Exercise Reboot: The Return of the Elliptical 5k

Today was an all-day rainy day, starting at 6 a.m. when I picked up Wally for breakfast, continuing on throughout my road travels, and it’s still raining tonight. We need the rain here in the South, but it sure messed up my plans to a) zip around the neighborhood before I left, or b) hit one of the local walking trails here at my destination.

I had resigned myself to finding a mall in which to walk when I remembered that my hotel o’the week has a mini-exercise room. Joy. Joy. :) The thought of stomping on the treadmill didn’t thrill me, but I was committed to getting it done, especially after I had a smidge of post-dinner fro-yo (low-sugar peanut butter with some chocolate chips, $2.91.)

The fro-yo was rewarding in more ways than one, because it was as I was savoring it that I had the great idea to revisit my long-abandoned elliptical 5k “program.” (If you weren’t here a few years ago, the elliptical 5k is simply working out on the elliptical machine until the distance reaches 3.1 miles. When I’m doing them regularly, I vary the resistance level and track the time.)

Since today was the first E5k I’d done in a couple of years, and because my legs are a little tired from yesterday’s strength workout (deadlifts, squats, and jackknifes), I stayed at resistance level 1 and varied the speed.

elliptical results

So this 17 minutes is my starting point this go round. If I’m remembering correctly, a few years ago a level 1 E5k took me about 22 minutes and level 8 took 29 minutes. I think I’ll wait until after all my training days are finished (Friday!) before attempting level 8. :)

With milder weather approaching, I don’t anticipate spending a lot of time in the gym on the elliptical machine. However, I am going to add in some intervals at the end of my strength training workouts. I’ll do another timed 5k on some other all-day rainy day to see if I’m making any progress.

To fill in the remainder of my 30-minute intention, I hopped on the treadmill. After the elliptical machine, the treadmill felt great! I did a lot of long strides to give my legs a good stretch, which felt really, really good. In the end, it was a solid workout that got my heart rate up and generated an amazing amount of sweat. (That was partly due to my having turned the a/c from frigid to moderate before the workout.)

Anyway, it was fun revisiting this type of exercising, and I’m already anticipating many winter workouts that follow a similar pattern. For now, I’ll still be outside whenever the weather allows. (If only I’d won the Elliptigo, I could get started my winter program now.)(Okay, technically, I could get started on it NOW, but I’m choosing to stay outside. LOL)

Have you revisited any “old” exercise activities lately? Do you want to?

11 thoughts on “Exercise Reboot: The Return of the Elliptical 5k

  1. Well, I guess my swimming obsession is re-visiting an old exercise, since I hardly did any swimming last year.

    I’ve never been on an elliptical! I have, however, had peanut butter froyo…

  2. It’s always good to change up the workout routine. The elliptical 5k sounds great! My recently revisited “old” exercise is kickball. I recently joined an adult kickball league. I think the last time I played was in the 2nd grade. But, it’s a blast! So much fun!

  3. Ive gotten way into trampolining these past few weeks thanks to my child.
    Im so sore but loving the childhood revisit.

  4. Interesting question and no, can’t say that I think of any older forms of exercise I’ve returned to lately. I so hate anything related to gym type exercising I’ll do anything to avoid it. But my 60 minutes/10,000+ steps is so engrained in me each day that I find some way to accomplish it even if it involves a raincoat and boots!

  5. Variety is the spice of life they say. I prefer walking outside to any other form of exercise. I do have a treadmill as a back up when it’s either too hot or too rainy here. Once in a great while I will get out an old exercise DVD but I just don’t enjoy it as much as walking in the great outdoors.

  6. I envy you. I’ve always wanted to do the elliptical when I’ve been in hotels but I’m so tall that I can’t do it without it killing my knees and never figured out how to adjust for height. We vary our stuff so much we rarely have anything get old but I’m looking forward to blowing the dust off of my Gilad workouts for next Friday. I miss him!

  7. You got to work with what you have – right – and worked out good for you! :-)

    Me, I have an arsenal but sometimes forget older ones & when I remember – it is so much fun!

  8. 5K in 17 minutes?? Wow!!

    No, I haven’t revisited any old activities, unless you want to count my fitness walks (a brisk walk that includes pushups, triceps dips and lunges along the way)…these never go out of style for me :-)

  9. Dang – it only takes 17 minutes to go 5K on an elliptical? That’s like bike speed!

    I have revisited running….again…

  10. 17 minutes to go 3.1 miles? That’s almost a 5 minute mile! I haven’t been on an eliptical, is it like a bicycle?

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