Road Warrior Tool: Healthy Dining Finder

Pausing between catching up between road trips. Jiminy Cricket, I’ve been so busy!

Looking back through my mini-journal where I semi-log my fitness activities, I’m pleased to report lots of exercise on the last trip. Thanks to the Tuscaloosa River Walk, the beach, the Fairhope park system, and Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian, MS, I was able to get some really nice walks in. No real strength training, but I’m counting on the physical aspects of the job helping with that. Judging from my gym visit today, I’m holding my own. (Take that, pushups & jackknifes!)

If you discount birthday treats (and I do), then it wasn’t a bad week nutritionally, either. I kind of burned out on grilled chicken salads toward the end there, which meant I struggled to meet my long-time target of five fruits & veggies per day. When I’m at home, I usually average 7-9 servings each day, so I wasn’t happy with the decline. Still, I made it through in relatively good form, so I’ll take it and be grateful.

I recently discovered (or re-discovered, maybe, because it looks familiar) Healthy Dining Finder, a website for finding healthier dining options all over the U.S. Enter the city and the desired mileage radius, and voila!, you get a list of possibilities. Most are chain restaurants, but at least you’ll know there are options, right?

Here are the results HDF returned for my first stop on next week’s trip:

healthy dining finder results

Clicking on each restaurant link displays some of the healthier choices they offer, along with suggestions on how to cut sodium or fat or whatever. Here’s the first item for Taco John’s:

healthy dining finder Taco John's

I clicked the “dig in” link to display the nutritional info. I don’t like sour cream or those tortilla bowls, so the recommended adjustments are fine with me! (I doubt I’ll be eating here, though, since I’ll be indulging my Mexican(ish) cravings by going for the Taco Pizza at Hobo Mickey’s.)

So that takes care of the first three nights. The last two nights are another story entirely. Healthy Dining Finder doesn’t have any listings at all for the second destination. Even worse, I don’t see a real grocery store on the Google map! And I have to spend two nights there!

On the positive side, the hotel does apparently have an exercise room.

tiny exercise room

It’s tiny, but if the equipment works, it will do. :)

This is the last tough road trip for a while. I have a few more on the schedule, but they’re one city and I know where to find some decent meals. Even if most of them do involve salad. LOL

Tomorrow’s day trip starts early and ends late, so I’ll wish you all a very happy weekend now!

9 thoughts on “Road Warrior Tool: Healthy Dining Finder

  1. That looks more like an exercise closet than an exercise room, but at least it has a window. 😉 Nice job! It’s tough to eat healthy and exercise on the road, but it sounds like you’re doing great!

  2. That’s a nifty little tool. And nice that it is a website and not a phone app, since I still have a stupid phone.

    I bet there have to be at least some convenience stores nearby and you can squeak out some healthy or semi-healthy meals there in a pinch.

    I hear you on the chicken burnout. I experienced that. Going land-meat free this week has about cured my burnout, though. 😀

    Safe travels!

  3. I know you must be getting road weary. Much as i love traveling, I am well aware that business travel (although nice) isn’t quite the same. Hope you’ve got some resting time soon.

  4. Cammy, I admire your tenacity!!! You really are amazing! I have seen that website too & helpful! Now if we could only believe the stats they put there! 😉

    I hope you get some rest from the road soon – HUGS!

  5. Hey Cammy, I tried to comment last night, but it wouldn’t let me. I was glad to hear about Healthy Dining Finder. I’ve already bookmarked it on my iPad. Had you heard about It’s another one that will show you what’s available and has links to menus and nutritional info. Hope your travels go well and that you get to enjoy being home some times, too!

  6. What a busy life you have right now Cammy! Thanks for that link I have never heard about that site but am going to bookmark it for future use. When we travel I do get tired of salads with grilled chicken and miss fresh fruit with yogurt. I’m also going to check out the site that Tish mentioned. Such great information!

    Keep up the great work with food and exercise while traveling – where there is a will there is a way!

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