A Good Kind of Stuck (and a Wee Giveaway)

In discussing GaiamTV with the PR rep, I mentioned that I traveled quite a bit and that I take my Gaiam mat and sling with me on trips. I admitted that, depending on how many other things I have to cart into the hotel,the mat/sling combo sometimes stays in the car. She offered to send me the no-slip yoga socks as a potential alternative.

gaiam yoga socksAs you can see, these socks have toes and gripper dots on the bottom to prevent slide. They also provide a nice barrier against any carpet nasties.

Even though my travel work assignments bit the dust, I took the socks for a “test stick” at home, both on hardwood and on carpet. They’re super comfy, I can spread my toes comfortably, and most important, my feet stayed right where they were supposed to in Warrior pose. Plus, I felt very Zen-graceful walking around the house in them.

These socks are $19.98 (2 pair) on Gaiam’s website, or you’ll find them at Target for $9.99 (1 pair).

Bottom line: I probably wouldn’t have purchased these simply because I don’t practice yoga enough to warrant it, but for someone more dedicated who needs stickage on the go, these work nicely. If I ever do make it to a yoga class, I’ll definitely use these to avoid having my unpedicured toes on display.

As if socks weren’t enough, I was also very pleasantly surprised to find a Gaiam Yoga Travel Mat in the package!

travel yoga matIt’s a super-thin (1/16″ or 1.5mm) mat made of rubber and microfiber. This makes it easy to roll like a traditional mat or–get this–fold and store in your luggage! And it’s machine washable!

Since I wasn’t traveling, I folded the mat, plopped it (easily) in my gym bag, and took it to the gym for a workout. (I kept my mat and sling in the car, just in case.) Random notes:

  • I liked the compactness of this mat. Having all my gym accoutrements in one bag was nice.
  • Given the mat’s thinness, it doesn’t do much for cushioning on the hard gym floor. After my workout, I realized that the thinness of it made it PERFECT as a coverlet for the gym’s mats. I’m going to try that next time out.
  • Sweat just soaks right into this mat (helpful for hot yoga?), and I’m hopeful that it washes out just as easily. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t.
  • I tested for stickability at home, and it works as well as a regular yoga mat.

::Pause for brilliant Gaiam product idea:: Wouldn’t it be great if Gaiam made a product of the same material and thinness in the approximate size of a weight bench? It would make a great sweat barrier, keeping my sweat off the bench and other people’s sweat residue off of ME! (Gaiam: you have my address info on file for potential commission checks. If you’d prefer to pay me one lump sum, we can discuss.)

Okay, my bottom line on the travel mat: I prefer more cushioning for floor moves, so the idea of using this as a gym mat cover makes more sense for me. At $29.98 (at Gaiam and Target), it seems a little pricey, but if it’s durable, the cost might average out over time. Kind of like with running shoes.

Finally, the giveaway:
Gaiam kindly sent me two pair of Non-slip Yoga Socks. I would like to share one of those (the pair I haven’t worn) with a reader. If you’re a U.S reader who would like to try the yoga socks, just leave the phrase SOCK IT TO ME in a comment below. I’ll randomly choose a winner on Thursday morning.

Note: If you don’t want to try the socks, but you really, really want to play, you can leave a comment with SOCK NOT TO ME as your phrase. I know, I know, it’s not quite the same, but it will just have to do.

– Gaiam provided these products without request or expectation of a favorable review.
– No affiliate links are included in this review; however, both products are listed in my Amazon store because I genuinely like them.
– This review was not influenced by possibility of future earnings as a Gaiam Product Innovator.

21 thoughts on “A Good Kind of Stuck (and a Wee Giveaway)

  1. Sock it to me..

    And just want to add, I am putting the thin mat on my wish list. I do my Yoga at home on the carpet and that sounds perfect for that thin layer of protection at home!


    And what’s this about work assignments biting the dust? No more Five Guys? What happened?

    • Still training, just not traveling for it. I’m hopeful that changes over the next few months. If not, my week of pet-sitting was my summer vacation. :)

  3. Oh, Lori, it was SOCK NOT TO ME. I spent valuable…um, seconds coming up up with that. :)

    Still training, but staying local these days.

    • Hi Cammy, I don’t think I will need a yoga mat, but as for the Gaiam socks – I am thinking about other possible uses for it in addition to Yoga. Perhaps I should have worn a pair when I ordered something from Amazon. When the postie rang my doorbell, I raced down some slippery wooden stairs. Wearing regular socks, I almost slipped up and landed on my back. Twas a close shave :) … I guess it could also be fun to show off in a Yoga class.


    Uhhh… I just wanted to say that I think that is so awesome that you are giving away the pair that you have NOT worn. 😉


    I usually do yoga in the basement–on a rug with a mat, but sometimes I follow programs On Demand on tv–the socks would work really well. No more running to the basement to get the mat.

  6. SOCK IT TO ME!! I got a nice mat to try out along with my free trial (still haven’t reviewed it) but I’d like the socks too! Does that make me greedy? LOL

  7. GREAT review!! I love all the add ons & your idea that Gaiam might steal! 😉

    SOCK IT TO ME! I need to start yoga & maybe these cute socks will help me… otherwise I would use them here at home cause I do stretching & other stuff here too! :-)

  8. I really like the idea of a smaller mat like that, I could really use that when I work out with weights! Great idea 😀

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  10. SOCK IT TO ME Cammy!

    I have been out of town and catching up on my reading. I am thankful that my body is yet on an earlier time zone and I still have time to enter the give away! I love the idea of your new mini-mat being machine washable.

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