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As I write this, it is entirely possible I will win the $148 million Megamillions Lottery jackpot tonight.

  • A) I have a ticket (two, actually)
  • B) there’s really no good reason I can’t/shouldn’t win it.

With that clear and solid evidence in mind, I spent my half hour on the exercise bike this afternoon alternately watching cutie-pie Scott on HGTV’s Income Property and plotting out my lottery windfall. Both were quite enjoyable and never has a half hour passed so quickly.

If my calculations are remotely accurate (and there’s a good chance they’re NOT), I will take home about $70 million after lump-sum and tax deductions, and as it turns out, I need less than 1% of that to settle my debts and buy everything on my To Buy When I Win the Lottery List. (And I’m not waiting on sales, coupons, or garage sales, either!) If I decide against the Infiniti, I might not need all of that, or if I go with the Infiniti AND the Prius, I might require a tad more.

Anyway, even with charitable/civic contributions and honoring (immediate) family and (close) friends, it’s clear I’m going to have a little left over, and as I pedaled away this afternoon, I decided that if when I win, I would like to buy each of you a fitness/health gift. Maybe you want a new bicycle, some good running shoes, or your very own home elliptical machine. Perhaps you’ve been drooling over a Vitamix with which to make green smoothies or a new set of kitchen knives to chop and dice your veggies. I could even spring for a year’s worth of gym memberships (note: Club Med is not a gym!) or some personal training to get you started.

So sing out and let me know what you’d like for your health/fitness lottery-winnings gift.

Should the unthinkable should happen and my numbers aren’t chosen, we’ll need to come up with a Plan B. What will you do to get that one gift for yourself?

[Edited to offer bad news/good news: I’m not sure how this happened but my numbers weren’t chosen last night. The Universe, she toys with me.

Anyway, that’s the bad news; the good news is that no one else won either and the jackpot has increased to $171 million. Of that, I will take home $81 mil (give or take a couple) and thus will be able to grant a substantial number of additional health/fitness requests. This also means that you will have until Tuesday evening to place your orders. And I must say, you are all showing remarkable restraint. :) ]

Happy Weekend, everyone! And good luck to us all!

14 thoughts on “Place Your Orders Here

  1. Oh I have a lot of things I would love to have fitness wise. I would love a personal trainer to help me lose the 100 plus pounds I still need to lose. I should start buying lottery tickets lol. Another gift that would be nice is a his and hers treadmill so I can help the hubby start his journey while having a little bit of competition on the treadmills.
    What fitness item would you buy yourself?

  2. I would like a nice fancy food processor and one of those Bosch mixer things. The KitchenAid mixer would be o.k. The Bosch is kind of expensive and I don’t want to be greedy.

    Hope your week was better. In or out of town next week????

  3. LOL, how fun. You know what I want? I want those Newton running shoes! Every time Shelley posts a picture of them I want them all over. I checked their site, and this is what they could do for me: “Newton Running shoes are built with Action/ReactionTM technology, which reduces impact, returns energy, and propels you forward so you can run faster,” Wouldn’t that be great!

  4. I’ll take a personal chef…like the one who works at Green Mountain At Fox Run :-)

    Now, if it were ME who had entered and was going to win and put $70 million in my bank account, I’d hire an expert investor so I could live off the interest, there would be charitable giving, my husband would quit his job and pursue his dreams, and we’d buy a private luxury jet (with pilot) so we’d never have to fly a commercial airline ever again. Oh, and there’s be someone to schlep my stuff :-)

  5. Forget the new set of knives. I would like a personal chef who does the meal planning, shopping, cutting and cooking. I will clean up- I don’t want to be selfish!!! :) Thanks!!!

  6. my health & fitness lottery winnings would first purchase a treadmill – a good one…and then it would set up the beginnings of a inexpensive wii and kinnect video arcade for kids that only played “activity” and “get movin” games!

  7. Aren’t you sweet! When you win, and after you buy your Infinity and your Prius, I’d love the latest model of the Garmin Forerunner with all the bells and whistles. My little Nike+ has been giving me fits lately.
    Hope you have a great week, even if your numbers don’t come up!

  8. Darn. I was going to ask if a trip back to the spa was too expensive:)

  9. Exercise equipment is on my lottery list, too. If you win before I do, I want my very own NuStep. It could be a used one, I am not picky. And if you are feeling really genrous, amybe a year with a good trainer.

  10. Oooo, fun question. The thing that would make the biggest difference in my healthy life would be some one delivering to my house twice a week for a year, freshly made, healthy meals in the perfect proportion of protein/carbs/fat to keep me satisfied. Sort of like Seattle Sutton, only personalized to fit my tastebuds. Yummy!

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