Broken Heart by Betty

It was an up and down day. I hope it burned extra calories.

My work assignment was a bust, BUT that did allow for a bona fide gym workout! I needed that more than the money. (The mortgage company might disagree.)

The gym was hot as Hell and fairly crowded, BUT my spot was all my own and I didn’t have to share the stability ball.

I had hoped the upward trend was taking over, especially after I got home and found this in my Inbox:

betty crocker email - free cake

Betty Crocker sent me birthday wishes! And what’s that at the bottom of the page? Betty Crocker is sending me FREE CAKE!

::anticipatory calorie-burning happy dancing::

BUT then I scrolled down and saw this:

betty crocker Free cake booklet

It’s not FREE CAKE at all–it’s a free cake booklet!!

I don’t even have the energy to pick up the tiny little pieces of my broken heart. I’m going to bed.

(My birthday’s not for a couple of weeks, plenty of time to plan for something far better than some stupid Betty Crocker cake.)

11 thoughts on “Broken Heart by Betty

  1. What are you doing hanging out with Betty to start with? She’s a bad influence. All she provides is mixes and false hopes. Come on Cammy, bake your own cake or buy one at a yummy bakery somewhere. It’s time to leave Betty behind.

  2. That is very irritating. Although, I agree. You can do a LOT better than Betty.

    Glad you got to sneak a good workout in there!

  3. Yeah – time to ditch Betty like lame boyfriend full of empty promises! Now, we have Bettie’s up here, which is a cupcake shop and I guarantee it is much better than the other Betty 😀

    I think cupcakes and birthdays go together well.

  4. Wow, that Betty is a mean beyotch! Swing by south Texas and I’ll be happy to take you out for some fro-yo for a b’day treat. Pretty sure they have b’day cake flavor at my fave spot. My fave flavor is cable car chocolate – and it’s nonfat! Sounds like an interesting trip!

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