My Top 10: Healthy Recipes On My To-Try List

I don’t know that I can make your Monday suck less, but that little cutie sure helped my Monday get off to a good start, and I hope he has the same effect on you.

I’m the world’s worst (best?) at bookmarking recipes that I never actually get around to trying. This is partly due to my wacky travel schedule and partly due to my general disdain for spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen in a day at a time.

Laziness has nothing at all to do with it. Not at all!

As I was eating dinnerlast night (barbecued chicken and jumbo salad), I came to the realization that I’m just the tiniest bit weary of my current dietary rotation of barbecued chicken, Mexican chicken, turkey taco salad, and tuna. Even the occasional “wild night” of pizza chicken or scrambled eggs doesn’t do anything for me. It might be time to get off my culinary duff and introduce some new dishes into the repertoire. These ones have had a good 3-4 year run, and I’ll never drop them completely because I genuinely like them. Plus, excluding the tuna salad, they all freeze beautifully.

Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to publicly post the 10 Healthy Recipes I most want to try. I’m going to attempt to choose one each week, depending on my travel schedule. Right now travel is looking light, but I keep getting called out on last minute assignments.

10 Healthy Recipes to Try

Carrot Cake Protein Pancakes [Dashing Dish]
If I don’t try these soon, I’m going to D-I-E.

Socca Pizza [Edible Perspectives]
At almost 600 calories per serving, I’ll have to save it for a calorie-light day. Plus, I’ll be skipping the nutritional yeast and sesame seeds in favor of some good mozzarella.

Hummingbird Cake Smoothie [Hungry Meets Healthy]
I’m saving this one for warmer weather. It’s perfect for a mid-afternoon snack!

Pineapple and Chicken Quesadillas [Novice Chef]
Pineapple and chicken are a wonderful combination. I can practically taste this already!

Black Bean Enchilada Casserole [Canadian House and Home]
I’m guessing there’s no international treaty that says I can’t prepare a Canadian recipe. If not, I’m looking forward to indulging my Mexican food fetish with this recipe.

Quinoa Burger [Eating Well, Living Thin]
This recipe has two types of cheese, so it’s got to be good, right?

Tosca Reno’s Keep-It-Tight Tilapia [Eat Clean Diet]
According to the website: “Cayenne, ginger and mustard are three ingredients that help you burn fat just by eating them!” According to ME: It’s a pity they have to be on fish. But I need more fish, so I’ll give it a try. I did actually eat tilapia a few times and didn’t die. I just sprinkled some Tony Cachere’s and some hot sauce on it and cooked it on the George Foreman. Now that I think about it, once I got past the fact that it was FISH, I seem to remember enjoying it.

Black Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers, and Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette [Once Upon a Chef]
The original recipe calls for avocado, which I don’t do, but it’s got olive oil in it for some healthy, plant-based fat.

Warm and Nutty Quinoa Recipe [101 Cookbook]
The published recipe calls for the inclusion of blackberries, but blueberry season is just around the corner here, so I’m probably going to use those.

Roasted Strawberries [New Nostalgia]
I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include something sweet, and these strawberries sound like they’d be marvelous on top of some Greek Yogurt. Or a biscuit. :)

If I make five of these recipes over the next five months, I’ll be happy. If nothing else, at least I have them all nicely collected in one spot!

Care to link to a recipe or 10 that are on your ‘to-try’ list? Feel free!

17 thoughts on “My Top 10: Healthy Recipes On My To-Try List

  1. I think I must be as bad as you are at bookmarking recipes, then never getting around to trying them. Of course, now I’ve reached a new level because I’ve bookmarked this POST so technically, I’m bookmarking TEN recipes at a time. Gotta find time to get back in the kitchen.

    Looking forward to Saturday.

  2. My recipes bookmarks are going to explode!
    You would think I would actually make some of them because they all sound delicious.

  3. I’m bad with trying the recipes too. I’m just not a chef. I am a good cook, but I kind of see it as forced labor. 😉 I’ll have to explore the one’s you’ve posted! Maybe I’ll actually do something… eventually…

  4. Thank you!! I am in SUCH a culinary rut…will definitely be trying some of these, especially the roasted strawberries (I just bought some) and the pineapple chicken quesadillas!

  5. Oh my goodness, where do you come up with all these great recipe sites?

    I tell you what. If you bring me some of those carrot cake pancakes, I’ll bring you that veggie cereal you’ve been craving! :))

    I am definitely going to try some of these. Especially the chicken ones, as I just cut a big one up this morning. And I’m leaving in 2 days…

  6. That burger recipe was a fav of my husband until his “almost vegan” phase. Sigh. I have TONS of bookmarked and clipped recipes to try. Right now I’m on the look out for ones that will fit the bill for both hubby’s new eating plan and my own. Not so easy. Lots of lentils:)

  7. Thanks for sharing these Cammy! I too have been in a bit of a cooking rut – just haven’t felt like doing much in the kitchen lately or really since I started the 17 Day Diet come to think of it.

    I have an awesome recipe for Cheesy Quinoa Burgers you might like

    I have been pinning some new recipes to try. Since the weather is getting nicer I hope to introduce some new main dish salads, kabobs and fish cooked on the outdoor grill to our weekly menu.

    Looking forward to your recipe reviews in the near future!

  8. Yes, pineapple and chicken are great together. That’s just what I need to help facilitate my return to eating meat. Yes, it’s true — giving up the vegetarianism after almost four years.

  9. Although I get notification of your post the day after, I still love that pic!!

    OK, coming back later to look at all the links but that carrot cake protein pancake is calling my name!

    I pin healthy recipes to my Pinterst board & now I have them, yous included!! :-)

  10. I’m gonna try this ideas of yours. I’m a food lover so I’m gonna try this all for a change. thanks anyway

  11. Thanks for the recipe round-up. I am struggling to be faithful to my no grains/starch eating, so the fish (ugh) and strawberries (yay) minus the syrup would fit. But, the quesadillas sound great!

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