A Weekend Trip to the Past

I spent the weekend in a most unusual way:

havenview 2012

These beautiful people are blasts from my past, in some cases all the way back to kindergarten! (Yes, kids, they had kindergarten way back then. We may be older than the internet, but we don’t predate kindergarten.)

6th grade class

My sixth grade class. I’m on the top row, 2nd from right, with all the other “tall” kids. My big growth spurt (height-wise, that is) occurred in 5th-6th grade and is close to my current height. As you can tell from the weekend photo, most of the others eventually caught up. :)

The elementary school we attended from 1st through 8th grades has since been converted to a middle school. Somewhere along the way, they had the audacity to change the school mascot from Eagles to Tigers AND to change the school colors from a vibrant purple & white to dark and broody black/gold. {yawn}

This gathering was for all the Eagle-era students (about 30 years worth), but most of the attendees were within five years or so of my class. Because the school system implemented busing the year after my class graduated, scattering us hither and yon, many of us hadn’t seen each other since way back when. I don’t go to my high school reunions, because–well, that’s a subject for a whole ‘nother post, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating this weekend for months and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

With a weekend of reunion events, my exercise was limited to standing, talking and belly-laughing until I hurt. This afternoon I had a moment of regret about missed workouts, but I quickly realized that connecting with these friends was energizing in its own way and definitely good for my soul.

Nutrition was–okay, did I mention this was a once-in-a-blue-moon celebration with long-ago friends? There were cookies, and that’s really all you need to know. :) (Seriously, that’s really all there was to tell: cookies on Saturday.)

Back to working this week, but it’s all day trips. At some point, I’ll get it all under control and get this back to being a (mostly) weight management blog.

Are you still in touch with elementary school friends? (If not, I highly recommend you consider organizing a reunion!) What’s your favorite memory from elementary school days?

10 thoughts on “A Weekend Trip to the Past

  1. I am now too!
    all thanks to the book of the face :) and I kinda love it.
    and YES YES YES to the once in a blue moon, too Cammy.
    LIfe is too freakin short.

  2. What fun, Cammy! I do go back for high school reunions – but the people that I enjoy the most are the folks that I went all the way from K-6 with. The same group of kids in the same class year after year (small rural school). Starting in 7th grade, we all went “down below” to school. Sure, I made more friends there, but I love seeing my old elementary school chums. We were much more “bonded”.

    Cookies on Saturday is like a day in heaven! Good for you for going and I’m so glad you had a good time. Oh, and like you – I pretty much looked like I do right now in 6th/7th grade.

  3. Did somebody say COOLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I have a pic of a cookie on my blog today!

    I think it is great that you got to see these people. I have pics just like you pic! Not in contact with anyone though. I moved s few times in my childhood & tried to keep up with some junior high ones but to no avail….

  4. What fun! Cookies are good, too. I eat them without a get together 😀

    I am in contact with 1 person from my school days. I never go to the reunions because I was teased so much that I actually am not interested in seeing any of those people.

  5. That is so cool! Unfortunately I don’t really remember anyone from my elementary school days because I lived in three different towns (between Kindergarten and 4th grade) and then we moved again at the end of my 4th grade year. I did go to middle and high school with the same group of kids, however. I’ve been to a few HS reunions, and my 30th was supposed to be in 2010 but it never happened!

  6. I wish we’d had the internet back when we graduated school! So much easier to stay in touch that way.

  7. Yes, I am still in touch with a few friends from elementary school and am so thankful to have reconnected with them. For all the ways I think Facebook is misused, this is what I revert back to as one of the wonderful advantages and benefits. Through FB, I’ve reconnected with at least one person from every aspect of my life and what a joy that has been!

    BTW, I like your blog exactly as it is and don’t mind posts not specifically about weight loss. Your weight loss story and continuing journey is part of your LIFE and the encouraging part to me (and other, I suspect) is how your weight loss story fits into your life!

  8. Yes, I found one of my old friends about 7 years ago and we’ve seen one another a time or two. Sounds like a fun weekend, Cammy!

  9. Hi Cammy. OMG, how fun. I’m in touch with one person from elementary school, a couple from high school but that’s about it. I’ve never attended any school reunions, I’m in touch with those I want to be in touch with…and the rest? Well, they’re history. Have a great day Cammy!

  10. Looks like a fun time! I have a reunion coming up but I’m not going. We’re going out of town that weekend (darn…not) and with FB, I can see what these people all look like now. It’s not that high school was traumatic for me but I’m pretty much in touch with the people I want to be in touch with.

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