That Was Quick

Is it just me, or did that holiday blow right past? Maybe because it was a mid-week holiday? Or maybe because I didn’t do anything, I don’t know.

The not doing anything was by design. I received invitations to two barbecues, but they were being held outdoors (imagine!) in the triple digit heat, so I took the “I’m sorry, I already have other plans” route.

And I did. My plan was to stay in the air-conditioning. I wasn’t being anti-social; I was being anti-sweltering. I felt a teensy bit bad, but then again, I don’t think they wanted sweaty, cranky Cammy gracing their grounds. it was a civic service, really.

I didn’t waste the day entirely, though.

I went to lunch:

ham & cheese on flatbread

Flatbread Ham & Pepperjack from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

I took my car for a bath:


I pretended it was a cool and gentle rain. If it hadn’t cost $6, I would have gone through again. My car and I were happy!

This car and, one presumes, its owner were not happy:

car fire

I had to embrace my inner redneck blogger and pull over for a photo. I wish I’d been filming it instead, just so you could see how fast the woman in the middle of the picture ran when the tires started exploding. (Hey, I waited to laugh until I was sure no one was hurt.)

I paid a visit to Tomato Central where tomato juice canning was underway:

tomato central

After connecting more cable boxes, I headed for home, lest I be put on the production line. But first, a detour:

yolo frozen yogurt

No sugar strawberry with a drizzle (really!) of full sugar hot fudge and eight white chocolate chips. I’m not sure what I thought the chips would do for it, but they didn’t add anything except calories. Should’ve stuck to sprinkles. Total cost: $2.08 thanks to a $1 off coupon. Score!

A couple hours later, dinner:

dinner - bbq chicken and roast potatoes

You can’t live in the South and not have BBQ on the 4th, so I had a BBQ chicken sandwich with homemade coleslaw, roasted potatoes, and fresh-from-the-garden sliced tomato. So good I’m repeating it tonight, replacing the potatoes with corn-on-the-cob.

And, of course, one must also have watermelon on the 4th of July:


I wandered outside to visit with neighbors and watch fireworks for a few minutes, but it was still in the 90s at 9:00 so we all packed it in fairly early.

Anyway, as you can see, it wasn’t a wasted day at all. :)

No exercise occurred, unless we’re counting taking photos. Thanks mostly to the heat, I declared a holiday rest day and got back to it this morning with a great workout in a nearly deserted gym. I was alone in the free weights area for most of my workout, which I think might have been a preview of what Heaven will look like.

I hope you had a happy and safe holiday (or Wednesday, for international peeps)!

10 thoughts on “That Was Quick

  1. How did that vehicle catch on fire, I wonder? That definitely would suck to have that happen to your car.

    The day felt a lot like Sunday to us! We did our usual Wednesday breakfast ride, but the roads were quiet like a Sunday.

  2. oh we are totally counting the photos as exercise!!
    if you crouched down it’s a squat and if you ran a bit to snap it it is HIIT…

  3. This sounds similar to our 4th celebration. It was definitely too hot to hang outside for too long. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable day! Hurray for days off in the middle of the week.

  4. People seem so thrown by the holiday hitting mid-week. As for me, I NEVER know what day it is:) And having a job hasn’t helped because there is not consistency to my schedule!

  5. We had a great 4th – it rained buckets! Not enough lightning and thunder to declare natural fireworks, but the rain stopped in time for all the booming to go off on time.

  6. Hi Cammy. Looks like a great 4th of July. Well, for you, not for the person with the burning car. Holy smokes!!!!!! (HA! I just made quite the joke without realizing it…) Have a great Friday.

  7. I don’t do extreme weather either, so I completely get the “excuse”!

    I can well imagine that exploding tires would be terrifying!

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