Jabberwocky Week

I first read Jabberwocky in high school. I didn’t understand it then; I don’t understand it now. Not surprisingly, it’s not something that has kept me up at night. I can probably live my whole life just enjoying it for what it is. Or just ignoring it.

Some weeks are like that. Or at least some of my weeks are like that. Some days are recognizable and make sense. Others, well, they reflect more what Alice said, upon reading Jabberwocky: “[It] seems to fill my head with ideas—only I don’t exactly know what they are!”

I used to fret about the “why” of it all, but (after a brief pondering for hidden messages) I’m learning to let that go and just roll with things as they happen.

This week’s main nonsense has been a bad case of what I’m presuming to be make-up PMS, which is not nearly as much fun as make-up sex, let me assure you. I’m apparently not on any sort of schedule for PMS these days, so this caught me a little off-guard. It may not even be PMS, but in the past, almost-continuous hunger + crabbiness = PMS.

No matter what it is, you should all be very glad you live far away this week as I’ve been in a bit of A Mood.

Another interruption to the flow of the week was a quickie overnight trip to Nashville this week. It was on-again/off-again, then rescheduled, and finally set. All the uncertainty made meal planning somewhat difficult, and I had to rely on McD’s side salads a couple times to bail me out on my leafy greens. (See? McD’s isn’t totally evil!)

Notes on the trip: I left early in the day because I knew I would be staying in a nice area of town (Brentwood, home of NFL players and lots of musicians) for a change and that the weather was supposed to be beautiful. I also knew there were nice areas for walking in the area around the hotel, and I wanted to enjoy them.

I started out the day wrong by having a very light breakfast (yogurt and berries) before I left home, intending to have a simple eggs and toast “brunch” and then an early dinner, but after spending too much time chatting to some truck drivers about an overturned truck on the interstate (I was about 5 minutes behind the accident!), I let the lunch hour sneak up on me. I was sure the The Log Cabin Restaurant, in Hurricane Mills, TN (exit 143 on I-40, a.k.a. the Loretta Lynn exit) would be the type of place that served breakfast all day, but I was wrong. Since I was already seated and had my beverage, I ordered a turkey club sandwich:

turkey club sandwich

It was good (in-house baked bread and real sliced turkey) but a little pricey. This sandwich and an iced tea were around $10. I consoled myself with the knowledge that the Subway next door might have been about $5 cheaper, but it wouldn’t have tasted nearly as good.

Next stop: Brentwood, where I snapped a photo of this week’s transportation:

two cars

Sadly, my ride was the one on the right. Yep, my own car. Talk about extreme opposites! But my car seemed to enjoy the snazzy company while I went in here to browse a bit:


I do believe this was my first visit to REI. Verdict? Not really impressed. To me, it felt like the Trader Joe’s of the outdoor world. Lots of pricey goods that most people probably don’t really need. Maybe if I was a rock climber or a camper-type person, I’d have enjoyed it more. Or if I won the lottery (up to $200 million now!) Or maybe it was this particular REI. I dunno, but I was out of there in about 10 minutes.

The whole reason I stopped in at REI was that I’d realized I’d forgotten my cinch sack, which I needed for walking. I don’t like to walk without ID and iphone, and the exercise pants I’d brought didn’t have pockets. Temps were near 80° at the time, so a jacket was out of the question. Plan B meant my walking pants were the jeans I’d worn on the way up. It was too warm for jeans, too, but I managed a nice little walk. In fact, at one point I became convinced I’d walked too far:

flags at alpha omicron pi

That Canadian flag through me for a loop! Turns out, I was in front of the International HQ for Alpha Omicron Pi, a U.S.-Canadian “women’s fraternal organization” (isn’t that a sorority?). Whew! Because I didn’t have my passport, and I’ve heard horror stories about crossing the Canadian border. :)

After a half hour or so, my growling stomach said it was time for dinner–NOW! Thanks to the PMS, it had been growling since about a half-hour after lunch, but I’d ignored it by reminding it we had eaten already. (It didn’t really seem to care.)

Dinner was at a regional chain, Jefferson’s, where I had an unremarkable grilled chicken salad {yawn}. The most interesting thing about that place was the wallpaper:

dollar bills

Apparently, the tradition of customers pinning their decorated dollar bills to the wall started when the first Jefferson’s customer asked for the honor of hanging the ceremonial first dollar and then signed it before he did so. Others followed suit, and now the restaurant has Sharpies on hand for decorating purposes.

As much as I love Sharpies, she who pays $10 for a sandwich at lunch didn’t feel it necessary to add her dollar to the wall, per diem notwithstanding. She had places to go and tough decisions to make:

cupcake shop and fro-yo shop

Hmmm, fro-yo or cupcakes? How convenient (or is that cruel?) that they’re side by side like that? Okay, in the end it wasn’t so tough. While my heart was with the cupcake, my calorie budget was with Sweet CeCe‘s. Besides, it was two-punch Tuesday on the loyalty card–score! Four more punches and I get a free fro-yo! (Well, $3.00 worth of free fro-yo. Since my servings tend to run from $3-$3.50, I usually have to pay a little something. But it’s practically free!)

After a largely sleepless night (stupid growly stomach!), I snooze-buttoned my way through my 5:30 a.m. workout time slot and then began the process of getting dressed for the day. My training appointment was scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m., and it takes a while to get myself perky when I’m in A Mood. (Props to the hotel for having boiled eggs on the breakfast bar. Starting the day with protein always helps. Having it with a mini-muffin helps, too!)

