One Workout Away

Quickie post to share a fundamental Rule of Life I learned about five years ago:
only one workout away from a good mood

Seriously, when I’m In A Mood, a good workout (gym, walking, bike ride, yoga, whatever) works me out of it every single time.

Well, almost. I do let rude gym people interfere sometimes. But even when that happens, my body is still in a good mood. (Yaay, uncontrollable endorphins!) :)

So if you’re having a Monday Mood or are just feeling moody in general, one good workout may just shake you right out of it!

And if doesn’t, well, at least you burned some calories!

On a personal note, I’m woefully behind on my reader. I’m currently pet-sitting and my wi-fi access seems to be spotty (now I have it, now I don’t).  I hope to catch up tonight!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

18 thoughts on “One Workout Away

  1. Amen to that. Works for my kids too. My oldest (22 year old son) says he can’t believe what a difference regular workouts mean to his mood/dealing/stress.

  2. Yes, on the days that I am most resisting that evening walk, if I can just get out there and do it, everything looks a lot better.

  3. Love the poster (I repinned from your blog). So true. Reminds me of trying to get overtired kids down for their naps

    kid–crying, “I’m not tired”
    me–“yes you are, I can tell”
    kid–asleep 3 minutes later!

  4. Yes that is so true! Even if I don’t “feel” like doing my work out once it’s over I feel great!

  5. I’m still working on getting a regular workout routine established, but I have found this to be true for me too! I love how good I feel after having worked out.

  6. No question, I always feel better after a workout! I usually feel good before one, but not always :-)

    Good post!

  7. I agree!!! I used to think my husband was supporting my weight loss journey when he would suggest I go to the gym. Now I know why he REALLY was encouraging a workout for me!!! :)

  8. I LOVE this! It is so true! Whenever I’m in a bad mood, my workout almost always fixes it.

  9. Hehe I’ve just started working out (cleaned up my diet about a month ago but this will be my third day of cardio today) and have noticed it clears my head and mood nicely which I didn’t realize would happen. :)

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