Broken Links, Sunday Funnies, Scrambled Fitness Answers

Lazy Sunday morning here in Memphis with the strong possibility of some much-needed rain. We should also see some much cooler temps. Fingers crossed that the storms that bring them don’t cause a lot of damage.

As befits a lazy Sunday morning, I’m taking care of some behind-the-scenes blog maintenance, and I just realized that I’d forgotten to mention a post I wrote for Serentipity on how and why to check your blog for broken links. Some of you might find it useful. (I apologize in advance for any broken links I created in your comments.)

And what would a lazy Sunday morning be without the Sunday Funnies? Here are a few gigglers from my Pinterest files (Keep in mind that my sense of humor is slightly warped):

Clearly it doesn’t take much to entertain me. :)

Okay, I’m off now to do a little rain dance. We’ve had a couple hours of thunder and 18 drops of rain. If I wash my car and water my plants, that should it!

Before I go, though, I need to share the Scrambled Fitness Answer Key for those who exercised your brains earlier in the week:

tiiotunnr = nutrition
nireedtmitaon = determination
olgsa= goals
iexreecs = exercise
elspe = sleep
lanbeca = balance
rtsectihng = stretching
lnsudfmisne = mindfulness
topsrpu = support
nnecotcissy = consistency

Thanks for playing!

13 thoughts on “Broken Links, Sunday Funnies, Scrambled Fitness Answers

  1. I read the article about blog maintenance. The link there worked. Some day I’ll check my links. Maybe next month . . .
    I usually see your pins, but missed the one about the Calories. LOL! We’re anticipating the return to good summer weather tomorrow too. Meanwhile, stay cool!

  2. Hope some of that good kind of rain is coming my way. I don’t want anymore rain that comes from the northwest and moves southeast! We learned last Thursday night that spells BIG trouble. My mountains sure took a hit!

  3. Thanks for the chuckle…

    Oh, and guess what? After bragging the other day about our wonderful “don’t need an air conditioner” weather, we’ve had the AC on for several days now. It’s been HOT although it’s supposed to cool down this coming week.

  4. That burpee one cracked me up. True, true.

    I need to do some blog maintenance. Finally got my extra comment issue cleared up by having the blog moved to a new server. Thank goodness that worked.

    Hope you get some much needed cooler weather!

  5. I wish I could send some rain your way. We’re on Day 4 (feels like 40) and we’re decidedly soggy by now.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy some chalk…

  6. LOVE those funnies – LOVE!!!!

    I gave the broken links thing to my hubby the first time you posted it & he loved it – thank you!!!

    Hope it cools off for you!

  7. Funny funnies!

    And the brain scramblers? Those things were hard. I stared at them a couple of times and just gave up!

    Hope you got your rain. We’re getting your heat now.

  8. OMG, that hamster cartoon is hilarious! And I agree, every time I wash my car it inevitably rains – hope that works for you.

    My lawn is so dry its crunchy when I walk on it – don’t think we’ve had to mow in nearly a month, and our next chance of rain isn’t until July 17!

  9. OK – you know how I enjoy flabby/saggy boob cartoons. That one is another keeper for my files! Think I might start carrying some chalk in my car for parking entertainment.

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