Meet Ms. Cranky Pants

Cranky Pants! The relentless heat and sun have burned a few holes in my semi-cheery disposition, and the result has been a whole lot of cranky going on around here. So much so, that I’m thinking of making myself a pair of cranky pants, like katewares did.

Nah, they look too hot. Maybe I’ll make a cranky flag to wave instead. At least it would create a breeze.

It’s not so bad when the cranky hits later in the day, like when I’m tired or have an accumulation of irritating experiences (real or imagined) to gripe about. Fatigue and other people’s idiocy (real or imagined) will wear on even the sunniest of dispositions. What’s not so good is when the first minor hissy fit of the day occurs at 7:06 a.m. when I’m fresh and perky, and I haven’t even talked to anyone. Not the way I like to start my day!

I actually started out this morning in a good mood, eagerly anticipating an early strength-training workout. The mood lasted all the way to the gym. When I got there, I could see through the windows that, of the dozen or so people in attendance, six of them were in MY AREA, the little bit of floor space I use to do most of my workout. To make matters worse, the guy I think of as Elastic Man (he stretches forEVER) had apparently arrived early and had appropriated the stability ball for his forEVER stretches! (He’s a friendly guy, just a stability ball hog.)

I sat in the car for a minute, watching them all rolling around in MY AREA, and I could feel my previously good mood go *poof!*. I told myself to just go in and do a different workout, just to get it out of the way, but my heart wasn’t in it. My workouts are more than just physical exercise to me. I get an emotional and mental boost as well, and in my then-cranky state, I realized I was going to be missing part of the equation.

So I promised myself I’d come back later in the day and went home, where I stomped around the neighborhood for about an hour. I forgot I was wearing workout pants without a pocket, so I had to carry my tunes in my hand, which was irritating, but by the time I had a couple blocks behind me, I was happily singing along. (Current favorite walking song: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.) Bad mood gone. So gone that I was able to laugh at a few of my cranky memories of the week. Some still make me feel cranky. You’ll have that.

The dark cloud morning turned out to have a silver lining. (Funny how often that happens!) When I returned to the gym around 2:30 this afternoon, it was almost empty. MY SPOT was MY SPOT again!

gym reservation

I’m thinking of painting a reserved sign on the carpet. Think anyone would mind? Think anyone would pay attention to it?

Another silver lining was the little treat I allowed myself post-workout:


Jetty Punch smoothie (bananas and strawberries) from Tropical Smoothie Cafe with a whey protein add-on. Bonus: It was “happy hour” and my smoothie was 50% off!

In between workouts, I ran a few errands and got a few things done around the house, including the completion of a very complex project I found on Pinterest:

bulletin board jewelry organizer

Bulletin board + push pins = jewelry organizer. I had the supplies on hand, but I hadn’t managed to assemble it until today. Nothing like a heatwave to inspire! :)

I also scrubbed down the master bath, using the tub/shower cleaner“recipe” that calls for hot vinegar and Dawn detergent. My tub has never been so white and shiny! How very appropriate, as I plan to sit in it for the next hour and pretend I’m floating here:

Do you get cranky in hot weather? Or do you have coping tips you’d like to share?

19 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Cranky Pants

  1. At least you’re nice about your space. I’ve been asked to move by a Zumba person who arrived ten minutes late because “I always have this space.” Once I was pushed to the very back where I kept running into a door knob. Yes, manners are a good thing. Hope it cools down for you soon. :)

    • I can’t believe you were asked to move! Even I, in my crankiness, have to acknowledge (regretfully) that I don’t own the gym and that other people pay their membership fees just like I do.

      But when I when the lottery, all bets are off. :)

  2. Oh, I hear what you’re saying about “your area” at the gym! I have to struggle against getting proprietary about anything at my gym because it’s so small there’s almost always a queue for everything. I’d be cranky everyday :-) I’m just starting out on your journey (well the losing it forever bit of the journey, anyway…) and I’ve still got a long way to go. I just found your blog & you’re a real inspiration. Can I say a big WELL DONE!

  3. Isn’t it weird how territorial we get in the gym? I’ve seen it on the machines, in the pool and in classes. Glad you turned your crankiness into a productive state. Me, I sulk and eat.

    I wouldn’t mind a bit of your heat right about now. It’s cold and wet and windy in Cape Town today, and apparently for the whole weekend.

  4. It is crazy hot here too. Heat advisory or warning or something all week. What I hate is that my husband doesn’t want the hot cars in the garage (because they’ll heat that up and the heat will rise to our bedroom above, and something like that). What good is a garage if not to keep you car cooler!? I parked in the driveway after yoga yesterday and when I went out again later, the steering wheel was too hot to touch!

  5. I think you should make a sign for your spot. I am the same way at the gym. I get irritated when *my* squat cage is in use. Can’t everyone else just use the other one and leave that one to me??

    I get soooooo cranky in the heat. I don’t even have to be hot, either, which is weird. I can be sitting in air conditioning, but I can get snippy easier still.

    Hope the relief comes your way, or you could just head on up here where it is now gloriously wonderful weather!

    • I’ve been experiencing the indoor cranky, too. I keep putting off household projects because “it’s just too hot”. Inside, with the a/c on. Finally, I got the bright idea to move all my “it’s too hot” chores to nighttime. That leaves the daytime hours free for griping :)

  6. Yes, I get cranky when it’s hot. For me, I think it’s more about feeling cooped up inside than the heat itself. My “therapy” is walking outside so when I’m unable to do that because it’s too hot, yep, cranky, it is!

  7. I don’t think I get cranky in the heat. Which is weird, because plenty of stuff makes me cranky (idiocy of other people…) Yes, I get irritated when people are using my spaces in the gym. AND when women are WEARING PERFUME AND READING WHILE LEISURELY ‘WORKING OUT’ ON MY MACHINES. Not that that happened this last Monday or anything.

  8. After more than our fair share of hot (and humid) we’re actually having a cold, rainy day! Anyway, I have felt exactly the same way about certain things in my life…like the seat on the train that was mine when I used to commute to NYC.

    And thanks for the tub cleaner tip!

  9. I just printed that cleaning recipe – thx!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do get cranky & not just due to weather! More for people taking MY SPOTS & MY TREADMILL & MY BENCH in the gym! 😉

  10. Boy do I ever get cranky in the heat! It just zaps the energy right out of me and also my kindness as I don’t behave very nice when I get over heated. :) I try to drink tons of cold water and eat lots of watermelon – but then that causes me to wake up during the night for potty breaks and the lack of sleep makes me cranky!
    I really should live in a more mild climate without triple digit heat.

  11. Boy, do I love that photo of ‘your spot’. How funny!! I get super cranky when the heat won’t break. Mostly because I’m cooped up in the house with two dogs that love to breathe on me in unison…all day long. Makes me even HOTTER!!

  12. I literally LOL’d at the stretchy man being in your space. I have a major problem with too many people in my vicinity at the gym. 1) Because I am not a fan of being at risk for flying sweat landing on me at any given time. 2) I feel like a massive goof during 95% of my workout exercises and I generally prefer that noone sees me while performing them.

    • Oooh, I never thought of flying sweat! Do you think I’d increase my own goofiness factor if I worked out with my safety glasses on? :)

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