Patchwork Post

Nothing specific to ramble on about today–just some bits and pieces of things really.

Note to the Universe
Some of you may remember a few years ago when, in a burst of positivity, I proudly announced I would be winning a Vitamix 5200 before I actually won it. I hadn’t realized I had that power, and I’ve tried really, really hard since then not to abuse it.

Until now. I would like to introduce you to my soon-to-be new toy, The Elliptigo:


Source: via Cammy on Pinterest

[Update: Giveaway is over]

It’s part elliptical/part bicycle, and Sparkpeople is giving one away (to me)! In her comment on my pin, Lori wrote, “I saw one of these in action on the bike path. It really looks strange coming at you LOL!” Check out the virtual test ride on Ellptigo’s website and see if you agree that it just screams: CAMMY!? (Admittedly, I might be biased.)

Even though it’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll win, you should feel free to enter the contest. I think you have to sign up for an account to enter, but it’s free and IN THE FIVE YEARS I’VE BEEN A SEMI-DEVOTED MEMBER OF SPARKPEOPLE, I’ve never had any problem with excessive emails. (Once I figured out how to manage my subscriptions, that is.) Let me know if you enter so I can pretend to cheer for you! :)

Seriously, if I can’t win it, I’d love for someone I know to win it. Especially if it happened to be someone near Memphis. :)

Exercise “Cheats”
While I was toodling around Sparkpeople, imagining how tall I’m going to look on my new Elliptigo, I spotted this quickie video on some exercise cheats that might be holding us back:

Spoiler Alert!
In case you don’t have time for the video, the three cheats are as follows:
– holding onto the treadmill
– not using enough weight in resistance training
– doing the same workout routine all the time

Fortunately, these are all easily corrected! I know this for a fact, because once upon a time, I was guilty of a couple of them myself. I’ve never really had a problem with doing the same routine, mainly because I can’t remember it from one day to the next, but also because my trainers stressed the need for variety from Day One. (I really do miss my trainers. Hard to believe I’ve been on my own for over three years now!)

Syrup Warning!
I was going to make some oatmeal muffin cups, but when I was assembling my ingredients, I noticed a bunch of…floaty stuff in my half-full bottle of maple syrup! It looked like…MOLD! Eeew!

According to the folks at Epler’s Maple Syrup (on a page titled “Fun Facts”–how the hell is mold fun, this is what I’m asking), maple syrup mold isn’t unusual:

This mold is a falsur mold and is seen often in maple syrups of all qualities and colors. It is not toxic to humans just unpleasant to the eye.

They then go on to give steps on how to remove the mold and use the remainder of the syrup! Like nothing ever happened!

I. Don’t. Think. So.

I’m not sure what I was thinking buying a full-sized bottle of maple syrup anyway. (I’m guessing there was a good sale.)  I only use about 2-3 tablespoons a month (if that),  but it’s difficult to find small bottles locally. Anyway, it’s back to the maple-ish syrup for me.

On that queasy note, I’ll sign off for the day. It was a long one with another planned for tomorrow. Hope you’re having a splendid week!

25 thoughts on “Patchwork Post

    • Crumbs, I don’t believe I’ve never seen this before. An elliptical trainer on wheels. Is this very new? … Anyway, good luck in your attempt to win one. I’m sure it must be better for your knees than running. Please post your user review if you do get your hands on one. :)

  1. When you win, you can ride it over here to East TN raising awareness for health and fitness. Just let me know when you’re scheduled to ride through Nashville – I want to watch!!!

  2. There will only be one conclusion to me riding that thing- months of traction, followed by more months of rehabilitation! I hope you win it, Cammy!

  3. Let me rephrase that… Seeing that you’re not as clumsy as I am, I hope you win it. I wasn’t sentencing you to months of traction and rehab!

    • LOL Thank you, Hanlie! We are sisters in clumsiness, so it’s very possible we shall someday share a room at the rehab center. :)

  4. We saw a few people riding those on our trip to MN a couple summers ago. I am a fan of “real” maple syrup but don’t use it anymore; I go for the icky sugar-free stuff now:(

  5. Oh, I totally entered that contest! I’ve never seen anything like that, but it’s too cool not to try for! Out here, the locals already think I’m crazy, so scaring the cows on that thing looks like a fabulous time!

    Being that I’m in Vermont, we have maple syrup everywhere. Every neighbor sells it. Here is a really good (I mean evil good) local food products store (every time we drive by, my husband stops for a sausage. Drives me nuts, because you can gain 20 lbs just off the free samples inside) and they sell smaller bottles of syrup (don’t know how they rank in price for you, like I said I can just walk down the street and buy it from neighbors.)

    • Thanks so much for the link, Kyra! If I ever make it to Vermont, I’m going to eat maple syrup on everything–even my hamburger! :)

  6. We are in maple syrup country here and we buy a lot of it in large containers (John is a big consumer of the maple). We have never seen a “mother” floating in our syrup. Ewwww.

    The first time we saw one of those elliptigos I kept staring at the path in front of me wondering what was coming. It looked huge and almost pointed upwards from the front. John and I both said “what the heck *was* that?” LOL! Then we saw another one that day. Apparently you can rent them at the lake to tool around.

  7. I saw that ellip thing about a year ago or more – maybe a different brand, I don’t know – it looks cool!!! I hope you win!!!!

    As for the cheats – yes, that makes sense! 😉

  8. I had that happen once with my maple syrup, and then I read the tiny print that said “keep refrigerated after opening.” I haven’t had it happen in the refrigerator. I’m like you–use 2 Tbsp every couple of months.

    No eliptigo for me, until they develop the “mountain eliptigo.”

    • Debby, if you have time, check out the video link. There are people who ride the Elliptigo in grueling mountain races! (It’s possible their quads are more developed than ours. :))

  9. I have NO doubt you’ll win the eliptigo….and can’t wait for pics of you on it!!!! :) I’d say “good luck” but luck isn’t needed, ’cause it’s YOURS!! :)

  10. It looks like more of an exercise machine in the gym rather than a fun toy. :( I’ve never seen anyone riding it till day. So it did be fun to watch someone else riding. 😀

  11. I saw one of those bikes down in Anaheim, CA and it was really strange looking gowing down the bike path! I hope you win it and do another exciting bike ride video for us!

    Mold in the maple syrup – never had that happen. I see little bottles of the good stuff around, but by little, I guess they are still 8 ounce bottles. A store that sells little containers for gift baskests is what you need. Here we have a store called Cost Plus Imports that sells the little tiny bottles and boxes of things – think airplane size.

    Enjoy the new toy when you get it Cammy! :)

    • I know exactly the store you’re talking about, Tami! Cost Plus was my go-to source for fun things in small packages, like maple syrup and lemon curd and Belgian chocolate. Unfortunately, they closed their Memphis store. :(

  12. I think I am probably the only person on earth who doesn’t like elliptical “stuff” but I hope you win! I saw a guy in a parade with one of those things and it does look pretty cool!

  13. oh, where to begin… I LOVE that Elliptigo. I saw one and came right home to look it up. Told my hubby how much I wanted one as the page was loading and then…. I saw the price. So sad…
    So, even though you are clearly going to win this, I’ll enter anyway. Just for fun.
    I didn’t watch the cheating video, jsut read your wrap up… but I still don’t understand why we can’t hold on to the treadmill. Is it that big a difference? Is it the same with the elliptical? I just can’t balance without at least a little touch.

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