I arrived at the training site and learned that the business was still in construction stages and drink machine installation hadn’t occurred as planned. What were they thinking? That the electrical and plumbing systems would miraculously install themselves overnight, while the sheetrock nailed itself to the walls? Sheesh! It made no sense, but it wasn’t my problem. While I waited for my keepers to get back to me with a plan, I did a little shopping:

the container store

*pause for angels to stop singing*

This is probably the Trader Joe’s/REI of the household world, but I never pass up an opportunity to stroll around one. More than anything, I get ideas for organizing. (Totally unrelated to actually being organized) This particular store is rather small and doesn’t have quite the selection as the stores I’ve been to in Houston and Chicago, but it was a fun way to pass some time. I actually made a purchase, which I’ll share in another post, but nothing to break the bank.

Eventually, my training assignment was officially cancelled and I was free to drive back to Memphis. By then, the temps were in the 80s (another thing that makes no sense) and I was overdressed for that, so I was actually relieved no perkiness would be required. I won’t make as much money for the trip, but I got a change of scenery and some free meals out of the deal, as well as two punches on my free fro-yo card. (Hmm, I wonder if I have to report that as income on my taxes. Must verify.)

As I was listening to my stomach growl on the drive home, I contemplated the continuous and nonsensical hunger problem. If it’s truly PMS, it should pass in a day or so, but in the meantime, I’m going to monitor my nutrition more closely and make sure that I’m getting the proper protein, fat, and fiber each day. For me, those are the satiety saviors, and it could be that I’m not getting the right amount for my activity level. (I’ve been pushing the weights at the gym and may need to up my protein a bit.)

Anyway, my week hasn’t flowed as planned, but I’m thinking that won’t be fatal. Some weeks and some problems just don’t make sense.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is how the spring weeds in my back yard could grow six inches in less than a week. I should get out there and mow them down before the next rains come in.

I hope you are all having a marvelous week, one that makes sense!

13 thoughts on “Jabberwocky Week

  1. Hope you have sufficiently ungrumped!

    Love the cowbell flag – made me LOL! That skit cracks me up every single time.

  2. My husband loves REI and whenever we vacation in a city with one he has to go. I, on the other hand, love container stores:) We had a great one in my town that closed several years ago. So sad.

  3. Ahhhhhhh, been in that REI many times – they really do have good sales! Most of my hiking clothes came from REI.

    Too bad I didn’t know – there is a to-die-for restaurant in the shopping center across the street called Brick’s Cafe. You’d have loved it!

  4. I LOVE The Container Store!!! I heard the angels sing when I saw the photo!!! :)
    There is a Container Store where I live if you are ever in NC!!!!! :)

  5. Man, you’re a strong gal to choose the fro yo. I think I would’ve eaten a cupcake and then done a mega workout. (Cupcakes are my utter weakness) The Container Store rocks. We’ve got one a few miles away and it’s got lots of great stuff but a little pricey sometimes. Glad you’re home and hopefully it was just the travel that made ya crabby. 😉

  6. I read this post in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and was thoroughly amused by it. Could totally relate to being in ‘a bit of A MOOD.

    What I picked up on was–you don’t like Trader Jo’s??? Hmmm. I find that for some things they are a lot cheaper than any of the grocery stores I go to. I don’t live near one, though, so they are pretty much eliminated from the regular rotation around here. Never been in an REI, or if I was, I was not impressed. Now, the Container Store. Wish there was one closer. Just for the ideas.

    And yay for you on the froyo choice.

  7. Wow, what a chronicle!
    I hpe you’re feeling better. I’ve been having crazy cycles too and I know it’s not easy to regulate.
    That sandwich looks so good!! Definitely worth the price difference from Subway.

  8. Cammy – for you to say you are in a mood – that is BIG! 😉

    I want to comment on so much but I am short of time. So, REI – yes specific to a certain group of people & sports… we have them here of course. We have Container Store too & I love looking & I want all the gadgets but yes, ya have to price shop! IT is fun to look though – like Bed Bath & Beyond – so much to look at!

    TJs – I LOVE & to me – good prices for a lot of things I buy….

    PMS – my prob when I had it – craved carbs big time – & it always went into the week of the period too – for me – it was never ending! 😉 Now, the hormones for age are doing it to me! 😉


  9. I love REI. I window shop then buy online from LL Bean or Campmor for lower prices (if I can resist the store).

    Cupcakes! I have had such a carb thang the past couple of months that I unfortunately have given in to – thinking that giving my cravings a break would stop them. HAHAHAHA! One size up later…

  10. You pretty much lost me at that sandwich.. I would have given my arm for that I think. I’d love to experience some American shopping one day. 😀

  11. I’ve never been to any of those stores, I’ve been deprived. I love taking trips with you. I can take a trip and never leave the office. Remember that song with the line about taking a trip and never leave the farm. Anyway, don’t know why I thought of it. The only thing growing in my yard is clover and weeds (maybe clover is a weed). Have a great weekend. I’m going to slather on sunblock and work in the yard.

  12. Hi Cammy, glad your funk has passed. C’mon over the border here to Canada….we’d love to have you visit! And the borders aren’t so bad. (just blink you eyelashes and show a bit of boob, and voila, you’re in Canada. HA!!!! SOOOOO kidding!!! Have a great weekend)

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