Report: Wise and Witty Women Convention

Sunday nights after an awesome weekend are bittersweet. On the one hand, you’re all glow-y and recharged after spending time either doing something you love and/or spending time with people you care about and/or find interesting, but there’s also an empty feeling as the week looms long and empty after all that fun. This is the position in which I find myself right now after spending a spectacular Saturday with two awesome blogger friends: Sharon, of Gains and Losses: Life Through Sharon’s Eyes, and Debby, from Debby Weighs In. Oh, I should probably include Sharon’s shiny new Rav4 as part of the group, or she’ll get her feelings hurt. (Note: link is to a representative Rav4 as I failed to take a photo of Sharon’s car. Don’t tell her.)

After visiting on the east side of the state for a few days, Sharon and Debby (and the Rav4) headed west. I headed east and we met in the middle, or as we Tennesseans like to call it, Nashville. Unfortunately, the weather was dismal–rainy and cold (blackberry winter)–so we couldn’t get out and truly enjoy the city, but that didn’t get in the way of our fun.

After convening at Panera’s east of the city, we swung by Sharon’s hotel to drop off my car, and then did our sightseeing from the warmth and comfort of the shiny Rav4. First stop was the Opryland Hotel (indoor hiking!) and plant viewing. While walking, eagle-eyed Debby also noticed this oddity on the event board:

opryland board

We can only hope no one got the rooms mixed up and ended up at the wrong event!

We then turned south to zip through the downtown area on our way to lunch. Sharon suggested Brick’s in Brentwood, which was an excellent choice, and we got in another mini-hike to the car and back. (The Rav4 is currently under new-car treatment and must be parked acres away from any other vehicle, unless said other vehicle is a luxury car.)

Our next destination was Whole Foods in Franklin for restocking. Sharon took us the scenic route through Brentwood so that Debby and I could house-ogle while still offering helpful navigational suggestions. Despite the “help”, we arrived safely and headed indoors for some food-shopping fun! (Seriously, I’m dreading my Kroger run tomorrow because I’ll have to do it on my own.)

Nothing would do after Whole Foods but a stop for fro-yo! (Really? You thought Debby and I would be in the same spot and NOT stop for fro-yo? Puh-leez!) A friendly waitress snapped this photo to document the occasion:

fun group

Don’t we look happy? And doesn’t one of us look like she gained 30 pounds since her last mirror check that morning? (Hint: it’s the one who has the Godzilla-sized grin on her face.) An unfortunate pose, but I have to say my gleefulness isn’t in doubt!

After fro-yo, we headed back to our hotels and then reconvened in Sharon’s room for chatter and giggles. Debby and Sharon also helped me with a product review/giveaway I’ll be doing later this week. (Hint: it involves crunchiness!)

And then it was over and I was sad. The day ended far too soon for me, and I’m looking forward to our next meet-up, whenever and wherever that might be. I’m absolutely certain there will be one!

Back in my room, and after uploading the previously displayed photo for sharing, I snapped this photo to prove to myself (and to anyone else who cares) that 1) I know how to smile normally, and 2) I did NOT gain 30 pounds!

normal Cammy

This morning, I McGuyvered a mini-ice chest from a McD’s iced tea cup to transport my one purchase from WF, a carton of Chobani I intended to eat for dinner but never got around to after the product review crunching.

improv ice chest

I stopped by Sharon’s on the way out of town to drop off a book, and then I was truly on my own. It seemed only fitting for my mood that my first 20 miles on the road were behind what I named the Choco-torture Truck:

chocotorture truck

In my opinion, if we’re not going to let restaurants market to kids, we shouldn’t allow cupcake people to market to reforming chubby road ninjas who are driving along feeling a little sad. It’s just not right.

Before I sign off, I want to thank Debby and Sharon for a wonderful weekend and for the gift of their laughter and wisdom!

And after bragging on Sharon’s car, I have to pay tribute to my own vehicle. Last weekend we celebrated this wonderful milestone:

odometer 100k

100,000 miles and prayers for 100,000 more (and promises not to get rid of it if I win the lottery.) It’s a good car and I’m fortunate to have it!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! Anyone want to come over and go to the grocery store with me?

19 thoughts on “Report: Wise and Witty Women Convention

  1. Whee!! I get to be first to comment! It really was a great (LOL) day! No need to worry about what you looked like–I’ll testify to the fact that you were even taller and thinner in person! Plus, you’re much more likely to stay that way with your petite froyo portions!

  2. I would love to grocery shop with you! It’s so much more fun with friends.
    What a fun trip!! I wonder when I’ll ever meet a blog buddy…
    Sharon really does look like Karen! Is it the same in real life? It may be more a “something about” but whatever it is….. Seperated at birth?
    You look so cute in that last shot, like you’re in your college dorm room.

  3. Oh, how I love that you used McGuyvered as a verb!!!

    You all look like you had a great day!! It’s so good to see photos of you and Sharon together… reminds me of our big LR weekend last fall.

  4. You are too funny! I laughed all the way through this post much like I laughed all the way through Saturday. And don’t try to pass the navigational suggestions off on Debby. I believe the majority of those were coming from the back seat of the RAV4. But I’m grateful for them – who knows where we’d have ended up without them? It was a great day!

  5. OMG I LOVE the pics & your smile is contagious!!! That event board sign is too funny!!! It is so great that you got to meet up with blogger friends – how exciting is that! Great weekend Cammy!!!

  6. What a fun weekend! I actually really like the big smiles in that picture. I will be meeting up with Sharon in Mid May.

    I wonder if you sampled the crunchy snacks that are en route to me to sample as well?? We seem to be bloggy aligned lately 😀

  7. You are soooo right that fun weekends are hard to bounce back from, and it looks like yours was spectacular. Reminds me I’m due for some “girl fun” myself!

  8. What a great weekend! I’m totally envious but so glad that you three had such a nice time together. I think you look great in that first photo – so happy! You can’t fake a smile like that :)

  9. OH FUN!!!!! I can’t wait to meet some of my favorite blog friends in real life!!!! And Cammy, if I ever get to your neck of the woods, I’d be honored to go for froyo with you!!!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful weekend with us.

  10. ooooh I covet your spectacular saturday with wise witty wonderful insightful amazing smart sassy women.

  11. You look great in both photos! Meeting blog buddies must be so much fun. How funny is it that I have to move to England to finally meet a blogging buddy!?!?!?!?!

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