One Mile from Chunky

Over the hump! Three consecutive days of full-day work behind me and only two more ahead before a glorious weekend break.

I enjoyed my two days in Tuscaloosa, AL, especially walks on their lovely Riverwalk. (No snake sightings on the second walk, thank goodness!)

Yesterday was a long (for me) workday with a 3-hour drive before I could rest my weary self. After a disappointing attempt at building a healthy and tasty breakfast from the hotel offerings the first morning (plain oats and a teaspoon of generic peanut butter), I tried something a little different the second. I combined my Greek yogurt and PB2 with the hotel’s banana and Raisin Bran for a hearty, healthy breakfast.

yogurt breakfast

I was full all morning! This is a very good thing, because I can’t exactly stop training because I’m ready for a snack. :) I supplemented my Subway sandwich lunch with a box of mini-raisins and was set for the post-work drive.

Well, for half of the drive. About halfway, my reserves were drained and I was wishing I had a stash of this:

emergency chocolate bar

Instead, I settled for something more appropriate:

Reese's mini PB cup

I would have preferred to have a real dinner, but there weren’t any acceptable options along the way. I couldn’t remember what restaurants were close to the hotel-of-the-night, but I had decided I didn’t care–the closest one was where I was going to dinner!

And then I came upon this exit:

chunky, ms

I’ve never heard of Chunky, MS! Well, not in this regard anyway. :) Despite my hunger pangs, I had to take the exit to check it out!

Sadly, there were no restaurants, but I could have had some “soul food” if I’d wanted:

chunky methodist church

Or I could have mailed a letter:

chunky post office

But I couldn’t find anywhere for a real meal and darkness was approaching.

As it turns out, there was a Wendy’s right across the street from the hotel so I could have gone there for a apple pecan chicken salad, but no-o-o-o, I had to ask the desk clerk if there was a local place nearby where I might get a healthy meal. She recommended a restaurant less than a mile away that had a varied menu with steak, chicken, fish, and a salad bar. I decided to give it a try.

Awesome wait staff, who seemed eager to help me assemble a healthy meal. I attempted to order grilled chicken tenders, baked potato, and green beans (the salad bar was almost empty), but since it was so late, they were running low on chicken and only had a half order of grilled chicken tenders on hand. I thought that was fine and asked if she could maybe just add a dab of coleslaw to round it out. This is what she brought me:

big dinner

Let’s inventory, shall we?
– 4 strips of some of the best grilled chicken I’ve ever eaten
– a baked potato that was probably good about 3 hours before it was served
– 3/4 plate of New Orleans-style rice
– green beans, which were excellent
– cole slaw, mayonnaise-y
– hushpuppies, delicious
– Texas toast, cold to touch

Note to Self: Must be more definitive about what “healthy” means to me.

Needless to say, most of it was left behind. I meant to take a picture of the “overage” but by then I was almost falling asleep in my plate, and I forgot. I ate the chicken, green beans and hush puppies and tasted the potato and coleslaw. Not the greatest meal I’ve ever had, but thanks to friendly (and well-intentioned) waitresses, I’m not sorry I went.

After the dinner that was served, I wasn’t at all surprised when I stopped by Walmart this morning to replenish my banana supply and saw this display:
soda display

Not to bite the hand that feeds me, so to speak, but really, Walmart? Are you even thinking about this stuff?

Today was spent in a small, somewhat industrial, town. There are apparently a lot of chicken-processing plants in the area, which the town is happy to celebrate with an homage to chickens all over the place. Like this one, which was next door to today’s place of work:


It shouldn’t be difficult to imagine how excited I was to get back on the interstate and head to my next destination. :)

I was pleased to discover my hotel for the next two days is located next to a lovely walking trail. It was too late today to get in a walk, but I’ll be over there in the morning when they open the gates! Tonight I simply checked it out and took a moment to enjoy a glorious sunset:


It was so peaceful and lovely…

…for about three minutes. Some woman too lazy to get out of her car started screaming for her kids to come to the car. After her third or fourth round, I started looking around for a big stick. That’s when I decided it was time for me to call it a day. It’s hard to train from a jail cell. :)

Hope you’re all having a lovely week and are a long, long way from Chunky!

13 thoughts on “One Mile from Chunky

  1. hahaha! Love the one mile fr Chunky sign. Who knew the gov wd helpfully post warning signs for the intrepid dieter? Sounds like you’re doing beautifully navigating thru the Scylla and Charibdis of food offerings on the road.

  2. I haven’t heard of Chunky, MS but I know the candy bar. :)

    When we lived in Missouri, we were kind of fascinated by some of the names of the towns such as Peculiar and Licking. There were more I can’t think of now.

  3. Your photo of the soda in Walmart had me saying, out loud, WTF?!

    Anyway, I like the way you travel…back when I used to travel for work (and would a lot of driving in places with which I was not familiar), I often took back roads and tried to choose interesting places in which to stop :-)

  4. Remember Lee Ann Womack’s country hit, “Little Past Little Rock?” Well, thankfully, I’m finally a long way past “chunky” and so are you!! Speaking of Lee Ann, have you seen her in the Zaxby’s commercials? Not to be critical here (its happened to all of us), but speaking of chunky…….Birthday Cake milkshakes might not be the best thing for her to be pushing.

    Love the sunset pic.

  5. LOLOL!!! just your title had me rolling!!

    Cammy, you really show how it (maintenance) can be done in real life –even in difficult circumstances.

  6. I am a shade too close to Chunky right now LOL!

    That Walmart thing. That just has to be repurposing a display from something else like fruit. It just has to be for all that is good on the earth.

    • That’s what I thought, Lori, and then I sent up a prayer that the person who organized the display was back in the school products section getting construction paper to decoratively cover up the signs. Or in hardware searching for the duct tape. :)

      I meant to mention in that post that this Walmart also had the Halloween candy out already. Didn’t notice any candy corn M&Ms though LOL

  7. LOVE the one mile from chunky.
    and now Im craving those old school chunkys
    the ones I scoffed at when I was in uh said old school :-)

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