Ends and Odds

I didn’t think there was a downside to more daylight hours, but I’ve found one: too many hours to get things done! I’ve been going full-speed all week!

The rest of the week should be smoother though. My Nashville trip scheduled for today and tomorrow was postponed, and my Friday assignment was moved to next Tuesday. I wrapped up a client project today, barring any quickie last-minute changes tomorrow, so now my daytime schedule is clear for the rest of the week. Hooray! Now I can focus on my largely-ignored chore chart. I’ll have to dust it off first. :)

Nutrition and exercise have been mostly on track for the week, despite spending SIX HOURS working in the land of “Burgers and Fries” yesterday:

best burger

TippyToe Points (value=$0) if you guess where I spent my day.

This particular location only opened on Monday, so the crowd was crazy big. Between 11:30 and 5:30 (or so), there wasn’t a single moment when they weren’t preparing orders. I give the crew props: they were sweating buckets and had to be exhausted but they were smiling and enthusiastic all day. After three hours, I was ready to sit down for a day or two.

Positive notes: I remained perky all day, and I didn’t dive into an overstuffed bag of fries, despite being offered a free meal by the manager. For this, I rewarded myself a new tune for my playlist, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. It played over the loudspeaker during my gig, and I think everyone in the restaurant was singing along. Awesome moment, awesome song.

Needless to say, after all that time standing, there was no ‘two’ in the two-a-day workouts. Fortunately, I completed a 30-minute strength training session yesterday morning, so at least I accomplished the minimum!

Today was an hour walking and tomorrow I’ll double up again. I have to, because tomorrow night is the annual Neighborhood Dessert Social! I can’t believe a year has passed already–I still haven’t recovered from last year’s Red Velvet Massacre. In fact, I thought about taking this dish to this year’s event:

But I decided to play nice. Since I thought I wasn’t going to be back in town until the afternoon, I had planned to take something super easy, either Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip (from Chef-in-Training) or Chocolate Hummus (from Cupcake Project) with vanilla wafers and graham crackers. Now that I have time, I might make both. They’re both new-to-me recipes, so it would be nice to have a back-up in case one of them is awful. If both are awful, there’s always Kroger. ::Meow:: :)

Oh, and the meow reminded me, my walk today was interrupted by this sidewalk obstruction:

obstruction cat

This was funny, because I had just completed some research on sidewalk obstruction/liability for an article I’m writing (and probably, a future blog post). I stopped to inform ObstructoCat that he was a potential hazard, and I think he’s learned his lesson. I left him pondering the seriousness of the situation.


Hmm, I think I might have had more success if I hadn’t issued my warnings while rubbing his belly. :)

And now, I’m going to go ponder the back of my eyelids. I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

19 thoughts on “Ends and Odds

  1. FIVE GUYS – I’d know it anywhere!! Surely I win something. Maybe a bike ride with Cammy. Unfortunately, Five Guys is one of those off limits places for me now. We pass one everytime we’ve driven from our place in Bolton Landing into the little town of Glens Falls. I’ve tried explaining to Bill that it must be the MEMORY of it that triggers thoughts when we drive by. I really don’t crave that burger bun anymore and don’t think about it except when I see one or when SOMEONE posts a picture that I recognize instantly!

    And sadly for this reformed sugar eater, my philosophy has always been that ANYTHING would be good slathered with caramel. So yes, I’d probably have eaten and enjoyed the onions.

    You are just too funny!

    • Okay, so here’s what you do if you’re wanting some burger-y goodness. Order the small burger (or heck, the regular one if you want) with the veggies on top, and then set the bun aside to be wrapped and taken outside where it can serve as bird food.

      I’ve done that on a few occasions when my meal possibilities exceeded my bread allowance. :)

  2. I’d have guessed the same; I’ve eaten there once. Burgers aren’t my “thing.”

  3. I guessed 5 guys too! Hubby goes there & all the Fat Burgers were rep[laced by this one but he liked Fat Burger better. Me, I just taste the fries & I don’t like the 5 Guys ones. Fat Burger fries are much better!

    I LOVE THAT KITTY!!! Cute!

    Have fun at your dessert social!

    BTW – love Journey!

    • The thing about 5G is that I thoroughly enjoy about 10-12 of their fries, but then I’m satisfied. And I have 425 fries left to do something with. I did reheat some one time on a pizza stone and they were good. I also tried the freeze-and-heat, but that didn’t work so well. So on the rare occasions I grab a burger there, I (reluctantly) skip the fries.

  4. OMG…you have got some serious willpower. I could never pass up a bag of Five Guys cajun fries!

  5. I knew that was 5 Guys! I keep wanting to try them, but I need to find out where the meat comes from first. I do loves me a burger.

    The caramel onion thing? I think I threw up my breakfast a bit there. ewwww

    That cat was just begging for belly rubs!

    • Since I don’t go to 5G very often (about 1-2 times a year), I hadn’t noticed a small board near the cash register that shows where the potatoes were shipped from. It’s possible the meat info was also available, but I don’t think so.

      From their website: “While our beef is neither organic nor are the cattle free range, our distributor purchases raw materials from the major meat suppliers in the US who are required to treat the cattle humanely and follow all the procedures set forth by the USDA.”

      Which means diddly-squat. :)

  6. I knew it was 5 guys too, even though I’ve only eaten there once. I didn’t think it was all that. But it sure was busy! I think standing around is more exhausting than any exercise I can think of, even Tabata intervals! The cat pictures are too funny.

  7. I’ve only eaten at Five Guys once…it was okay. I prefer homemade turkey burgers :-)

    I didn’t think there was ANY downside to more daylight hours but you may be on to something.

    And caramel-covered onions?? LOL! I’ve made chocolate-chip hummus and it wasn’t bad. My stepdaughter and her hub loved it. I wouldn’t make it for me though.

    Love the kitty and your musings…as usual.

    • I like a 5G burger, but I also prefer cooked-at-home over them. Now, if we were talking In-and-Out burgers, it would be a whole new ballgame. :)

  8. I had no idea what burger place that was! Sounds like an interesting job you have Cammy! I am not a fan of regular burgers or fries – strange I know. Perhaps it’s because they cause me lower GI issues!

    Those onions are too funny!

  9. Me too, I know that Washingtonian magazine votes FG #1 every year. There are two FG within three miles of our house. But I was puzzled because you never mentioned their best thing–those free peanuts in the shell. They are marvelous and come free on entering the establishment. Which is why I never do.

    Hahahaha–love the faux candy apples. Like Sharon, I’d probably think they were good if the caramel was thick enough. Cant wait for the pot luck wrap up.

  10. OMG Cammy, ObstructoCat is adorable!!!

    Please don’t bring onions to any dessert gathering I might invite you to in the future, k? Thanks.

  11. I actually spent a minute pondering those caramel covered onions before I read on and saw that they would be a “trick.” I started opening my mind to the possibility. I wonder if they might be oddly delicious? Nice sweet onion… weird, but who knows.
    You do have extraordinary willpower and I’m glad you’re resting now.

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