Field Report: Guest of the Day

And on I roll…

The road trip is going well, so far. It’s blistering hot, which is only a problem when I’m traveling to a new stop. It’s horrific when traffic comes to a halt due to an interstate accident and a 30-minute commute turns into an hour. (Better, though, than being the cause of the standstill.)

I had a delightful surprise waiting for me in Vicksburg, MS on Tuesday night after the torture drive. On the check-in desk of my hotel was a large sign that said: “Welcome {insert my legal name here}! You’re our Guest of the Day!”

With visions of a tiara and a bouquet of roses dancing in my head, I greedily cheerfully informed the desk clerk that I was the Guest of the Day, to which she replied, “Oh,” and handed me a small gift bag before asking for my check-in information. I guess the confetti machine was out of order.

And what was in the gift bag?

gift bag contents

Oh good, junk food! Just what I needed! Actually, I was kind of starving, so I did eat the packet of Oreo’s for 100 calories of junkilicious goodness. I took the other packets down to the car on my way to dinner. They were safer there. :)

Speaking of dinner, let’s play Where Did Cammy Eat Dinner?

dinner clue 1 shelves of candy

This is what waits for you at the hostess station.

Need another clue?

table scape lamp and game

Mood lighting and an entertaining game at every table, if only I had one with whom to share the mood and/or the game.

Click HERE for the answer. Or if you really don’t care where I was but would like to know what I ate, here you go:

grilled chicken salad from cracker barrel

Surprise! A grilled chicken salad! {cluck-cluck} With a very runny deviled egg that got moved to the I’m-Not-Eating-That! plate along with 3/4 of the croutons. It’s a good salad if you’re ever at that chain. Be warned, though, that it comes with a lot of cheese. I’ll get them to leave that off next time. (I have nothing against cheese, but I don’t really like it with chicken.)

Tonight, in celebration of getting through the week in good form, I decided on a splurge-ette: pizza!

teensy pizza

I used to eat at Mazzio’s Pizza in Memphis fairly frequently, more for the salad bar than the pizza, but the one near my house closed and besides, I don’t eat pizza very often anymore. When I saw that there was a Mazzio’s just down the street from my hotel, I decided to stop by and see if they still offered a mini-pizza. They don’t, officially, but they agreed to let me get the kids’ meal: a 4-pepperoni-sized pizza and an itsy bitsy salad. Unamazing pizza, but it did scratch the itch, if you know what I mean.

Today was also a fro-yo day. It had to be, after I spent the week looking at this all day:

BKs dessert menu

Those are BK’s dessert offerings, as pictured on a 4’x6′ poster located directly in front of me in each of my locations this week. Fortunately, I haven’t seen anyone eating them, or things could have gotten ugly. :)

With one more day to go, I’m pretty much on target with nutrition (all my fruits and veggies every day=yaay!), and goodness knows I’ve had plenty of exercise. Sleep? Well, I’m getting some sleep every night. (Where’s a good Pillowhenge when you need one?)

That’s probably it for me this week. I’m home late tomorrow night and have a jam-packed weekend. I do hope to catch up on blog posts between now and the next workweek. I appreciate your patience as my commenting has been spotty this week. Income first, blogging second.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Field Report: Guest of the Day

  1. That Guest Of The Day gift bag pisses me off…basically they give you junk. I am sure it makes you feel valued LOL! How about a free night instead? I’ve eaten at a Cracker Barrel only once in my life and hope I never have to do so again…

  2. Man, when you’re on the road that junk just assaults you from every angle, doesn’t it? You do a good job of avoiding/controlling it. Lately, I don’t usually fair as well.

  3. I knew the precisely which chain was the answer to your quiz, but was afraid my prize for being the first to correctly guess would be all the remaining contents of that “guest of the day” package! LOL!

    Glad you’ve had a good week.

  4. I just applaud you for getting thru while traveling! You rock Cammy!!!! As for salads – not my thing anymore BUT ya got to do what ya got to do AND I am a Sally from When Harry Met Sally! 😉

    Yes, I agree – a free night’s stay or a massage or even a confetti machine would be better but both you & I know that lots of people rather get what you got. :-(

  5. 100 calorie snack packs for the guest of the day? At least you got a pen, too 😀

    Good job on the food choices. I would be sorely tempted by that candy bar. Safe travels!

  6. Glad to hear that your road trip is going well. I would have done the same thing and hid the junk food away, or I’ll probably be munching on them in no time. How does one remain faithful to a diet while on the road, or can it be an opportunity for a free pass?

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