Curses, Foiled Again

For those of you who have been glued to the internet, awaiting results of the neighborhood Dessert Social (I’m hoping to get that event name re-branded by next year), I apologize for keeping you on edge. You can tell from the post title that it did not go well for Yours Truly.

chocolate chip cookie dough dip

My version of Chef-in-Training’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip did not win a prize. However, I did get a vote, which is a huge leap from last year’s Social.

In post-Social analysis, I attribute my failure to two things:
– Low attendance. The Dessert Social is usually one of the association’s big draws, but this year we had around 20 attendees–about half (or so) of normal.
– Average age of attendees. I didn’t ask everyone their ages, but I’d put the average around age 70. They don’t go for these newfangled foods. Dessert, to them, is cake, cobbler, pie, etc. I suspect my one vote came from the one ‘tween in attendance. Or perhaps the infant, who was given two vanilla wafers to gnaw on.

Whatever the reason, it wasn’t Chef’s recipe! That dip is dangerously delicious!

So what did win?
– 1st place went to the same peach cobbler lady from last year. Fine, I suppose, if you want to be known as a one-trick pony.
– 2nd place was awarded to the woman who brought chess squares (a.k.a. Gooey Butter Cake). They were tasty, and she got bonus points from me for offering tiny servings. Those things are rich.
– 3rd place (and the one that hurt) went to a faux banana pudding concoction from boxes and tubs. I have no idea how it tasted, because any banana pudding that’s neon yellow and fluffy does not get tasted by me! Authentic banana pudding is a very mellow yellow, like Southern Plate’s version, and looks so creamy you want to take a bath in it.

One bright spot is that the lady who bought two-bite brownie bites at the bakery and slathered them with canned frosting didn’t get a single vote. (I’m pretty sure it was the Kroger pudding cake lady from last year. Seriously.) So that’s something, anyway.

The biggest bright spot, of course, is that we had a good time and enjoyed visiting with each other. I always choose a table with people I don’t know very well, and this time I got to chat with Peach Cobbler Lady. She’s of the elderly persuasion and really seems to enjoy the attention her cobbler garners, alternately beaming and blushing at the compliments. For me, that’s what it’s all about!

With all that sugar still in my system, I devoted Friday to Big Deal Yard Work and burned an estimated 1200 calories! ::Commence GoCammy Dance:: That’s more than enough to compensate for the indulgence, I think, and if not, there’s more yard work on tap today. Unless I get lucky and it rains. :)

Thus ends the recap of the Social. The next neighborhood event is the Red, White, & Blue Picnic in a few weeks. That will be burgers and sides, mostly, so no problem there. I’m pretty sure I’m taking a black bean/corn salad dish, but I’m still pondering. I might do a healthy version of baked beans instead. Or I might attempt to show them what a real banana pudding looks like.

And speaking of the picnic, I am heading the Kids’ Bike/Wagon/Stroller Parade Committee (I may be the entire committee), which means that I have to gather the kids, coordinate the decorating of their transportation, and then get them on the “parade route”, a.k.a. the church parking lot. From there, they will follow “Mr. Henry”, the un-official neighborhood mayor, who will lead them along the route in his boom-box-equipped and decorated golf cart. It’s going to be quite the spectacle. :)

My question to you is…DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR DECORATING THE BIKES? Cheap ideas, specifically. I’ve got crepe paper streamers, flags, and painter’s tape on the list so far, and that’s it.

And with that, I’ve got to head to the hardware store for yard materials. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

19 thoughts on “Curses, Foiled Again

  1. I love your neighborhood!! It’s really amazing to have community in this modern world. And I can’t believe I’m starting to be around for years and last years…
    I wish I had some ideas for your bikes… I feel like I should but the brain is completely dark. upplugged, empty…

  2. Glow stick necklaces to wrap around the spokes, clothes pins and cards for noise makers, and straws to blow paint through for the spatter effect,

  3. I would have voted for that dip! In fact, I probably would have hogged it all myself and you would still only have gotten 1 vote 😀

    1200 calorie burn – that is like a 40 mile bike ride. Now you have to do one of those with me some time!

    • If I’m ever up that way, you can count on a long bike ride! (Unless the temps are lower than 70, of course. :) )

      I’ll be pet-sitting over near the Green Line starting next weekend, and I’m excited to get in some longer-for-me rides!

  4. no time to answer.
    Im heading to the car and driving up with MY BIKE and crepe paper streamers!!!

  5. How dare they not vote for your dessert!!! Just goes to show the best are not always the most recognized!!! :-) Sounded yummy though!

    Yes, I need that 1200 burn but I don’t have a yard so the gym is my yard! 😉

    Clueless on the bike thing. Around here, I see streamers & bells & posters with cool sayings & stuffed animals & all kinds of cute kids things when they ride on the 4th here.

  6. I dream of a time when I can eat dessert without wondering how many kettlebells I have to lift to compensate. Sadly that day will probably never come. Until then, if I eat dessert, it better be worth it, and that cobbler would have done nothing for me! Sorry, I know nothing of bike parades – those days are long behind me.

  7. The cookie dip looks frustratingly delicious especially for a cookie addict like me! How I hope I was able to have even just one dip and one bite. Only one vote?

    Nice post, great idea for a dessert. Thanks!

  8. OMG I am so glad my neighborhood doesn’t have one of these! There will be our annual cookout/campout (not that many camp anymore with the kids all older) this weekend, with plenty enough of temptation.

  9. My neighbor does nothing, Big fat ZERO. We don’t even know our neighbors. Well the ones next door we do but the one across the street, nope. We make up names for them and their kiddos and the kiddo on the way. I would have voted for your dessert over the yellow banana pudding but honestly it is hard to compete with granny style peach cobbler. As for the parade, I’ve seen some really cool animal print duct tape at Lowe’s and Home Depot. I don’t know why anyone would want it. I guess to keep the crepe paper streamers on. I haven’t done parade decorating since 1971, homecoming float. It involved chicken wire and a lot of tissue roses.

  10. Loved this report. I’m already looking forward to next year. So sorry your dip didn’t place, but love the vote count trend–maybe next year!


  11. Cammy, I’ve been anxiously awaiting your neighborhood Dessert Social post! For realz. So thank you for this!

    I’m still going “ewww” with you about the faux banana crap.

    And about the bikes, how about balloons?

  12. Okay Cammy, I wish I’d gotten in on this thing because I TOTALLY would have voted for you. Innovative. Edgy, Genius dessert. Seriously. Older people are afraid of anything new, it seems. And what the ??? with the faux-banana stuff? No shame, I tell you. You’re always a winner with me, Cam. Sounds cliche, but true :)

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