Spring is in the Air…Or is that Lemon Pledge?

Spring is the time of year when we turn our houses inside out, toss the things we’re not using, replace the tired and worn out items, clear the cobwebs from the corners and the dust from even the spaces not in view. We polish and shine and make everything as fresh as new again.

Or so I’ve heard. My house is still in its semi-dusty, fully-disorganized post-winter state. My travel schedule is getting in the way of my cleaning schedule. I don’t really mind that much.

But this season won’t be a total bust, because Spring is also the time of year I re-post an article I wrote way back that suggests ways we can turn the same attentions we spend on our houses to ourselves.

Spring Cleaning on the Inside

Think about your life (health, fitness, relationships, career, finance, etc.). Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Why aren’t you there? Don’t beat yourself up over it; just ponder the matter and see if any of these nasties have crept into your life:

Excuses: We’re probably all guilty of making excuses for ourselves when we’re trying to justify something we should or shouldn’t have done. Surely, it’s not just me. (Antidote: When you catch yourself making an excuse for something, ask, “Is this really true, or am I just making myself feel better?”)

Rationalizations: Did you know that another way to spell “rationalize” is “rational lies”? These are the thoughts and words we use to give ourselves permission to do something we know is wrong. (Antidote: Unrelenting honesty with yourself. YOU know the truth about your efforts.)

Unfair Limitations: Many, perhaps even most, of the limitations we face are self-imposed. Why we would do this to ourselves, I don’t know, but we do. (Antidote: Ask yourself, “If I didn’t have xxx in my way, what would be by next step? Then figure out how you can do it–or some form of it–anyway.)

Regrets and Resentments: Writer Malachy McCourt once said, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Holding on to past haunts and hurts prevents us from moving forward. (Antidote: Forgive yourself and any others involved, and focus on the future. At minimum, let it go.)

Procrastination: “Someday” thinking is fun for thinking about the lottery. For managing our lives, it doesn’t work so well. (Antidote: See Makeover Monday: Getting It Done.)

RightThisMinute Thinking: We all want to see results fast. Whether it’s successful weight loss, financial security, starting a family, or any host of other desires, many of us have a tendency to want to get it done rightthisveryminute. We should be applauded for our energy, but doing things too quickly can cause us to do them in a way that’s unhealthy, inefficient, or ineffective. (Antidote: Patience. Focus on progress, not the goal line. Unless, you’re looking at the goal line, of course, and then it’s eyes on the prize time!)

These evil little habits have a way of creeping into our lives and derailing our progress. Join me this spring in spending a little time with a mental broom and dustpan, eliminating this clutter from our lives. Note that I didn’t say we’d eliminate it for good. Old habits die hard, as the saying goes, and I’m sure we’ll all face these pesky demons again at some time in the future. We’re savvy enough to know that and strong enough to defeat them.


Whew! I think I needed that more than I need a clean and sparkly house! Thank you for indulging me. I’ll be feeling all lemon-fresh in no time!

17 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air…Or is that Lemon Pledge?

  1. Happy Monday, Cammy. I hope you have a great week. I love the part of your post about regrets and resentments. Living in the past or trying to change the past is futile – the only way forward is to be in the now and to let go of those things. Learn from them, yes, but don’t wallow in them.

  2. Happy Monday to you Cammy and I hope your week goes smoothly!
    I see we are reviewing the same book next week and I look forward to your take on it!

  3. Definitely not lemon pledge in the air around here. All those good motivational thoughts and you recycle, too! :-)

  4. I feel like I have already done some Spring cleaning on my healthy habits and I will continue to work on fine tuning them.

    Rightthisveryminute – I am so guilty of this and wanting change to happen now! That is just human nature I guess but I have had to learn to adapt since weight loss comes so slow for me.

  5. Ughh… that is the ONLY thing I hate about spring.. Now if I can only trick my husband into doing the windows…… 😀

  6. Thank you for the thoughtful Spring post. Regrets, I have given that one up and try to behave so I am not at risk for many. Procrastination – I’m planning to get to that one some day 😉

  7. Lots of though provoking info here. One needs a week to process each one. Thankfully, I feel as if I’ve made some progress since last spring.

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