Weekend Wrap-up, Southern Style

Crazy-busy weekend happening, but I thought I’d take a breather and let the temps come down a bit.

My Saturday got off to a late start, but a fortunate one. On my way to Macy’s (more on that in a minute), I stopped at a yard sale about two minutes after the hostesses had declared ‘most everything’s a dollar’. They had some lovely things, but they were tired and wanted to get be done. Unfortunately, they only had a few things I had use for:

yard sale finds
kate spade bag

The Kate Spade bag was sitting off to the side, so I figured it was NOT in the dollar-mania going on and it wasn’t. When I picked it up, the seller said, “Oh, you can have that for fifty cents.” It took every ounce of restraint I possess not to jump up and down with joy. Not because it was Kate Spade, necessarily, but because it was a seemingly well-made bag with a red lining. I’m happy.

When I went to pay my tab, the seller said, “Why don’t we just say $3.00 for all of it?” After offering a half-hearted “are you sure?”, I loaded up my car and zoomed away before she could change her mind! :)

Next stop was my intended destination, Macy’s. I received three Macy’s gift cards for Christmas, but I really haven’t needed anything from there. On Saturday, they had a sale on toaster ovens and since I’ve been wanting one, I decided to invest.
black & decker toaster oven

It’s very basic, about what you’d expect for $20, but it has good reviews. If it keeps my kitchen cooler and doesn’t burn my dinner (more than I already do), I’m happy.

Final stop of the morning was the grocery store. My mother informed me Friday night that we’d be observing Father’s Day and celebrating Memaw’s birthday (#92) on Saturday evening with a cook-out. She had all the basics covered, so I offered to bring desserts. (Surprise!) I had some ideas, and I only needed a couple things from Kroger to make that happen. Finding those couple things at my Kroger required effort. They’re remodeling/rearranging, and nothing’s where it used to be. I did get a laugh at this aisle:

kroger aisle cereal and cookies

It’s like someone finally said, “Oh what the hell, they’re practically the same thing, so let’s just put the cereal and the breakfast bars with the cookies and candy.”

Anyway, the two desserts I took (one for Memaw and one for Dad) were homemade-from-scratch banana pudding and a pineapple-coconut yogurt cake.

banana pudding

I feel so…Southern now! Better yet, it was pretty darned good! I cheated the sugar a little and added vanilla, but other than that I followed the recipe from The Southern Plate. So easy, and not a pudding mix or cool whip in sight! I thought about making a meringue, but I needed my leftover egg whites for Dad’s cake.

My father loves pineapple and coconut, so I opted for a recipe I found at The Muffin Top Cop for Pineapple-Coconut Yogurt Cake.

pineapple-coconut yogurt cake

This is what happens when I improvise. :) Besides being overcooked by about five minutes (stupid jigsaw puzzle!), it also failed to rise. I’m 100% certain I used the right amount of baking powder. One of my improvs was to substitute a third of the white wheat flour with coconut flour and add a little extra moisture (pineapple juice). I also stirred in a teaspoon of melted coconut oil. Didn’t work as far as texture and looks, but the taste was good. Dad and I agreed it would have used more pineapple for our liking. (Bonus: my house smelled like a pina colada all night! :) )

[Edited to add: I topped the cake with a pineapple glaze–just powdered sugar and pineapple juice. I didn’t think to record the measurements, but I think I started with a cup of powdered sugar and then added juice until it was a consistency I liked. If I make this again, I’ll start with 1/2 cup of powdered sugar. A drizzle was all I was going for, and I ended up with a coating. It was a tasty coating, though!)

After dessert, we wandered outside, and I realized I hadn’t shared photos of this year’s garden. I can fix that:

parents' garden

Okra, squash, peppers, tomatoes, and green beans. (The mailbox is a gift from me many years ago. It holds garden supplies and the post has an electrical outlet in case it’s needed.)

green beans and scarecrow

Meet Clem, this year’s scarecrow. He’s doing a fine job of watching over things. In fact, the tomatoes are doing awesome!


