Beginning: A Nudge

Several years ago I had a huge crush on Ze Frank. Yes, I was a Sports Racer. Still am, at heart.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Ze Frank, he’s a humorist/essayist/satirist/philosopher/creative type who’s also really cute. Okay, maybe I still have a teensy crush.

Ze is frequently profane, even more frequently profound, and after a not-so-brief hiatus, he’s back to the airwaves with a thought-provoking and inspirational video on a subject near and dear to my heart: beginnings.

If you’re feeling stuck and are looking for a push (one that contains adult language), you might enjoy An Invocation for Beginnings. But you’ll want to enjoy it at home, or turn the volume down if you’re at work. :)

Quirky? Yes, that’s why I like Ze Frank. But quirkiness aside, the message is extremely powerful if you listen to it.

It’s even more powerful if it spurs you to action and makes you begin.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to change out of my tutu (too-too) and get some sh*t started. (thank you, Ze Frank!)

Don’t know where to begin? I had some thoughts on that!

Grateful hat tip to Pamela Slim for blogging about this video. Otherwise, it might have been a very long time before I found it. ::shudder::

14 thoughts on “Beginning: A Nudge

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  2. Man, you wander far and wide on the internets! And I’m glad you do–saves my lazy a** some time LOL. I liked that guy, although I don’t have a crush on him. My favorite phrase was the one about perfectionism and shiny shoes. I liked it enough to replay the tape so I could write it down. Thanks Cammy!

  3. Oh. Em. Gee!!! A long time ago I had Ze Frank’s page bookmarked and when I saw him referenced here on your blog I knew I knew him but couldn’t remember why, until I clicked the link!! This is so freaking perfect for my current frame of mind! I may just have to pay it forward on my blog…

  4. I have never seen this brilliant man before, but I am so grateful that you posted about it. My pencils are sharp, and even the dull ones will leave a mark!

  5. If anyone needed to see that video today, it was me. Thank you for the much needed inspiration Cammy! (I may need to view it a few more times:-)

  6. Interesting guy! (intense eyes!) I like what he had to say, and being a creative person myself, there was much of what he said I need to remember on a daily basis as well!

  7. Can I just tell you that I found your blog, through cleaning out some old mags and reading an article about ‘real women losing weight’ before it went into the recycle bin…

    SO glad I did! congrats on your success and I love this video – exactly what I needed. 😉

    • Welcome, Liz! (How awesome is it you found me through a stack of old magazines, considering I’m sitting here weeding through my own stack! LOL)

  8. I can’t wait to check this out! Have to wait for kidlet to sleep, darn it all.
    Extra bonus of seeing your crush!

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