A Tale of Two Shoes and Other Happenings

I mentioned that I finally caved in and invested in new sneakers (or trainers, to you UK-types :) ), didn’t I? Well, it was a fleeting kind of love. While we were out for our inaugural longer walk, my cute shoes began slipping a bit too much in the heel area. They’d felt a little loose in the store, and the sales assistant showed me how to take care of that. I’ll demonstrate for any other loose-heeled peoples:

Asics Shoes

Note that there are two "finishing holes" on the shoe. The first one is generally used for store display. The clerk explained that by moving the lace to the uppermost hole, I could get a tighter fit at the back of the shoe. She also suggested that after slipping the shoe on, I tap my heel against the ground before lacing to get the back part of my foot snug in the shoe.

Asics shoe 2

Could it really be that easy? Well, maybe for some folks, but not for me. It seemed to work fine on the short walk, but on the longer walk…not so much and the more I wore them, the bigger they felt!

Back to the store I went, and I was lucky enough to get the same clerk. We tried a smaller size in the same shoe, and then we tried another shoe entirely. This one, to be precise:

Saucony shoes

I’ve never owned a pair of Saucony shoes before, but I do now! These are soooo comfy! I took them straight out for a longer walk yesterday, and they did just fine.

And this is why I prefer shopping for sneakers/trainers/runner-walker shoes at a store that specializes in them. In addition to good shoe-buying guidance, I also had the opportunity to try the shoes out “in action”, so to speak, and then was able to easily exchange them when they didn’t work. (I didn’t have the same experience at one of the so-called big box sporting goods stores and had to use my “Don’t make me call your corporate people and raise a stink about this” voice.)

In other fascinating Cammy news…

I’m enjoying my week across town house/pet/plant-sitting. It’s nice walking and riding my bike in different areas. Also, I’m enjoying trying a few new-to-me restaurants. Here are few scenes from the week, so far:

I love Memphis mural

I don’t think this mural on the Greenline was there last time I rode in this area. Nor was this…tree sock(?) there:

Greenline tree warmer

I don’t know why someone would knit a sock for a tree, but I’m not quibbling.

There’s also a graphic image right in the middle of the path:

greenline image

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, maybe? I can’t tell, but when I pulled to the side of the path to examine it more closely, I found a whole sculpture gallery hidden in the brush! Here’s one piece:

more greenline art

Love it! In case my iphone photog skills are confusing, it’s a Bank of America base with an oil can tin man in baby shoes sitting in theater seats. Behind it is a found object piece that I think is supposed to represent a tombstone. I’m pretty sure someone is making a political statement. :)

I think it’s cool that one of the residents whose property backs up to the path would go to the trouble of installing his art pieces there. (Memphis readers, this is the section just east of Waring. When you see the JKO image on the pavement, look to your right.)

I haven’t found any art pieces while walking in the neighborhood, but I have seen some pretty flowers:

The variegated hydrangeas on the left are new-to-me. I love that there are two different flowers. Also love the hydrangeas on the right, which might be the most vivid blue I’ve ever seen!

My wanderings also led me to a new thrift store where I purchased a souvenir of the week:

mercury glass (-esque) something holder

It’s got the look of mercury glass, which I love, and at 30¢, quite the bargain buy. I’m supposed to be on a tchotchke diet, but a little splurge now and then doesn’t hurt. :)

And on the topic of splurges…the meal of the week, so far, is the half-muffaletta I chose for lunch one day at Yang’s Deli.

yangs muffaletta
Despite friends’ advice to give this place a try, I wasn’t truly expecting a muffaletta from a plain little half-deli/half-Chinese-food restaurant would be so delicious, but was it ever! It wasn’t authentic NOLA, especially after I ordered it without salami or onions, but the bread was a dense Italian sesame bread and the olive salad on top was rich with garlic and spices. The half-size can’t be much bigger than your average Subway sandwich, but the olive salad (in all its healthy fatness) ensures you’ll stay full for hours. In fact, I won’t order this again unless I have someone who’ll share it. Or if I don’t have other plans for eating that day.

