Two, Possibly Three, Easy-Schmeasy Recipes

Since I tend to prepare the same five or six meals most of the time, I don’t share recipes very often. I’m very happy when I do have one to share; when I have TWO (possibly three) recipes, I’m downright giddy. Let’s get to it!

Recipe #1 – Alton Brown’s Hard-Cooked Eggs in the Oven
I prefer the title “Oven-Boiled Eggs”, for quirkiness purposes, and I suppose this is more a technique than a recipe, but I didn’t want to crowd the post title any more than it already was.

I first read about this recipe/technique on Pinterest a few weeks ago, but I can’t find the pin again. (YOU try searching ‘eggs’ on Pinterest this close to Easter.) I didn’t repin it, because, well, boiling eggs isn’t exactly hard and I didn’t think I’d try it. And then came Saturday, when I needed a boiled egg and didn’t want to hang around the kitchen waiting for the water to boil. I found the original online source at, but the recipe/technique is taken from Alton Brown’s book, I’m Just Here for the Food: Version 2.0.

This one’s so easy you don’t even need to write it down:

1. Put desired number of eggs on oven rack on middle rack of unheated oven.
2. Place a cookie sheet or tin foil underneath in case of explosion.
3. Turn oven on Bake and set temp at 325°.
4. Set timer for 30 minutes and walk away. (But not too far in case of aforementioned explosion.)
5. At the 27-28 minute mark, fill a bowl or pan with ice and water.
6. When the 30 minutes are up. take the eggs from the oven and plunge them in the icy bath. (Note: You may want to use tongs for this part as trying to pick up eggs with an oven mitt is a teensy bit difficult.)
7. When eggs are cool enough to handle (less than a minute), peel and place back in the water to complete cooling.

oven boiled eggs

Alton was right; these ARE creamier tasting. In fact, I doubt I’ll ever boil an egg on the stove top again!

You’ll notice on the middle photo (if you have good eyes or squint) that the egg has a tiny speck caused by the oven rack. Not too bad for just myself, but I wouldn’t want those unsightly or unappetizing specks when serving deviled eggs. I’ll try a piece of parchment paper directly beneath the egg next time to see if I can avoid the speckledness.

Recipe #2 – DIY Taco Seasoning

I eat Mexican(ish) food at least five times each week, most recently Turkey Taco Salad. In the past I used packaged taco seasoning to flavor the turkey, but I found it to be too salty. While I do keep an eye on sodium, I’m not opposed to using salt in recipes. I just like to control the amounts, and usually wait until the food is plated before determining if salt is needed. That’s just me.

Having recently (and finally!) used the last of my ginormous container of taco seasoning, I took a stab at creating my own salt-free version. There’s no real recipe; I just used the ingredients label on the back of the container as a starting point and then tinkered. Here’s what I came up with:

DIY Taco SeasoningDIY Taco Seasoning
1/4 cup chili powder
2 TBSP ground cumin
2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp black pepper

Then it’s Shake-it-Up-Baby time!

Obviously, everything can be adjusted to taste and preference. After the first use, I added about a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, which heated the next batch up a little. I think the teaspoon would be perfect for the full recipe; it was a little much for a partial batch. (read: scorch marks on tongue)

I added 2 heaping tablespoons of seasoning and a cup of water to a 19-oz. package of ground turkey, after browning. I also added a 4 oz. can of green chiles. Mmm, spicy!

My next frontier involves a possible third recipe to add to my repertoire: DIY Taco Sauce, based on a recipe I found on The “Make Your Own” Zone. Ortega Taco Sauce is my preferred brand, and blogger Bev promises this is very similar. Since I just stocked up on Ortega, it will be a while before I can try it. Well, maybe I could try just a half recipe. I already have all these ingredients on hand….

And that’s all the recipes (and possibilities) I have for now….unless you have any new “make your own” recipes to share. Please?

19 thoughts on “Two, Possibly Three, Easy-Schmeasy Recipes

    • If it has a regular bake setting, I don’t know why not, Lori.

      But I’m not buying you a new convection toaster oven if anything goes ‘splodey. :)

  1. Wow, I am also so on-board with trying the eggs in the oven. I just about bonked out on eggs during my first Cycle 1 of the 17DD, but am ready to bring them back in. Will try this and hope I can taste the “creamier” part.

    Also plan to whip up a batch of the DIY Taco Sauce today.

    You working this week????

  2. We have an egg cooker:) But now that my husband is sort of vegan, we’ve stopped buying real eggs since I mostly use the liquid substitute.

  3. As soon as I finish off the giant costco size jar of taco seasoning, I’ll use your recipe to make my own! I agree with you. that stuff is too salty now!

    And I’m glad you got a lot of nice comments on the eggie recipe. I hate eggs. lol.

  4. I’ve never heard of making eggs like that, but it seems really practical! I wouldn’t mind my eggs being creamier either! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Due to fear of explosion (more so having to clean up the mess) I am going to stick to my method which hasn’t failed me yet.

    Love DIY taco seasoning…it is the only kind I use.

  6. I cooked the eggs in the oven today. YUMMMM!!! It really does make a difference in the texture. My new favorite method. Thanks for sharing! BTW, Alton Brown always has amazing recipes, so whenever I see his name on a recipe, I know it will be great!

  7. interesting. I was doing a lot of hard boiled eggs for awhile, but we kind of burned out. I may try this oven thing.
    And I just used a Trader Joe’s taco seasoning that I didn’t love. I can’t wait to make my own!!

  8. Thanks for the recipes. I’ve never heard of baking eggs but I’ll have to try it. Can’t wait to fix up a batch of taco mix.

  9. Baked eggs. Love it because my hard-boiled eggs are so inconsistent. Also looks great for making a bunch of eggs to dye for Easter – yes, I still do this…

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