New Exercise: You’re Gonna Flip For This One!

And a Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had a good weekend!

We had much-needed rain here in Memphis. Lots and lots of rain. Farmers are happy. Gardeners are happy. Labradoodles and their sitters? Not so happy.

Still, I had time to play on Pinterest do some research, which led to the discovery of a new-to-me exercise: Flip Grip Tricep Kickbacks. Here’s a quick video to demonstrate:

Or if you don’t have the time or the inclination to watch the video, I’ll attempt to explain:

– Unless you are at home, put on a shirt.
– Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Or a couple of cans of veggies from the pantry. Or just make a fist.
– Bend forward at the waist until your torso is parallel to the floor. (Or do as Video Joe did: place one leg forward for balance and lean forward–back straight!)
– Bring your arms back so that your elbows are tucked against your side, which would make your upper arms also parallel to the floor. (Like you’re about to punch someone on the floor.)
– With your palms facing forward, bring the weight/can/fist forward (inhale!) to your shoulder
– Exhale as you extend your arm all the way back behind you and then return to your shoulder. (See note about control below!)
– Now, twist your wrists so that your palms are facing backward, inhale and repeat the movement
– Each time you return to shoulder, twist your wrist.

I’m sure that was crystal clear! :) (Feel free to ask questions if I’ve done nothing but confuse you.)

I added these into my workout this morning, and I like them–a LOT!

A couple of notes about new-to-me exercises:
1. Whenever I attempt a new exercise, I practice the movement first without any added weight at all. This is usually done at home, where no one can get their jollies watching me fall off a balance ball or dislocate my elbow or whatever. It also helps me feel which muscles are affected, and I can get the motion of it downpat.

2. Once I’m at the gym, I start with the smallest weight I can find. At my gym, that’s 5 pound dumbbells, which are not even on the weight rack. They’re stuck over in the corner on the equipment table or even under the table sometimes. I think the Beefy Boys view them as clutter, kind of like the disinfectant and towels.

I did my first couple of sets with the 5# weights and the last one with the 7.5#. No problems, so far. Next time, I’ll do the first set at 5#, and the second two sets at 7.5# and grow from there.

3. In any exercise, but especially kickbacks, control is everything! We can’t just go flopping our arms around every which way (no matter how light the weight!) or someone’s going to get hurt. Guess who that’s likely to be! It’s entirely possible that I have violated The Code of Good Form once or twice and suffered the consequences. (Ow!) Slow, smooth, and steady movement is definitely the way to go!

I’m not exactly a gym rat, but I am something of an exercise geek. Discovering a new-to-me exercise that I like makes me happy! Giddy, even!

Now, go read my disclaimer about my lack of medical degree or any sort of professional training, and then try this one, if you dare! It’s fun! Really! Would I steer you wrong?

Don’t answer that! :)

15 thoughts on “New Exercise: You’re Gonna Flip For This One!

  1. Having watched the video, I think your written instructions were great! :-) I hardly do any isolation exercises as the kettlebells pretty much target every muscle, but I have to admit that I’ll do anything extra to target the triceps!

  2. Looks like a good move. I’ve been finding some exercises on pinterest that I think about trying, but never I never get around to it. :)

    • My favorite tricep exercise is (or should I say, WAS) the bench dip, and I’ll still do that from time to time for variety and effect. But this one will definitely stay in the rotation. In fact, I’m thinking of adding in a standard kickback for a trifecta! :)

  3. Since I make every effort to refrain from any exercise that isn’t outdoors and involves walking/hiking or biking, I’ll just believe you when you tell me it’s great. But I’d amend your first point to say everyone should ALWAYS wear a shirt.

  4. LOL–I especially liked the guys cat. And Tami mentioning that it’s good for batwings makes me more likely to try it! I’d never do it at the gym, though. This is one for the privacy of my own domain!

  5. Yes, I do this one! I actually have 3 or 4 different variations of triceps kickbacks! 😉 I love dips too & well, I could make a list a mile long of the things I do for my triceps but then I would have to find videos cause I type slow & well.. OK you get it! 😉 LI love your instructions on how to incorporate a new exercise!

  6. LOL! I love the first instruction “Unless you are at home… put on a shirt”

  7. I just gave those a try. Love ’em! Carrying a baby around all day has left my biceps strong, but my triceps weak. I think i’ll do a couple of sets of those every other day. Thanks!

  8. ok had to share Im still giggling over the UNLESS YOURE HOME PUT ON A SHIRT.

    you know me so well :-)

  9. I’m with you on trying new things without the prop first! And wearing the appropriate attire.

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