On the Bright Side of Life

General randomness today and all most of it good!

Let’s start with something good. The generous Crabby McSlacker at Cranky Fitness and her readers compiled a list of Weight Loss Blogs, and they were kind enough to include The Tippy Toe Diet.

Even better, there’s a whole roster of truly great blogs on the list. Some of my daily reads are there, and I see quite a few new-to-me blogs to check out as time allows.

Even more better, if you follow any of the links on the list, you’ll no doubt find bunches of other weight loss/fitness blogs that could become part of your daily “must reads”. Anyway, thank you to those who nominated my blog! I’m honored to be included.

Pardon the teensy bit of negativity. I don’t buy many protein/snack/meal bars, but I do usually have one or two in reserve for emergencies. (Current preference: Clif Bars, Carrot Cake, if you have it.) As I was checking out the bar aisle at Target the other day (no carrot cake), I spotted a new bar in town:

iron girl bar

Ooh, I have an athlete in me (somewhere, I’m sure), and now I have my very own bar!

So what’s the first thing we do when we pick up a box, package, or jar? FLIP IT!

iron girl nutrition label

Admittedly, the name of the bar should have been a clue, but still…THREE grams of protein?! I can iron my clothes (if I knew where to find my iron) on 3 grams of protein, but I don’t see it helping much with workouts or recovery. My bottom-line-minimum for even a “trashy” snack bar is 5 grams of protein. Sheesh! I didn’t even bother checking the ingredients. (Bright side: I burned 100 calories scoffing!)

No scoffing necessary with this new-to-me recipe! I had a tub of cottage cheese that had hidden itself in the back of the fridge, and I really needed to use it. I can make oat bran pancakes with some of it, but even I can’t eat that many pancakes. No pimentos on hand, so no pimento cheese. Out of the depths of my pitiful memory, I recalled a Low Calorie Cottage Cheese Cheesecake recipe I’d seen on Blogilates a while back. Since I had all some of the ingredients, I decided to give it a whirl.


Okay, so mine aren’t pretty like Cassie’s were (they look a lot like uncooked canned biscuits-LOL!), but mine have mini-chocolate chips on them so that makes us even. It doesn’t matter, anyway, because for taste, these cheesecakelets get two thumbs up, 5 stars, and a double-YUM from me!

Click the link above for the original recipe. I followed it almost exactly. I used coconut flour instead of regular flour because the regular was waaay over in the pantry and the coconut flour was beside me, and I used a sugar/stevia blend instead of sugar and only one tablespoon of that. Oh, and I was having commitment issues so I omitted the fruit. By making them plain, I can add whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

The only thing that I’d really do differently next time is add a splash of vanilla. Oh, and I’d make them in a regular-sized muffin tin and not the teensy one. (Bright side: I get more cheesecakelets in the mini-tin!)

I may play around with variations over the summer. Maybe stir in a tablespoon of cocoa powder (with fresh cherries?) or try them with orange juice instead of lemon juice. You could probably even turn them into a savory type dish with sausage or ham and other seasonings. Any other ideas?

In the smaller size and with the ingredients I used, each cakelet is about 20 calories with 2 grams of protein. Not counting any add-ons, of course. And boy, is it filling! I ate four of these jewels (for testing purposes only), and I had to put the barbecued chicken I had planned for dinner back in the fridge. Salad was all I had room for! No worries about snacking tonight! Well, okay, maybe one. :)

If you buy the bulk of your non-produce items at Kroger, as I do, you might like to know that they have a new brand of poultry. It’s called Iron Chicks.

Just kidding, it’s called Simple Truth:

simple truth chicken

Not organic, but it’s an improvement over their Sanderson Farms brand. And at $4.99/lb., for boneless breasts, (in Memphis), it’s a nice middle ground. The only downside for me is that the breasts come individually wrapped. As you know, I’m a batch cooker, so I don’t really like the unnecessary packaging.

I also noticed they have eggs under the same brand, but I didn’t stop to look at the particulars.

I think that’s enough randomness for today. I hope you’re having a wonderful week. We’re sliding toward the weekend now!


18 thoughts on “On the Bright Side of Life

  1. Yay for randomness! That bar is pathetic. Pathetic! I would use up those 3 grams of protein just chewing the damn bar! You can eat 160 calories of raisins and get a much better iron and fiber ratio than that bar. Hmpf!