Yesterday’s excitement hit late afternoon:

Memphis storm

Fortunately, this was taken from the safety of my car–not from my bike! Lots of lightning in this storm and several hours of rain. The plants, flowers, and crops needed it. A woman with two labs who like to play ball toss as much as they like to breathe didn’t need it so much. On the bright side, I didn’t have to water the outdoor plants this morning! :)

Uh-oh, I hear warning woof-woofs in the other room. Probably another dangerous Pekingese walking down the street. :) Besides, I think that’s enough trivia from my week.

Question for the weekend: what’s the best sandwich you ever ate?

I hope you’ve all had a splendid week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

14 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Shoes and Other Happenings

  1. Dang those clouds are dark! That’s scary time.

    I love Saucony shoes. Those are the ones that I wore for running. They have a nice wide toe box, which is good for my feet.

  2. I love your photologs.
    I just got new shoes too! It really is exciting.
    I do wonder what the heck that tree sock is about. I like, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.
    I can’t think of the best sandwich I ever ate… And I don’t have them often anymore.
    You have a great weekend too!!

  3. The best sandwich I’ve ever eaten was a Philly Cheesesteak called the Steak Bomb from a little drive-thru called The Purple Cow in Kingsport, Tennessee. They even have a big purple cow covered in Mardi Gras beads standing in front of the building. Someone stole it once, but they got it back. I’ve seen cars lined up passed three neighboring restaurants and waiting for nearly an hour to get their food. It’s that good.

  4. I don’t know what was best but the best sandwich I DIDN’T eat was a muffaletta:) A girlfriend (who happens to live in your fine state, BTW) and I went to New Orleans and eating one was high on my list but, unfortunately, not on her list at all. But we both wanted beignets!

  5. I used to wear Saucony before they narrowed them & I could not… then when the feet went real bad I found the Hoka shoes & never will go back! :-)

    Love all your meandering pics – you have an interesting life there! :-)

    Glad you were not out in that storm!!!! YIKES!

    Have a great one!

  6. I love hydrangeas! I was going to have them at my wedding (but then I eloped).

    Best sandwich ever? I don’t know if I can choose… I do recall a rare roast beef sandwich with a horse-radish mayonnaise that was out of this world, but you could probably bribe me with an egg salad sandwich too.

  7. it’s the FLIP SIDE and you had me at tree sock :)
    there are a ton of those around here and I asked someone about them and ours are an art instillation.

    sometimes….many times….I dont get art.

  8. Rain! I’m so jealous. It won’t rain here again until July – maybe.

    I think you found Elvis!

    Muffalettas can only be eaten in NO, I’m certain. I can’t remember the best sandwich that I ever had, but it probably came with cream cheese on it.

  9. The best sandwich I ever had was way out in Germantown at Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana : Huachinango Torta. OMG. YUM! Became a bit obsessed with them for a while but last time I had one the yum had started to wear off a bit. Wasn’t as good as a couple of years ago. Since I gave up almost all breads I sure do miss a good panini!

    • That’s the one near the Gtown Greenway? That one’s been on my ‘someday’ list for years. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  10. HI Cammy. REALLY love the photos. I’m a little fascinated by the tree sock. I think it would be fun if they made tree sock monkeys. :) Have a great week.

  11. Amazing Blog. I like your blog very much. Blogs are very much informative.

  12. I love the blue hydrangeas – my yard has a pink one and every year I remember too late to add something to the soil to make the color change…

    The yarn on the tree is called yarn bombing. It is a public art thing done all over the country. Google it!

    I love walking around in different neighborhoods just to see new stuff – I should take a camera like you do!

    I worked in a restaurant while in college and they made the best Torta sandwiches. But the very best was when we had fresh abalone and made sandwiches – sigh.

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