Good Enough

Short post today. I know, a regular miracle!

An article I just read has hit me between the eyes, and I need to sit back and think a while. If you have a moment or two (possibly longer if it nails you where you live), Why You’re Already Good Enough is well worth reading. A tidbit:

But with a constant focus on creating our future (better) selves, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of self-improvement that leaves us feeling perpetually unsatisfied with the person we are today.

And now I’m off to ponder the wonder that is Me and to spend time appreciating all that I am and all that I have. There will be time enough to plan and set goals tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.

12 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. Great reminder!

    It was interesting to see (after being prompted by Ellen) where I was last year this time – in the middel of a 2 week self-improvement ban imposed by my lifecoach. I was completely addicted to all things self-help at the time and the time-out helped me to see that I’d already learned what I needed to know and that I only had to continue practicing to love and care for myself. Since then I have healed a lot of wounds, not by gaining more knowledge, but by appreciating my own worth, setting boundaries and realizing that others’ opinions are just opinions, not absolute truths. And while I miss the odd step once in a while, I value who I am as a person now. There are physical constraints (I am quite ill), but these don’t affect my inherent worth.

  2. Great post, Cammy. Great comment, Hanlie.

    I was just thinking about this as well (also prompted by Ellen), I read the linked article and there was a comment about living in the present, being present in the moment. Right now, right this second, everything is perfect. So many things are pointing me to stay right here in this moment. Thank you for the extra reminder. It is truth.

  3. Great timing, EVERYONE!! I feel like I am getting a big dose of therapy this week and I have all three of you ladies to thank :)

  4. Yep…perfect timing…and AMEN! Relaxing into who we are gives us the opportunity to think, “hmmmm…what might be fun to try next? How might I improve from a place of excitement and joy, not fear and desperation?”

  5. Perfect timing for this! I get so caught up in self-help crap and waiting to live life until I get “better”. ugggghhh!!!

  6. Need to read that! I do consider myself a work in progress always but that is more about how life & my body changes… the I am enough is more mental & about no negative self talk for me.. but I must read. I don’t mind always pushing in my fitness arena – that makes me feel alive as my post yesterday mentioned.. Thx for sharing! I do in many ways think I am not enough beyond fitness…

  7. “While we’re focused on the next thing we want to change, we ignore all the progress we’ve already made and everything we’ve accomplished.” Setting small goals and rewarding ourselves when we’ve reached helps us to live in the moment. It’s not about tomorrow but today. Great article. Thanks for posting

  8. What a great post. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten sucked into that mentality…never being satisfied with where I am…I think I’ve finally gotten the clue about it!

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