Tired Bunny

If you dropped in hoping to see an Easter bunny skipping along with a basket of treats, I’m sorry to disappoint. This is kind of how this bunny is feeling today:

tired bunny

Source: bonjourtous.fr via Cammy on Pinterest

In other words, I’m pooped!

What was supposed to have been a quickie training trip on Wednesday was extended at the last minute, and I won’t get home until tomorrow. I am beyond ready to get outdoors and do something! Not to mention, I’m out of clean clothes.

Right now, I’m struggling to stay awake at least until after dark. (This is to avoid waking at 3 a.m.) I think I might have to wander down the street here to where I’ve heard there’s a frozen yogurt shop. :)

Wishing you all an awesome weekend, and for those celebrate it, a very happy Easter!

11 thoughts on “Tired Bunny

  1. It’s after dark now, so I’m typing this quietly so as not to wake you. The good think about bunnies is that they almost never make noise. Hope you get a good rest and get on the road early toward home and the holiday. Happy Easter!

  2. I love rabbits! That is such a cute one. Hope you get home and are able to have a wonderful weekend, relaxing AND energizing! Happy Easter, Cammy! Can hardly wait to meet!!

  3. I laughed about staying awake until dark so you wouldn’t wake up at 3am — I feel your pain!!

    Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Since you’ve been spending so much time in them, I sure hope your hotel rooms are getting larger. This part-time job seems to have taken on a life of its own. Hang in there – home will look really good!

  5. hahaha i bet this bunny really tired in hiding the eggs. sleep well sweet little bunny!
    happy Easter!

  6. I missed this one.
    I hope you’re feeling better, renewed…
    This job sure does keep you hopping.
    Take care of yourself.

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