More Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

A while back, I posted links to a few of the Crazy Kitchen Gadgets I’d come across online. Since that time, I’ve been “collecting” more wacky gadgets, via my iPhone, for our entertainment.

Up first, we have the crust and sandwich cutter:

crust and sandwich cutter

This gadget is odd to me in that a) I can’t imagine why anyone over the age of eight would want to cut the crust off bread, and b) I don’t know why a simple kitchen knife wouldn’t do the trick. But it was only a buck at Dollar Tree, so I guess it’s worth it?

Next, we have the microwavable potato baker:

Microwave Potato Bakers

I don’t generally bake potatoes in the microwave, but when I do, I just wrap them in a damp paper towel and plop them in there. No dish necessary, even if it’s 2/$1 at Dollar Tree.

And then we have the all-in-one PB&J sandwich maker:

pb&j spreader

(I apologize for the blurry photo. I was laughing too hard when I snapped it.) The only marginally useful purpose I can see for this is if your very young child was making his/her own sandwich. Or if you, the adult, are slightly wacky and just think it would be fun to use. Otherwise, I can’t see it being too much help in the kitchen.

And perhaps the craziest tool (to me, anyway) is the karate chopper:

karate chopper vegetable chopper

Again, if your kids are helping you prep veggies, it might be fun, but if I have aggressions to work through, I want a non-plastic blade. :)

Next up, salt and pepper wands:

magic wand salt & pepper shakers

Lest you think I have no sense of humor or whimsy, I’ll confess that if these hadn’t been priced at almost $7.00, they would have been in my shopping cart. Useless? Yes. Potentially fun? Yes. (I wish I could remember in what city I saw these; I swear I’d go back to see if they’ve been marked down any further. :) )

Sometimes I find gadgets that I think are fairly useless when I first see them, only to find that they would have come in handy at home. Such was the case with the tiny spatulas I spotted in a Foley, AL outlet store:

tiny spatulas

The very next week, I was making tiny pancakes and could have used a tiny spatula to flip them.

Ditto for the powdered sugar spoon:

Powdered Sugar Spoon

I scoffed when I saw this, because I have a handheld sifter at home. You know, the kind with the little mouse ears at the top. The only thing is that it doesn’t really fit in my utensil drawer so I keep it in a bin under the cabinet. This little spoon-sized sifter would fit in the drawer nicely. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of that when I saw it. :( (If you’re wondering why I might need a spoon-sized amount of powdered sugar, think: protein cupcakes/muffins/pancakes.)

In the end, I suppose that “crazy” gadgetry, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes what seems silly on the surface might prove to be useful later on.

Okay, since I confessed my love of the salt & pepper wands, I’ll turn it around and ask you: Are there any of these that you own? Any that you would purchase? :)

10 thoughts on “More Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

  1. When I saw those wands, I imagined getting pepper in my eyes LOL!

    I actually have a tiny sifter like that. I think it might be a bit bigger, but not by much. I use it a lot for sifting my coconut flour (because I only use 2 tablespoons at a time), protein powder and cocoa powder. Surprisingly useful. Who knew?

    I like Alton Brown’s name for stuff like this: Uni-taskers!

  2. Cammy, thanks for the laughs! I <3 looking at kitchen gadgets, and I actually own quite a few – only practical ones, of course. 😉 That karate chopper – wow. That's all I can say.

  3. Love it. I don’t have any of these gadgets, but I would LOVE those salt and pepper wands! AWESOME! However, I was a bit baffled by the crust cutter and the PB&J maker. Really? We need those?

  4. I don’t own any of these, but I can see a trip to Dollar Tree in my future as we’ve got a couple of fall parties planned and are on the lookout for some unique game prizes. I can just imagine how thrilled our friends would be with any of these to take home with them.

  5. I LOVE THE CRUST!!!!! That says it all for that gadget! 😉 I fight for the end pieces of bread!!!

    Those are some crazy gadgets but that green karate chopper – not going to tell you what went thru my mind! 😉

  6. I have the baked potato dishes and they work great. They are supposed to be bpa free and the potatoes come out moist and without shrinkage! Fun post!

  7. I stay away from those stores to avoid timptation. I think they just make so many things that get thrown away. I get the charm and the cleverness, though – which is what make them dangerous!

    I have a small sifter that was my grandma’s . It fits in the drawer and works well for powdered sugar – in fact that is pretty much the only thing I use it for!

  8. I don’t have much space in my kitchen, so I’m not tempted by any of those. Although, the tiny sifter could work well for cinnamon too!

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