Rolling By with an Update

For most of the US, Memorial Day is the unofficial arrival of summer and is usually marked by picnics and barbecues and other celebrations. If we’re mindful of the reason for the holiday, we’ll take a few moments to be thankful for the sacrifices of those who have fallen in battle and for those who continue to serve.

I’m pet/house/plant-sitting this weekend through next (2 labs, 2 kitties, 1 house, and 415 plants), and I have the good fortune to be situated near the Greenline. That means you’ll most likely find me traveling via this for the next week:


Well, as much as the heat will allow. We’re having a mini-heat wave, and the heat index has been close to 100° for the past couple of days. In May! Despite that, I’ve already had a couple of nice rides and although I looked more like I’d been swimming than bike riding, I enjoyed myself enormously.

Yesterday’s ride was shortened when I stopped to take a picture of a mother-daughter duo and the little girl asked, “Will you ride bikes with us?” I ask you, who could say no to that? And so I rode more slowly and for a shorter distance than planned, but I laughed and chatted and still worked up a good sweat.

On Saturday, I took advantage of a Schlotzsky’s coupon and had a nice Albuquerque Turkey sandwich. If you’ve never had turkey with green chilies, I highly recommend it. I first discovered these sandwiches in Hatch, New Mexico (Chile Capital of the World), and I’ve been hooked ever since. Schlotzsky’s version (sans chipotle mayo) isn’t the same, but it’s pretty darned tasty. I hadn’t been there for quite a while, and they’ve changed a few things, including bathroom door signage:

bunz schlotskys

No problem figuring out which door was mine. I may have a squishy belly, but I do have shapely buns! :)

The sign directing me out of the restroom area gave me indigestion. And I hadn’t even eaten yet!

Schlotzsky's Dinning Room

Really, Schlotzksy’s? Dinning Room? Of all the commonly misspelled words in all the land, this one is one of my biggest pet peeves. I didn’t realize how prevalent the error was until I began checking Craigslist and eBay for dining room furniture and found more results by typing “dinning” in the search terms than when spelled correctly. Aargh!

Needless to say, I’ll be sending a letter to Schlotzsky’s! Perhaps they’ll be so grateful, they’ll hire me to proofread everything in all their stores! Or perhaps they’ll reward me with a free cookie. Or both. Or maybe they’ll just ignore me. I don’t care as long as they fix the signs!

Anyway, after my tasty turkey I took care of a long overdue chore: the acquisition of new kicks, these ones:

new kicks Asics Cumulus 14

My feet are so happy! My pocketbook is happy, too, since I was able to use a couple of rebate/debit cards I’d won/earned to cover the $$$. I tried to cheap out and buy less expensive brands of shoes, but there’s just no comparison in the way my feet feel in these shoes. I feel like I could walk forever. My new shoes and I took an inaugural short walk this morning, and I think we’re going to be very happy together. Even if I do have to eat oatmeal twice a day for the next couple months. :)

Later this afternoon, I’ll try for a bike ride. I’m hoping the heat and the code orange air quality alert (we got ozone!) keeps folks off the path, but if not, I’ll just ride around in the neighborhood for a while.

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

And to any military or support people (and families!), thank you!

13 thoughts on “Rolling By with an Update

  1. I was about ready to come looking for you – seems like forever since you posted. Sorry about the heat wave. We’re getting the same report from the other side of your wonderful state. Now here in Vermont it’s nice and …..well, I’ll not go there!

    Love the shoes!

  2. Schlotzky’s brings back old memories. During medical school, in the late 70’s, I ate several every week when the slogan was, “Just one sandwich. It’s that good.” The only options were size and amount of cheese! Love the bread, sigh. After 40 years, one would think their signs would be correctly spelled.

  3. That’s an interesting looking bike that you have. We used to eat at Schlotskys a lot when we lived in IL. Good food and their bread is really tasty.

    Hope it cools down for you!

  4. Love the new shoes. Sweet about using smart $ for the deal. I’m very intolerant of misspellings on public signs. Also hate bad grammar, “10 items or less” is a particular irritant. Stay cool.

  5. Hi Cammy. OOOH….swanky new shoes!!! And yay for the bargain. 415 plants??? Yikes….I’d be more worried about them than the dogs and kitties. :) Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hot here too. Feels like summer. After the mild winter we had, I suspect we might be rather extra steamy this summer.

  7. Love the new shoes!

    I also feel offended by poor spelling, especially in ads and signs.

  8. Schlotzsky’s used to be here but I think they all closed….

    HEY, yahoo for new shoes!!! Always important for healthy joints!!!

    I love that the girl asked you to ride with them. Around here, people sometimes don’t even say hello when I run by them on my outside run, even though I say hi!

    Enjoy that house/pet/plant sitting! I would kill the plants! 😉 NO green thumb!

  9. Hi again :) . The typo reminds me of a holiday in Spain. All the literature for our hotel would have the same recurring typo. “Your rom will include a bathroom and refrigerator” etc.

    Also, nice pair of trainers you’ve got there (pls excse my UK lingo). Though regarding your spartan oatmeal diet for the next 2 months… please make sure you don’t get scurvy. 😉

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