    I might have to try the cheesecake things. I am finding I need to be careful about what I make in the house to possibly binge on. I did okay with my last batch of chewy coconut balls, but it was tempting at times.

  2. Oh, and since I was so busy talking about *myself* in that comment that what I meant to say was congrats on the nomination! You deserve to be in the ranks of those blogs!

  3. Congratulations on the blog list!! That’s fun. I’ll have to check out some of the other blogs there.
    And those “protein” bars… what a joke!
    Love the randomness!

  4. Yay for you Cammy. A well deserved mention on the blog list. YAY. Love your random posts. (and our iron goes missing for days at a time too!!!) Have a great Thursday.

  5. Congrats! You more than deserve to be on that list! You know, you being a rock star and all. 😉

    Those bars are total crap. High cals compared to similar bars, low fiber and protein. I don’t think a real athlete would bother, I hope others don’t get sucked in by the marketing.

  6. Who needs junky protein bars with that cheesecakelet idea? Gotta check that out. They sound delicious and like a great calorie bargain.

    Thanks for all the info. And the many reader votes you got in the best weight loss poll were well-deserved!

  7. I have never heard of these before, but it is neat that they are for women. I will have to give them a try. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I go crazy about those kinds of bars too.
    do they think we IRON GURLS :) long for all that sugar, too? :-)

  9. Ah, you are generous Cammy – I want more than even 5 grams of protein. I usually want at least 10! :-) Maybe they were more for endurance people – runners or bikers – who knows!

    Love the randomness & yes, congrats to you on the Cranky Fitness lost. I was on here too & feel honored!

    As for pretty food – mine – never – but tastes good! :-)

  10. I don’t keep “bars” in the house anymore. Yep, just one more red light food for me. BUT, I do buy them for when I travel. And I try to find the best combo of low-carb, low-sugar, low-cal, high protein and high fiber. And I never buy the dessert-like flavors, like, hmmm, you know, something that tastes like a candy bar. I’d go for that in a heartbeat when not hungry:(

    I have that list of blogs open in a tab and hope to visit all the ones that are new to me:)

  11. Congrats on making it on that list! I know you’re one of my favorite weight loss blogs!

    I am just struck by the high protein content of those little cheesecakes! What a great nutrition deal. And I just happen to have a little too much yogurt in the house right now. Hmmm. Wonder how those babies would travel. WAIT A MINUTE!! My room has a kitchenette in it–I could make some while I was there.

    Oh. LOL at Lori’s comment. You mean I’m not supposed to talk all about myself in the comments?

    And LOL at the chicken label– NATURAL chicken breasts. Subtitle– boneless and skinless. Wow, someone took me up on that idea of developing chickens that were NATURALLY boneless and skinless. No wonder they can cut the price. If you can believe it, I only pay $2.28/lb for NATURAL boneless, skinless chicken breasts at the local store. Yay for bargains in California. We gotta catch a break somewhere.

    Wow. I am chatty this morning. Sorry ’bout that.

  12. I love that name, iron girl. But it’s shockingly low on protein so I probably wouldn’t bother.. Also, iron chicks! Tee hee 😀 😀

  13. The pitiful protein count is my complaint with Larabars. I love the very short list of ingredients and don’t want then messed up with more stuff, but they just don’t work for hiking. Gotta have protein.

    Gee, I wish Debby were here. She’s got the yogurt and I’ve got cottage cheese! We could whip up a batch of those lovelies.

  14. Congrats on making the list! I will have to check it out. Although I don’t seem to have much time these days even for the blogs I usually read!

    I do keep some bars on hand as well. I like the Atkins Chocolate peanutbutter one but cut it in half and eat half at a time.There is 19 grams of protein in the entire bar – not bad.

    Those little cheesecakes are cute – you are getting creative in the kitchen!

  15. OMG…If I hadn’t seen this post, I would have never seen that I am also on that list!! How freaking cool is that?! GO US!

    And I love the idea that I can burn significant calories by scoffing 😉

  16. Congratulations on being on the list (and listed so near the top!). I notice quite a few others that I know and love are there, too. I always knew I had good taste! And, speaking of good taste, thank you for the cheesecakelet recipe. Maybe I’ll drive down from Virginia when you and Debbie and Sharon have your get-together and sample some of the offerings from Debbie’s kitchenette!

  17. Yes. Greetings from Mumbai, India. Hopped, skipped and jumped upon your wonderful blog from Cranky Fitness. Keep up the good work!

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