New Life Plan (and Giveaway Reminder)

Overheard in store the other day, one clerk to her co-worker:

“I’m going to be good but, you know, not extra good.”

And thus, my new life plan was born. It’s noble, yet realistic. :)

Last reminder for entering the Snikiddy giveaway! I’m going all out tonight and having an entire serving of Cheese Puffs. The relatively low calories and reasonable ingredients make it a good Saturday night, pet-sitting, tv-watching snack.

Without being, you know, extra good.

What are you up to this weekend?

12 thoughts on “New Life Plan (and Giveaway Reminder)

  1. Sounds like a plan 😉

    It’s funny…I’ve seen a number of bloggers giving away that Snikiddy stuff and man…that’s the kind of snack that I just end up eating all of so I am not entering anyone’s contest.

    This weekend? Puttering…

  2. I hope I get my snikkedy stuff soon and they didn’t forget about me! 😀

    I was good today, but not extra good. Worked out at the gym, then we did a 30 mile bike ride and had pizza for dinner. No cupcakes, though.

  3. Yesterday, I was just good, so today I’ve had to be EXTRA good. SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, has turned me on to frozen yogurt. This might not be good.

    • LOL. There’s NUTHIN’ bad about frozen yogurt!

      Cammy–love that saying. You need to make it into a poster and put it on pinterest so I can print it out and put it on my refrigerator.

      That said, I am being EXTRA GOOD since getting home to get this travel weight off!!

  4. I was bad yesterday. But not extra bad! :)

    All I will say is there is ice cream in the house. The fact that there is still some left is the reason I won’t define my day as extra bad!!!

  5. I love your outlook on life Cammy!!!! You are too funny!

    I have that giveaway too but I am not posting till next week with so many out there right now. I am making the hubby try them since he is not a health food lover & he likes them. I am trying each one but only a couple so I can talk to my feelings about them. I don’t keep anything like that in the house & will explain when I post the giveaway. 😉

    Hope you have a great one… we are having nice weather here so enjoying it!

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