Another Road Trips Begins

Despite my currently manic work schedule, I’m holding my own on the fitness front. I was able to get in two great gym workouts last week (the third one was swapped for two hours of heavy duty yard work), and I stuck to my normal eating plan. I was quite impressed with myself, especially considering the free birthday gift offers (fro yo! cake!) are pouring in. I deserve a medal!

Speaking of medals, with the wild success of the US women at the Olympics (thank you, Title IX), I’ve been thinking about training for an event next time. My options are limited since I’ll be 58 (day-um!) by then, plus I’m not doing any event that involves a swimsuit or a leotard. Whatever it is, I have to get a gold medal so I can rake in the endorsements. Oh, and show my national pride.

Today began another full week of travel, one that extends into next week. Today’s four-hour drive through Northeast Mississippi and Northwest Alabama was tough in that it’s a tad boring. Thank goodness for Mississippi Public Broadcasting! I listened to The Splendid Table today, which featured an older interview with Julia Child.

And then I crossed into Alabama and lost the signal and had to listen to the Nascar race. (I’m all about balance.)

There was absolutely nothing of interest to see on the trip down, except for the McDonald’s in Somewhere, AL, where I stopped for a potty break.

That was one weird McD’s, let me tell you. I felt like I was in that Psych episode, “Dual Spires.” All I was missing was the Cinnamon Festival, the strange music, and a dead body.

What was also interesting about this McD’s is that they have a breakfast buffet: All you can eat for $4.99. I don’t think I could eat $5 worth of yogurt parfait. :)

Another interesting sighting:

I thought that was good community stewardship, especially for a bunch of possible psychos.

For the next two nights, I’m in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama (Roll Tide), and also the site of a horrific tornado last year. Much has been rebuilt, but there are still many vacant lots and broken trees around.

Today, I found the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk:
tuscaloosa riverwalk

It’s a lovely path that meanders for a mile or so along the Black Warrior River. I walked for about 40 minutes and took advantage of the many hills and inclines.

I had a bit of unexpected cardio when I saw this fellow right before my right foot squished him:


Y’all would have been so proud of me! I didn’t scream or pee or do anything undignified when I saw him. I did have to do a bit of fancy footwork to avoid stepping on him, but then I snapped a picture and kept right on walking. (Needless to say, I kept my eyes on the path for the next half hour!)

Snake or not, I’m planning to go back to the trail tomorrow after work. My legs and feet may be tired after standing all day, but I’ll try to get in at least 30 minutes.

After the walk, I found a healthy dinner (Zoe’s Kitchen) and then made a stop at TCBY for a small fro-yo. Unfortunately, they didn’t have peanut butter flavor, and nothing else grabbed me so I left. (Where’s my medal?)

Instead, I opted for some Oikos yogurt from this southern institution:


Honestly, I didn’t even know W-D was still around. :)

Now, I’m settled into my room, trying not to look at the sofa:


There’s nothing wrong with it, but I feel a strange compulsion to order a scotch to sip while I read Shakespeare or the Wall Street Journal.

And yes, we have another Pillowhenge:


I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

Another thing I don’t get is the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Why are Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell doing a runway strut? (I’m holding out for Adele and Elton John, but they’d better make it fast!)

I’ll check in later in the week. In case, it’s really later, I’ll wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

12 thoughts on “Another Road Trips Begins

  1. Eeeek! And you know exactly what I’m talking about! And it isn’t the purple couch. Didn’t know they have pythons in Alabama.

    On another topic, a Zoe’s Kitchen just opened here in Knoxville. Been wanting to try it.

    Have a good week!

  2. Cammy – you are toooooooooooooo funny! You missed out on your calling – humor writer! You still can! :-) Quite a road trip – all you can eat McD’s – WTF??? 😉

    That snake – WOW – I am so proud of yu!

    As for the gold medal – I can try with you – too old farts trying to win & get endorsements! :-)

  3. I am really sorry you had to listen to Nascar. I would have just sat in silence 😀

    That pillow henge thing. So odd. I have never seen it before and now you have seen it twice. Maybe you have a pillow fairy that follows you on trips or something. If you ever come home and find the pillows like that – run!

  4. Ummm… yeah. That closing ceremony had neither Adele nor Elton… and no Stones!! WTH???

    Sorry I’ve been MIA – been having major computer problems. Bleh. :/

  5. Cammy, you crack me up!!! As does that couch and the word “pillowhenge”. As for the Olympics, you are a cyclist so could go for cross country cycling, and there is no leotard needed for ping pong. I’d endorse you!!!!!

  6. Glad to see you didn’t lose your sense of humor after seeing that snake! Always sending good thoughts your way as you travel, Cammy. xo

    • I didn’t catch on to Psych until season 3 or 4, but now I’m smitten. (Seriously, I’ve thought about getting Shawn and Gus posters for my wall! Did i mention I’m 53?) The new season should be starting soon, and I can’t wait to find out what happened to Henry!

  7. You should be a travel writer! I loved this post – from the snake to the sofa! It’s the type of couch that requires a red smoking jacket, no?

    You go on road trips without a huge playlist? My car iPod has 1200 songs!

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