If Wishes Were Chocolate

In addition to the paycheck, one thing I like about my job and its associated road trips is that I meet a lot of interesting and/or friendly people. Some of the most memorable people I’ve met have been after hours, when I’m out exploring. One such encounter occurred on my drive to the coast last week.

I’d missed lunch that day and had planned to grab something along the way. That plan went awry because I was on a highway without any places to stop. After an hour or so, I resorted to driving three miles off the highway to get to a small town. Unfortunately, the only restaurants I found were fried chicken and pizza places. (I suspect there were other options, just not on this road.)

Anyway, I finally decided to stop at an almost-modern convenience store in hopes of finding some string cheese and maybe an apple to tide me over. No such luck. No Power Bars or other back-up options either, so I went with Plan G and grabbed a pack of peanut butter crackers.

The check-out clerk was helping a man out at the gas pump so I browsed the offerings on the counter while I waited. When I spotted one of these, I had to pick it up and flip it for a calorie check:

Reese's Big Cup with Nuts!

Of course, I dropped it like a hot potato when I saw that it had 200 calories. Ouch! (By comparison, the regular-sized Reese’s PB Cups have 110 calories each and the mini-sized ones have about 40 calories each. Or so I’ve heard.)

Apparently my ouch! was in my out loud voice, because I heard an out loud voice other than my own drawl, “You knew when you picked that up it had too many calories.”

I looked up and saw that I had the clerk’s full attention. With a knowing smile, she added, “You was just wishin’ it had, like, 50 calories, wasn’t you?”

She may not have been grammatically correct, but she sure had my number! Only I was hoping it had fewer than 160 calories, which would have made it a better (and more chocolate-y) calorie option than my pb crackers. But, yeah, I was busted and I told her so.

We laughed and talked about my quest for healthier snacks. She lamented the lack of healthy options in the store, and I offered a few suggestions, including those I had originally hoped to buy. (It turns out the store was just out of string cheese and the “li’l bit of fresh fruit” they normally carried.) She seemed particularly excited about the boiled-egg-as-snack possibility, which made me happy, because it’s one of my favorite snacks, too.

As I drove along, happily munching on my pb crackers, I thought about the concept of wishing and the fact that I do a lot of it.

– I wish I didn’t have a squish belly.
– I wish I could win the lottery, even one of the small ones.
– I wish I could travel to more interesting places (or ones with better restaurants.)
– I wish I could stay organized.
– I wish my budget wasn’t so tight.
– I wish so many of my favorite foods didn’t come attached to so many calories.

And so on. If wishes were chocolate, I’d have gained all my weight back a long time ago.

But wishes aren’t chocolate. They’re just fleeting bits of hopes and dreams, and there’s nothing wrong with wishing for things, even things that aren’t likely to happen. Sometimes, if we’re paying attention, wishes are the whispers of plans yet to come.

So wishing is a good thing, but in thinking about how many times I say or think “I wish…”, I realize that I need to be mindful of following it up with a few “I’m grateful for…” thoughts as well, because I have many blessings and riches in my life. Things that matter, like my health, family, friends, shelter, transportation, and good, healthy foods. Including chocolate.

I also need to take the time to listen to my wishes and sort out the possible from the things that are just not going to happen. Those wishes, I need to just set free.

But I’ll probably always check labels on foods I know have too many calories. Miracles do happen, you know! :)

What do you wish for?

13 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Chocolate

  1. for some reason it all clicked for me when I heard the notion of COALS BEING DREAMS WITH TIMELINES (ok it’s goals but that typo made me giggle :-)).
    THAT was when I shifted wishes to dreams (finally) and shoved some timelines on the important ones.

  2. Well, coincidentally, I have many of the same wishes as you! I also wish I didn’t over-think everything and I really wish that I didn’t have so many aches and pains that just won’t go away.

  3. GREAT POST Cammy! Loved the flow of the story! I have a lot of wishes too & like yours too. A you can see from my post today, I am leaving one behind.. I doubt I will ever give up on it since I have been at it so many years trying to prove I will make it work but it goes on a back burner for now…..

    I keep Gratitude Monday to ground me! :-)

  4. I make a million wishes throughout the day. It’s time to start turning the best ones into plans and to focus in being grateful for my many blessings. Next time I catch myself saying “I wish…” I’m going to rephrase it as “I plan to…” if it’s a possibility, or “I’m grateful for…” if it’s not a possibility. Thanks for this!

  5. Oh you had to go there, didn’t you? I have often wished that I didn’t have a weight problem, I am soooo over dealing with it. But then I remember how healthy I am, and how I am almost 57 y/o and not on a single medication, and how blessed I am that I am not dealing with a life threatening or chronic illness that needs to be managed. Then I think that having a weight problem might not be the very worst thing, and so many good things have come out of it, like my health coaching. Great post!

  6. I wish the “food industry” wasn’t an industry at all…I wish it had our best interests at heart, not just its bottom line. I wish I could trust food manufacturers not to pull the wool over my eyes with dubious health claims like “good source of whole grains” or “may support heart health” and yet add various forms of sugar and chemicals. I wish our culture focused on health as something to strive for and value, not just being “skinny.”

  7. My wish list is a lot like your wish list!

    I wish to always have peace with food and my body. Not just sometimes, but all the time.

    I definitely would take the lottery!

  8. Oh wow, this post is eerily in touch with me today. Earlier had a wish dashed, so your most interesting statement, “Sometimes, if we’re paying attention, wishes are the whispers of plans yet to come” is what I’m going to hold on to.

    But just for the moment, I’m going to wish that my friend Cammy didn’t worry so much about her squishy belly. I KNOW her and the last thing that one would ever notice is anything resembling a squishy belly!

  9. Timely post as usual Cammy. I’ve been wishing a lot lately. Wishing for things that I know will happen but not in my time – in it’s own time. Right now I wish for more patience!
    And OH, those Reese’s – they do call out to you, don’t they??

  10. Most of my wishes lately are about organization, neatness, simplifying, etc. Most of the time I realize that I am not willing to do what is necessary to make that happen. But once in a while (like this week) I make an action plan and make some headway!

    And yep, I still flip the candy over once in a while just to make sure things haven’t changed in that department!

  11. I wish for a lotto win too! Any passive income really. Working is hard for me right now, and on top of it I have to really be careful how I spend every cent towards getting better. I wish I could be free of this constant worry. And of course I wish I could feel better already!

  12. What a great story Cammy – many thanks for sharing it.

    Right now I am wishing that my foot will heal so I can resume my normal busy life!

  13. Cammy! You had me at chocolate! And you knew it, didn’t you? 😉 I love the interaction you had with the clerk – that was awesome!

    I have a lot of wishes, but I’ve heard that if you reveal them, they don’t come true…

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