check will determine if I do the single leg bridge lifts again. :)

Many thanks for the pick-me-up kindnesses in yesterday’s comments. You made a world of difference, and I appreciate it!


15 thoughts on “Does This Exercise Make My Butt Look Big?

  1. I will try these. I just put air back in my exercise ball.
    along with being funny, that’s interesting about the way your butt felt to you.

  2. That is such a great butt exercise & as you said, works so much more!!! Glad you got back to the gym too!

    Me _ I work out when few are around & I love it – I sacrifice for it but worth it to me!

  3. I’ve always been a classic apple—wide waist, relatively narrow hips, not much in the butt and thighs (or, alas, boobs). When I gain (fat) weight, it goes straight to the belly. Even now, at a “normal” weight, there is a mere 5-inch difference between my waist and hip measurements.

    That said, my thigh measurements have been gradually creeping up! I credit this to all the squats and lunges, especially the plyo stuff I’ve been adding over the last year.

    Keep working those glutes! 😀

  4. That exercise looks hard. But I like working with the ball, so will try it out. I think I’ll try at home before I do it at the gym. That’s pretty funny that it made you feel like your butt was bigger.

    I’ve never been to the gym at 6am. I doubt that I will ever visit the gym at 6am. Isn’t that when you’re supposed to be having coffee in your bathrobe??

  5. That actually can be a huge turn off, if your gym is too crowded. It’s definitely an excuse for some to avoid it altogether. It’s important to find a gym that you feel comfortable going to, even if the membership fee is slightly higher. As long as you go, it’s worth it!

  6. 3 or more exercises together are giant sets – so go ahead and call them that!

    I don’t like when the gym is crowded. Especially when I am doing multi sets and trying to keep my heart rate up when people want to work into my area. Grrrr….

  7. I remember when I first started exercising my butt did grow! Argh. And it has shrunk and now I think it is growing again. What can you do :)

  8. I want to add that I was reading a blog – can’t remember who’s but the poster had been out of town for business and wanted to work out at a gym so she called around and even though she was willing to pay for a one day pass, the gym she found had a first time use – free day. Even after she explained she was just there for business and there wouldn’t be any chance of her joining their gym they let her work out for free. Just a thought – if it might work for you.

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