Dad ended up with about 30 surviving tomato plants this year and has already had one big harvest. Yesterday, I counted at least a dozen on every plant I checked, and he must have 100 or more cherry tomatoes ready for picking today. He cans a lot, and gives the rest to friends and neighbors. And daughters. :)

Since I was on site, I got to experience this summer’s highlight in Parent-Memaw World (supplanting Memaw’s watermelon watch of previous years). This year we have the feeding of the bluebirds:

bluebird feeding

Yes, the bluebirds are served their mealworms in the “good” china. This one arrived with a hostess gift–some sort of moth, I think:

My dad has a small wren house mounted under the eaves and for some reason, this bluebird couple has moved in this year. They arrive every night at dusk and busy themselves eating and transporting straw. My sister has tried to peek into the wren-bluebird house to see if there are eggs in there, but she can’t tell and doesn’t want to disturb anything (or anyone) by getting too close. I guess they’ll know soon enough.

After all that excitement, I headed home for some relaxation and to clean up the disaster I left in the kitchen after making homemade banana pudding. Today has been all about working off that banana pudding. LOL Yard work galore and more to do besides. Between all my jobs, I actually have an almost full workweek this week so any yardwork getting done this week has to happen now. I should get back out there.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up, Southern Style

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I did better than you with my toaster oven. Got mine at a garage sale a few years ago. Brand new, still in the box $5.00. It was late in the day, but still can’t believe I got it for that. It’s a nice one, too!

    • Wow, great garage sale score, Sharon! Last year, there were toaster ovens at every third sale I went to, but I hadn’t seen any this year in the few sales I visited. So I sprang for the Brand New version. Wouldn’t you know it, I stopped at a sale in the neighborhood on the way home and there was a toaster oven. LOL Fortunately, it’s not one I would have bought. It was at least 20 years old and well-used, which would have been fine if she hadn’t been asking $15 for it! Pass!

      • I was so excited about my toaster oven “score,” I forgot to mention your deal. With three gift cards and a Macy’s sale, I’d imagine they had to give you money BACK for your toaster oven, so all in all, it was a win-win!! (Funny how the house we are currently in is the ONLY one on the entire trip that does NOT have a toaster oven and you wouldn’t believe how we’ve missed it!)

  2. I am so jealous of the bluebird! They are so beautiful.

    Coconut flour goods just don’t rise. It’s the flour. Always end up dense and moist no matter how much baking powder, But the taste is all the matters, really. That cake looks awesome. I am pinning that. I still have 2 recipes to make this month from my pinned ones 😀

    • Can’t wait to see your results, Lori! I knew the cake would be a bit more dense with the coconut flour, but I didn’t know it would affect the rise that much. Still, it didn’t stop me from having TWO pieces. LOL

      I had forgotten to mention that the taste was “helped” by the addition of a pineapple glaze (I’ve updated the post to reflect that).

  3. checking on the flipside of the BANANA PUDDING FILLED CHILD weekend.
    we channeled you and didnt event know it.

  4. Nice bag! I always enjoyed carrying a fashionable but practical bag in my dressy-up, working gal days. That Kate Spade with the red lining just might have been in the rotation!

    Food porn, but at least it’s Southern food porn 😉

    Love the garden and bird photos.

  5. Wow, what a weekend! total score at the yard sale. Love the frames. And the purse. And the pineapple cake looks totally decadent. I have it bookmarked too. And, the bluebirds–how lucky!!

  6. Cammy – you scored big time!!! Holy cow! Kate Spade – I am not a huge purse person but I know of it! Well, I might me if I had money but I have one Brighton from years ago & that is it! 😉 I like pockets & stuff – not just an empty whole to dump everything in – I know – old school! 😉

    I am LOVING that coconut pineapple recipe! I am with Lori – it is just about taste for me – looks don’t matter! :-)

    What a wonderful garden too – my sis & hubby back east have a big garden.

  7. I have often thought about getting a toaster oven to use during the heat of the summer. I hate to turn on the big oven to cook a little bit of something. Let us know how you like it after you’ve tried it out. The price was right for sure.

    Banana pudding and coconut pineapple cake – holy yum Cammy!

  8. Cammy, that’s a lot for one weekend! So, did you really get that Kate Spade bag for 50-cents????? That is nuts!!!

    I hope you lover your toaster oven as much as I love mine! I bought one a few years ago when I was living in an old house where the oven smelled like it was leaking gas and I was too scared to use it. I bought a toaster oven and I’ve been hooked since!

  9. Cammy, those pics are awesome. I can’t believe how big that garden is, already. With our weather, we never, ever get tomatoes that are ripe enough to eat until mid August. Then they all ripen at once and we’re left to scarf down as many as our bellies can hold so they don’t go to waste (no canners here; just fresh eaters). Sounds like you had a great day.

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