All the Smart People Exercise

We all know that exercise benefits our bodies. (We all do know that, right?) Improved muscle tone, greater strength, better internal systems–the list goes on and on.

Many of us also see a beneficial mood boost from exercise. For me, that usually translates to improved clarity of thought. I can sort out the trivial from the important, the controllable for the outside-my-influence, the real from the imagined and so on. Sorting things out always makes me feel better.

University of Maryland Brain Cap Technology Turns Thought into MotionJust in case having a stronger, healthier body and a better disposition weren’t enough for you, there’s growing evidence that exercise makes you smarter! In fact, according to the NY Times (the referenced article):

“Exercise, the latest neuroscience suggests, does more to bolster thinking than thinking does.”

It’s all very science-y and involves neurons and tissue and mice (ick!), but the basic premise is that exercise generates new brain cells–not just any brain cells, but nimble neurons that light up for exercise AND for learning new skills and tasks. The combination of aerobics and neurobics makes us smarter.

Or if you’re in my age bracket, perhaps just slows the decline. That’s what I’m banking on. :)

In the spirit of this combination of physical and mental exercise, here’s a little challenge to complete along with your workout.

I start every morning by completing the Word Scramble in the local paper. (I’m something of a scrambled word savant; I usually complete the puzzle in a matter of seconds. Still working on turning that into a marketable skill.)

Anyway, I’ve taken some common fitness terms and jumbled them up. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to unscramble the words. I call it…

scrambled fitness

I’ll share the answers later in the week. Or if you can’t wait that long (I wouldn’t be able to), just drop me an email. :)

With that, I’m off to generate some new brain cells with a nice walk!

10 thoughts on “All the Smart People Exercise

  1. Exercise really clears my head. It also sets me up for a great day. I find if I don’t get my workout in the morning, I can be a bit crabby starting work LOL!

  2. It was hard for me to stop doing cardio for so long. It took me years to get into exercise. And then it is so easy to fall out of it:(

  3. I love me some word games, especially Scrabble or Words With Friends (I love the strategy of placing words to maximize points). I have also found that I prefer certain types of exercise (i.e. kettlebells), which require me to focus on what I am doing more than other types (i.e. using a treadmill), from which I want to be distracted. Talking a walk outside is in a different category altogether…it’s a total sensory experience!

  4. I should be the smartest person in the world by now! 😉 I really do like starting my day with my workouts! :-)

    I am going to do the word game after some much needed sleep – I did get a couple just browsing it though!!!

  5. Bill and I are following our tradition of walking before he teaches his summer class so we are out (or at the mall) by 7:15 each morning. I walk every day no matter what, but the rest of the year when he can’t walk with me, my walking time is more random. It always amazes me how much better I feel and how much more energy I have the remainder of the day when that walking is done EARLY!

  6. I am much more productive on the days I start out with exercise. It is a mood booster for me and I really miss that when I skip my walk.

    Too tired to tackle those words right now – be back when I am rested.

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