Gym on Wheels

I’m getting ready to head out on another short road trip, my last work-related trip for the foreseeable future. Even better news, this one will be a quickie. Color me happy!

One thing I’ve learned with all these road trips is how to work in a little exercise while stuck in the driver’s seat. I’ve effectively turned my car into a gym on wheels. It’s no real gym workout, but it engages some muscles and helps pass time. Sometimes it’s even fun!

Here are a few of my in-car exercises:

Shoulder Shrug-and-Roll – With hands on the steering wheel, I pull my shoulders up, up, up, hold for a few seconds and then push my shoulder blades back and down. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

Heel-Toe Rockers – Once I reach cruise control activation speed, I do a few of these to enjoy the freedom of movement. They’re basically seated calf raises with a toe raise at the end. With my feet flat on the floorboard, I lift my heels as high as possible and hold for 10 seconds before slowly lowering them. When the heel is flat again, I lift my toes as far as possible (not very far, in my case) and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Roof Busters – This one involves sitting as tall as possible in my cushioned seat and stretching my head toward the roof of the car. To keep my butt planted on the seat, I press my feet against the floorboard.

Squeezers – The easiest of all and effective on almost any general body part. I just pick a muscle group–glutes, for example–and do a contract-and-hold action for 10 seconds. Release and repeat. Currently, I work my way from quads (thighs) to glutes (butt) to abs (belly). Today, I’m tossing a small ball in my glove box to use for hand squeezers. (My luck, I’ll drop the ball and it will roll under the brake pedal. Maybe I can find a cube to squeeze instead.)

Obviously, I’m maintaining alertness to my surroundings during these exercises. Safety first! But when I’m cruising along in the right lane in a low-traffic area, it’s nice to have something to focus on besides the dust on my dashboard. (License Plate Bingo isn’t much fun in rural Mississippi.)

Do you have any car exercises you do? Have any interesting road trips coming up?

9 thoughts on “Gym on Wheels

  1. LOL at the image of you going down the road doing these exercises! Good for you Cammy. As a passenger in the car I have been known to dance in my seat for exercise, do leg lifts and all sorts of moving around to try and work my body! We always end up laughing about it which makes us feel better as well as helping to pass the time.

  2. Yay for working out! I like to bob around to music while driving and really get into it when I am riding as a passenger. Give me a little Journey and I am set! 😀

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Don’t forget the Kegels! Driving is a good time to engage the core and make sure the shoulders are relaxed. Of course, I rock out to loud music in my car!

  4. those are great ideas. I should try them while we still have a bit of a commute to daughter’s school every day.
    I can’t think of any others to do while driving. That’s a bit tricky.
    But on short rest stops you can probably get in some quick lunges or something.

  5. Glad to see you are still around, and doing well. I’ve been off my path for a while, but you’ll read the latest entries on my blog, you’ll understand why I’m back on the wagon.

    I do “butt squeezes” as often as possible. Even had Hubby doing them for a while. No one can see you, and helps firm those muscles. I don’t do much else in the car because by the time I get anywhere, I’m in so much pain, I need the cane to get out and walk around.

    I’ll be back!

    Vee at

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