New! Improved! Most Embarrassing Moment

Greetings from Kentucky! I don’t think I’ve ever blogged from Kentucky before.

(And yes, to those of you who have heard me speak, I do pronounce it Kin-TUCK-ee.)

I’m on the next-to-last day of this week’s road travels and only have a couple hours training tomorrow before heading home. I don’t go out again until late next week. (Hello, gym! I’ve missed you so.)

During my three 8-hour training days in middle Tennessee, I managed to create my new most embarrassing moment ever. Of course I must share.

Brief background: You may not know this, but fancy-pants soda machines are generally cleaned with a solution called Kay 5. Two syllables, easy to remember, easy to say.

WhyOWhy then, did I suddenly start referring to it as K-Y? Not once, but TWICE.

KY and Kay5

Granted, both times were the late afternoon training sessions when I was bone tired after standing around being perky all afternoon, but still. I was mortified. All I could think to do was laugh and say, “Oh wait, that’s another class. You should continue to use Kay5 for your fancy soda machine.”

Sheesh. Oh well, seven-month old Hope liked me:

baby Hope

Isn’t she a sweetheart? And such a pleasant baby, too! She smiled and cooed and completely made me forget my embarrassment. It helped that she didn’t understand K-Y or Kay5.

Moving on, nutrition this week hasn’t been great but it hasn’t been horrible either. Considering the work schedule (in store 9-5, travel a couple hours to next location, try to find something even moderately healthy in previously unexplored territory) and the fatigue factor, I’ll give myself a ‘B.’

I did luck on to a tasty salad at a chain restaurant:

pizza hut tuscan salad

This is Pizza Hut’s Italian Tuscan Salad. I haven’t figured out what exactly makes it Tuscan (gotta be the pepperoni and/or Italian dressing), but at 8:00 on a week night in a small town, I wasn’t going to quibble.

I do, however, need to caution you that if you should order this and don’t wish to have peppers on it, you should make sure the waitress understands that that means ANY kind of peppers. When I pointed out that I had ordered the salad without peppers or onions, my teenaged waitress leaned over and explained in you-are-an-imbecile-so-let-me-speak-slowly-and-loudly fashion that, “these are ba-nan-a peppers. Did you not want these?”

“No, that was the part about no peppers and onions.”

“Oh, I thought you meant green peppers.”

“I didn’t know green peppers came with it.”

“They don’t, but I thought that’s what you meant.”

I was too tired to point out that a person generally doesn’t exclude items that aren’t part of the original dish from their orders. In fairness, she offered to make be a “brand new salad”, but I figured I was safer just picking out the ba-nan-a peppers.

The only other meal of note was tonight’s splurge-ish item: Taco Pizza from Hobo Mickey’s in Madisonville, KY.
taco pizza

This mom-and-pop place was near the hotel and the online recommendations were decent. I went there seeking a non-Subway deli sub, but miracle of miracles, this is what I ended up with–the personal size Taco Pizza. Quite tasty, and reasonably portioned. I couldn’t have eaten this and a salad, too. Fortunately, I’d gotten my green veggies in at lunch.

Well, tomorrow is an early morning and then a long drive in stormy weather. I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m still rolling along here, spreading joy and merriment everywhere I go.

Please make me feel better by sharing (if you’re comfortable) your most embarrassing comment ever. (Bonus points if you said it more than twice.)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I’ll check in on your happenings this weekend.

14 thoughts on “New! Improved! Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. I realize it doesn’t make any kind of sense, but I’m with the waitress on this one. Holding the peppers means those nasty green peppers and never the delicious banana peppers.

    Sure, that was an embarrassing mix up but just be glad I wasn’t there. That would have sent me into giggles for sure.

  2. mine?
    does now count?
    when is the post where we share a moment which wasnt awkward or embarrassing? *those* stick out in my mind…

  3. I can’t think of one now, but if I do I promise to come back. I’m like MizFit – there are so many things I wish I could take back but now that I try to remember one, I can’t!

  4. Drive safe! Once in a training session I called a person by someone else’s name who wasn’t there. The attendees mostly knew both. Embarrassing.

  5. LOL!! I will think about this anytime I need a good laugh!
    I have TONS of these moments!!! We call them “Jillisms” I have 2 that come to mind. The first was when I was in a Burger King once (a long time ago) and ordered a Big Mac. I didn’t know why the person behind the counter was giving me such an evil look. The 2nd is the WORST!! Last year my daughters class went on a field trip to Williamsburg VA. The teacher asked me if I wanted to chaperone. I was so excited. I told her how much I loved going to vagina!!! You can imagine the look on her face! I turning beet red all over again just thinking about it. UGH! My daughter still passed the 5th grade…….

  6. No embarrassing moment right now. Just wishes to please stay safe today. Not knowing exactly where you are doesn’t help – I just know most of central KY is in for some rough weather. That on top of Wednesday’s night’s tragedies. Get home as quickly as you can. For once, Memphis seems better than middle and east TN. Rare, isn’t it??

  7. Some of my more embarrassing moments aren’t fit for print – or I wouldn’t want them floating in perpetuity on the internet, at any rate.

    I know that service workers are a lower skilled job, but that server should have known better. Reminds me of the time I went into McDonalds to get a latte and asked if they had decaf and the answer was “No, it’s espresso”.

  8. My embarrassing moments are also not fit for the internet!

    Yours is funny…I probably would have laughed out loud, or had to excuse myself with a case of the giggles, especially the second time around.

  9. Cammy, I have so many that I can’t even pick just one. However, I will share this ONLY for you:
    We were traveling and had eaten at a questionable restaurant around 3 hours before. I desperately had to go to the restroom. We pulled off at a local McDonalds somewhere (I’ve blocked out the state, thank God) and I went inside where there were only two stalls. By this time I was begging for mercy, let me tell you. After a minute or so two teenage girls came inside and one of them said, ‘Oh, my God, it smells like someone threw up on a dirty diaper in here!’ and they went on and ON about it. I was so embarrassed to leave my stall, but they both had to go and I knew I couldn’t stay in there forever, so I kept telling myself, ‘you’ll never see these people again…’ll never see these people again.’ and I left the stall where they both just stared at me, as though they were amazed that such a short person could create something so vile. I quickly washed my hands and left that McDonalds faster than lightning. The only thing that got me through it was knowing for CERTAIN that every single person on this earth probably has a similar story.
    Feel better yet?

  10. OMG – LOVE especially at my age & needing any help this Sahara desert can get! OK – that was one of my most embarrassing moments right there! :-)

    Be safe Cammy – lots of bad weather out there!!!

  11. Oh my gosh Cammy, your description of the interchange between you and the waitress is hilarious.

    Either I am too old or too stupid to get embarrassed or too old to remember when I was embarrassed. But nothing comes to mind. Well, Ellen’s story–FUNNY!–does bring something to mind. But I am not going to share THAT story for all the world to see.

  12. Hi Cammy. OH JODY!!!! Your comment is hilarious!!!!! My embarrassments are more “physical” than “verbal”. My boob fell out of my bathing suit at aquafit, my tights have fallen down below my skirt (silky undies, tights, long walk…not good), I was walking and talking to someone and rammed right into a parking meter and fell down…that kind of thing…. Safe driving Cammy!!! And thanks so much for the laugh on this post. Take care

  13. Gee, you know, in my older age, nothing like that embarasses me. I just laugh, even if I’m the only one amused. Actually that one might have cracked me up.
    That’s a hard one. I couldn’t even read Kay-5 without slipping it to KY.
    and oh my gosh, little Hope is so cute!!!
    I’ve got terrible pre-menopause baby fever…

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