Snikiddy Snack Pack and Gift Card Winner: Deanna

Congrats to Deanna G. winner of the Snikiddy gift-pack and the $25 grocery gift certificate! (Deanna, watch for an email from me.)

Thanks to all who participated! If you want to try your luck with this contest on other blogs, I know that Lori and Jody will both be hosting giveaways soon. Until then, you can just read them for the stellar content, like I do. :)

Back to our regularly (un)scheduled programming tomorrow!

Edited to include a snip of the actual drawing results so that ya’ll know I’m not sitting here saying, “No, not her, not her, not her–Her! I like her best! Y’all would all win if that was the case!

One thought on “Snikiddy Snack Pack and Gift Card Winner: Deanna

  1. Thx Cammy!!! I think I will be doing mine next week… Portion control over here & also hubby is part of the test since he is not the biggest fan of health snacks! 😉

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