Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Please pardon the messiness of my mid-reno dining room

Five years ago I hopped on this very treadmill and started walking, just a little bit at first and not very fast, but I did it consistently. Every afternoon after work, we’d meet for our own version of “happy hour”. This went on for months, but as you know, I eventually moved on to other things, among them, losing another 80 pounds. But I have such good memories of those early days of building my exercise habit.

Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to sell this old friend at my yard sale. My parents gave me a treadmill that folds away a while back, and this one isn’t working so well as a dining room table. I do have mixed feelings about selling it, but it needs to be used. Somewhere other than my house. I’m saying a special prayer tonight that someone who really needs this treadmill and is feeling motivated to change his/her life will stop by tomorrow so I can make them a heckuva deal.

And Life goes on…I never made it to the gym yesterday, but if I’d had a lunk alarm at my house, I’d surely have set it off. The problem? BACKACHE!!

Old ladyYes, about right there. If I had to guess, I’d say I have irritated my sciatic nerve. Mightily. I have had backaches before, but never to the extent that I cry out or grunt with certain movements.

Since I have self-diagnosed, I am also self-treating. I tried aspirin and ibuprofen (no workee) before purchasing some Walgreens OTC Backache Relief and some BenGay. I don’t think BenGay does very much physically, but I always think I feel better after I rub some on. And I do think it’s getting better.

Of course this had to happen right as I’m getting ready for my yard sale. In fact, I suspect it was the early part of the prep that got my back all pissy. Moving 300 pounds of ceramic tile, a treadmill, a chair, and a tv stand should have been about the same as my workout, but apparently not.

Another possibility might be the retribution of the willpower gods. I had made a rule for myself that I couldn’t go to yard sales outside my neighborhood until I’d first held my own yard sale. That worked pretty well until last weekend, when I took a pet-sitting break to stop at a couple of sales.

The first willpower wiggle was this painting, which I saw from the street:


For $5.00, I couldn’t pass it up!

And then I had to have a few other accessories:

Can you blame me? Everything is so cute!

Including the painting, I spent $11.00 total. Since I have a use/purpose for everything, I’m okay with the fiscal splurge. I’ll be glad when my sale is complete, because then I can begin hunting in earnest for a toaster oven.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I had another find, this time from the “curb market”:

curb table

The people across from my pet-sitting clients just abandoned this poor thing on the street! The only thing wrong with it, besides a lot of dust, is that it’s missing the bottom drawer. I’m just going to put that side against the wall and put a handle on the back panel to give it a fake drawer look. (Shhh! We’re the only ones who’ll ever know!)

Okay, time for me to get back to sorting products. I’m about 80% through with the dusting and pricing. I’ll set up some more tables tonight and have it all ready to move into the driveway tomorrow. I put the start time as 8:00 on Craigslist. Anyone want to guess what time my first customer will show up? :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! (Any tips for dealing with [self-diagnosed] sciatica appreciated!)

Oh, and congratulations to Christine, who won the Gaiam Yoga Socks! And a big thank you to those of you who played!

13 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

  1. Ow on the back Cammy. Coming from a herniated disk with accompanying sciatica, I hope that is not what you did. Best advice would be strong antiinflammatories and gentle movement. It is best to keep moving using pain as your guide. Otherwise you will stiffen up and it will hurt worse to move.

  2. OH if i lived closer i would be on your doorstep bright and early to take your friend home. I have been checking yard sales and craigslist for months..
    and your first person will be their at 7:23AM HA HA

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Don’t mess around with self-treatment. Get your doctor to prescribe physical therapy and do what they advise. I went all of 2011 with the problem and the combo of time, losing weight, daily exercise, Advil/Motrin and the exercises from the PT finally got me back to walking straight!

  4. Hope the back gets better soon!

    I love the idea of yard sales. We don’t have them here – everything would be stolen within 5 minutes!

  5. I’m with the others on the anti-inflammatories. I’m a supporter of Aleve. It contains Naproxin in lesser doses than prescription strength. But if it isn’t better by Monday, I’d head to the dr. You’ll know by then that only something stronger is going to work.

    I don’t envy you trying to cheerful at a yard sale with a back ache.

  6. I finally got rid of my treadmill too…sold it for nearly as much as I bought it for (used)! I didn’t replace it with another one, but with kettlebells :-) No more running for me as I have some hip/back issues as well. Running makes it worse, kettlebells makes it better. Oh…and Pain Terminator cream. GREAT STUFF!

    Good luck with your yard sale. I am getting ready to hold an estate sale at my Grandmother’s house next month. It’s going to be a HUGE job, so I am hiring a company that specializes in them.

  7. Cammy – so sorry about your back!!!! I had that a while back if you recall… I did the stretching, taking it only as far as I could at first as well as the bridges off the floor & at first I could barely get an inch off the floor & worked into it as well as the supermans just starting with arms & again, hardly could do anything at first. I know you have to figure this out for yourself & I understand since I don’t have health insurance either. HUGE HUGS!!!! Good luck with the yard sale!!!!

  8. I hope you will go to the doctor and I hope they will prescribe PT so you don’t have to pay for it. That’s what really helped me. I did take 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours around the clock, and i think that helped too.

  9. Ouch- sorry about your back! I hope it feels better ASAP!!!
    My treadmill was a great towel holder!
    Good luck with your yard sale!!!

  10. Hi Cammy. OWCH….hope your back continues to feel better today. LOVE the garage sale finds. Scores indeed. And that table? It’s gonna be great. Hope your sale went well.

  11. My mother has that EXACT same treadmill. Too funny.
    Cammy, that table was a FIND!! I can’t tell from the pic, but if the drawer space is deep enough, you may be able to find a wicker basket that slides right in there – you know the ones with the fabric lining? Those look so stylish and are a perfect coverup for a missing drawer. I’d love to see wherever you put it. I flip when I find things like that! Score!!

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