Still Standing

First, thank you all for the well wishes and the excellent advice for back pain relief, both in the comments here and in email! I knew several of you had experienced similar problems, but I had no idea how many! That doesn’t make me happy, mind you, but it’s reassuring to know there are people who understand. As one of the millions of under-insured Americans, doctor visits and physical therapy are a luxury. If I can take care of a problem safely and successfully myself, it’s a double blessing.

I’m pleased to report that I seem to be over the worst of the pain. I can actually get in and out of bed without crying! Woo-hoo! I’ve been alternating the OTC back pain relievers with ibuprofen, and that seems to be working well. Also, I just tried a few bridge lifts, and I can lift 2-3 inches off the floor. This is a HUGE improvement from 3 a.m. Saturday when it took me 5 minutes to even scoot myself out of bed. Rather than repeat that awful ordeal, I decided to just stay up, despite the early hour. Besides, I needed the extra time to get ready for the garage sale. As with Friday, movement–mindful movement, that is–was preferable to sitting or reclining, and I’m pleased to report that the Saturday a.m. trauma seems to have been the end of the worst of it. {fingers crossed!}

Speaking of the garage sale, it went really well! My first customer arrived at 6:35 a.m., which was only 1-1/2 hours before I was scheduled to start. Fortunately, I had most things out of boxes by then and had only a couple of items without prices. (No pricing is one of my garage sale pet peeves, right beside dirty items.) By 7:15, I’d been asked to reduce the price on two items. I kindly (I hope!) refused since they weren’t buying anything else.

In a funny-to-me side note, I sold the ceramic tile I’d bought at a sale last year for $10 more than I paid for it and one of my curb rescues for $2.00. A book I had listed for $1.00 sold on Amazon already for $8.00, and a $2 item I listed last night on eBay already has a bid for $7.50. I’m tearing up the reseller market! LOL

Sadly, the treadmill didn’t sell. I think I had it priced too high. I’ll try again via Craigslist in a few weeks. I heard from several shoppers who have sold (or tried to sell) their treadmills that you practically have to give them away. That’s another option, if only I can find it a home.

In the end, I got rid of a bunch of clutter, and I made a substantial addition to my new laptop fund (or my chiropractor’s bank account if the back doesn’t continue to improve). The leftovers destined for Goodwill are in my trunk and will be dropped off tomorrow. And I’m still standing. Even now,
when it’s not excruciating to sit. :)

Thank you again for the well wishes! I’ll be back tomorrow with something I hope will be more useful.

Business was pretty steady all morning.

14 thoughts on “Still Standing

  1. Sooo glad you are feeling better. I have seem my mom suffer with back issues- so my heart goes out to you!!!

  2. So glad your back is doing better. I hope it heals completely for you and isn’t a disk problem.

    Exercise equipment is a funny thing at garage sales. People will buy spur of the moment, but I think more equipment hunters hit up craigslist. You just have to keep listing it.

  3. Cammy, so glad you are better! Yes, I understand the health insurance thing & the back ting so how exciting that you can get that bridge off the floor! I remember my tried with that a few months back!

    Congrats on a good garage sale & making some money!!!

  4. I’ve had some degree of back pain pretty much since I started my job a couple of months ago. It drives me crazy to think that I have to accept this as a new normal to keep working on my feet. And some days it runs down my leg, so I am trying to remember to keep using the darn foam roller. Sigh.

    • Could it be your shoes, Karen? My hair stylist had severe back pain until she switched to MBT brand shoes to help with her posture and alignment. They’re pricey, but maybe they can be considered a business expense? :)

  5. Well, glad your back is a little better. I tell you, this back pain is a pain in the … well, you know.

    So fun to hear about your garage sale success. I don’t think I’ve ever had one, living way back here in the sticks. although my neighbor had a very successful one last week, judging by the stream of cars going by.

  6. I would recommend against a chiropractor, I did it when I hurt my back and it did not help.

    Check out the internet for exercises/moves recommended by physical therapists that you can do to improve your back alignment and strength.
    Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to maintain the alignment. I hope you heal quickly, it’s no fun!

    • Thank you, Alice! You’re right, it’s no fun at all but I keep reminding myself that it could be so much worse. (I even believe me most of the time. :))

      I had a completely different experience with my chiropractor and am now completely smitten with him. Or I was the last time I saw him 3 years ago for a different ailment. Two visits with him for muscle stimulation therapy and two visits with the deep tissue massage therapist he recommended, and I was pain free. (The orthopaedic center had recommended about 6 different therapies over several months and then a follow-up appointment to evaluate future treatment.) After two weeks, Dr. G. sent me on my way with instructions to improve my computer posture and come back if I had more pain. I haven’t had any problems with that area since then!

      Obviously, if it didn’t work for you, you were wise to seek a different treatment. No one likes to hurt!

  7. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Nothing worse than back pain. It can take you out big time.

    I know what you mean about selling certain things at garage sales. We tried to sell a full size air hockey table for $100. 2nd day marked it down to $75 then $50 the 2nd half of the day. We had soooo many guys look at it and then say “the wife would kill me.” I wanted to make a comment to challenge their manhood when they said that but I refrained and we had to donate it to Goodwill. I was not happy. That puppy was $400!

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