The Return of the Road Ninja

After a summer of local work assignments, I’ll be spending the better part of the next two months on the road. (Standard Burglar Warning: I have a house-sitter and an alarm system, so back off!)

I wish I could say I was going to Minnesota or Michigan or Maine or Montana, but I’ll be spending the majority of my time zipping around the state of Mississippi.

Mississippi State FlowerMississippi’s official state nickname is The Magnolia State, as there are a lot of magnolias here. Magnolias are also the state flower, which seems a bit redundant to me. I think Mississippi should change it’s nickname to something fresh, perhaps The Waffle House State, if they’re deciding based on prevalence. (If some other state has already chosen Waffle House, a good back-up would be The Dollar General State.)

Given that I’m heading south in the hottest summer EVER and that all of my assignments are full workdays, I prepared for this trip a lot differently than for my travels earlier this year. I’m not keen on leaving food in my closed up car all day with triple-digit temps. This week’s snack bag contained these items:

travel snacks

We’ve got a little bit of fresh fruit (note: the peach didn’t make it into the bag but it did make it into my breakfast), some protein powder, a couple of emergency meal bars, a bit of peanut flour (can be stirred into oatmeal for a splendid treat), and a couple paper bags of popcorn in the event I have a room microwave and a hankering for something crunchy. I don’t usually buy meal bars, but one of the sites I’ll be at this week doesn’t seem to have any healthy lunch options. I’m hoping Google Maps is misleading. If not, I’ll either “have it my way” with a chicken salad (if the restaurant seems clean) or opt for a Clif Bar.

On this trip, I’ll be in real cities, so I can count on a wider variety of restaurants for dinner. Tonight I opted for Wendy’s, mainly because I wanted a nice cold salad but also because it was conveniently located across the street from my hotel. I somehow missed the McAlister’s Deli right behind it, although I did notice a sign indicating that Tutti Frutti Yogurt was open for business:

tutti frutti

Geez, Cammy, are your priorities a bit skewed? :)

It worked out just as well, as I think I’m having lunch at McA’s tomorrow. As for tonight, I stashed the sugar pecans that came with my Wendy’s Apple-Pecan Chicken Salad and skipped the cheese, all so that I could enjoy $2.56 worth of Tutti Frutti PB & Chocolate yogurt. A brilliant trade, I thought.

So I’m feeling reasonably confident that the nutritional component of my trip won’t be disastrous. I’m logging my meals and snacks so that I can keep up with that part of the fitness equation.

I won’t be completing anything close to my normal workouts for the week. I won’t have access to a gym, for one thing, and for another, I’ll be working and/or traveling for the better part of each day. My current plan is to do a ‘bare minimum’ workout on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with push-ups, squats, bench (or coffee table) dips, hip raises, and “quad leans“. For some reason, I am almost always assigned a room on an upper floor, so any hopping or jumping isn’t going to work. (Not that that seems to stop other people who have rooms above mine.)

I’m also hoping for proper rest on this trip. (I don’t make good decisions when I’m overly tired.) I made “suggestions” for the hotels this time (thank you, AAA! And D-boss!), so I’m hopeful that the hotels will be clean and comfortable. I’m off to a good start with tonight’s room, even if it is a bit strange with a Pillowhenge-type arrangement on the bed:

pillow henge

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to sleep ON them or between them. (They better not have scheduled other heads to occupy the empty slots!) One thing I know is that I will be making that decision very soon. My eyelids are drooping!

But first I want to visit as many of your blogs as I can. Please pardon any unusually nonsensical comments I make there. :)

Hope your week is off to a great start!

19 thoughts on “The Return of the Road Ninja

  1. I take a resistance band with me to do workouts. Also, if you’re on the top floor, you can always put a few stair well walks into your day! Don’t forget to carry water bottles with you into meetings, your car, etc. Order water to drink in restaurants and pick up some tea bags for unwinding at night. Is there a grocery store nearby? Great place for “dinner”!

    • Thanks, Alice! I spend my workday in front of a fancy-pants soda machine that dispenses icy cold filtered water, so H2O isn’t a problem. Well, except that I drink too much of it and then have to take a quick break. :)

  2. My husband is working in Mississippi and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Jackson/Madison area. The people are nice but the food choices are kind of wretched. Good luck. I don’t do well with those protein bars. The taste is kind of awful for the ones I’ve tried. :(

    The pillows are interesting.

    • I might run into your husband, Caron! (don’t worry, I’ll behave. :) ) In the Jackson metro area, there are plenty of restaurants with good food choices. You just have to be willing to go to those restaurants.

      You might like Clif Bars in that they seem closer to Larabars than the standard protein bar.

  3. Mississippi isn’t exactly what I had in mind for when you starting traveling again. It’s in the wrong direction!

    Did you put the pillows back the way you found them?? Hope the week goes well with minimum headaches.

  4. YIKES! Lots of away travel – I am not a fan! 😉 That bed & pillows – cracked me up – never seen that!

    Sounds like you have a plan Cammy & hope you survive it all! :-) Be safe!

  5. Pillowhenge is just bizarre – I’ve never seen such an arrangement before!

    Hope everything works out well on your trip!

  6. HA! That bed looks like my husband made it! He has a weird way with pillows, but I’m usually lucky to see the bed made at all. Traveling can be rough. I don’t do it for business, but we go away for long weekends and occasional road trips, and I always pack plenty, usually more than needed. I find that if I’m prepared, I’m able to stay on track.

  7. Pillow henge looks like something John or I would do as a joke making up the bed LOL!

    When are you going to get to travel up to NY? I think that should be your next business trip. Drop some heavy hints.

    • When I first joined the company, crews were traveling all over NY state. Believe me, if I have the opportunity, I’ll jump on it! (Can you carry a bike on a plane? :) )

  8. The Waffle House State–HaHaHaHaHa! And I loved Pillow Henge, too. Was there a sacrifice-stone pillow?
    Hope your trip goes well. Use those upper floor hotel rooms to advantage by taking the stairs!

  9. Stubbled upon your blog in my search for blog inspiration in my own recent fitness stint. I have loved reading every thing and hope that your travels are full of great memories. Looking forward to healthy living and travel, this one are I struggle with as we are always out of town for my sons soccer team.

  10. Hmm….how can I get them to bring you to Indiana? I will have to mull this over. Safe travels, sweet Cammy.

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