She’s Got Legs!

You know, in my efforts to ignore the squish belly and other side effects of growing older and to focus on my internal improvements and improved strength, I sometimes forget to notice and appreciate the positive physical changes in my body. I had the good fortune this week to have one such improvement jump up and scream, “LOOK AT ME!”

It all started when my work schedule got readjusted and a 4-day trip turned into an overnighter. In all the suitcase rearranging, no workout shorts or pants made it into my bag. And for once, I was staying in a hotel with a workout room. Arggh!

Not wanting to spend much on a substitute pair of shorts, I decided to stop in at Wal-Mart to see if I could find a pair of cheapies. The best price I could find was ~$10 for a pair of terry shorts. Not bad, but for the quality, more than I thought they were worth. Just when I had decided to cave in and buy them, I spotted the large sign for the teen boys’ section. *light bulb!*


Would you guess these were teen boy shorts? For $3 off the clearance rack, I don’t really care. I also don’t care that the size small I purchased has side pockets in the exact wrong place on my body (*cough* squish belly *cough*). The t-shirt takes care of that little problem. Besides, the size medium might have had a more flattering waist area, but it looked like I was wearing culottes, the legs were so big. In case you hadn’t figured it out, Cammy don’t do culottes.

These shorts are really comfy, and I was thinking that they might make it into my regular workout rotation. The only little niggle I had about them was the length. Loose shorts tend to ride up during exercise, and I don’t want to distract the beefy boys at the gym by flashing too much skin. :) But for $3, I thought they’d be fine for walking and the occasional hotel gym.

Okay, so cut to the hotel gym–excuse me, Fitness Center–a few hours later. I’m on the recumbent bike pedaling away. The shorts were serving their purpose nicely, although I was a little self-conscious about how much thigh I was exposing as I pedaled. Looking down, it seemed I was dangerously close to exposing parts of my thighs that are not for public display. Not without dinner and a movie first. Curious, I checked out the view from the side, using the massive wall of mirrors across the room:

Cammy on recumbent bike

In the first 15-20 seconds of seconds of watching myself pedal, I couldn’t have told you anything about a squish belly, pasty white skin, or the length of my shorts. All I saw was strong, muscular legs. As crazy as it sounds, I’d forgotten I had them. :)

For me, this was a great (and timely!) reminder of the importance of taking a look at the whole picture and not just focusing on a few squishy pixels here and there. I used to be consistently better at that than I am now, and I am now resolved to work a little harder at it. Instead of picking apart my body for criticism, I’m going to pick a part of my body to celebrate every day. Starting with my strong and capable legs. :)

In other fascinating news of the week, I was able to visit–finally!–a Corner Bakery Cafe! I’d heard about them from folks around the U.S., but I hadn’t been near one at a meal time before.

Corner Bakery Harvest Salad

I ordered the Harvest Salad with Chicken (smaller portion), which included julienne chicken, mixed greens, apple slices, currants, toasted walnuts, and Harvest Crisps (broken pieces of thin-sliced foccacia.) I omitted the bleu cheese and had the Pomegranate Vinaigrette on the side. According to their website, it rolled in at about 500 calories for a tasty and relatively healthy meal. If I ordered this again, I’d leave off either the Harvest Crisps or the foccacia (loved the thin slice!) for 50-100 calories less. It really didn’t need both. Not that I didn’t eat both. :)

Regular reader know that if I’m omitting cheese, there’s a good possibility fro-yo will follow. And you’d be right. There was Menchie’s right behind the Corner Bakery, so after walking around the shopping complex for a bit, I paid them a visit. No picture of my $2.19 worth of yogurt (they tare the cup, so this was for the yogurt and topping only), but I did think this sign was cute:

no shirt no shoes no froyo

This is a fairly upscale area, so I doubt there are scads of shirtless, shoeless people trying to get in, but I suppose it’s better safe than sorry. ??

Having a little fro-yo treat helped me withstand the latest BK threat:

BK Cinnabon Muffins

BK has added Cinnabon Muffins to their menu, available ALL. DAY. LONG. Eight hours of staring at these things, all the while trying to convince myself that my Clif Bar or turkey sandwich or whatever tastes just as good. So far, I’m not buying that argument. OR the muffin.

And now I’m home for a couple days. Late night storms brought cooling north winds breezes and abundant sunshine. I’m off to enjoy a spectacular day!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and are also enjoying a spectacular weekend! Don’t forget to take in the big picture! :)

11 thoughts on “She’s Got Legs!

  1. Great work! Look at those muscles, you look great! And, 3$ shorts? What a bargain! Maybe I’ll have to check out walmart for my workout gear. Most of my stuff comes from the target clearance rack.

  2. When you get done looking at your legs, check out that Cammy smile. It’s my favorite part of Cammy. And I’m lucky enough to have heard the laugh that usually goes along with the smile. If it’s a delightfully cool in Memphis as it is in Knoxville right now, I bet that smile is from ear to ear.

  3. First… you do have great, beautiful, strong legs!!!
    And this reminder is great as well.
    Thank you.
    What fun to look good in those cute boys shorts.
    And that salad looks great. We have those corner bakeries here and I’ve never gone in.

  4. Woo Hoo! Look at them gams! You must be tall, too, judging by that photo 😀

    I used to love Corner Bakery when we lived in IL. I never checked any calories back then, either…

  5. I am in awe of your legs! Good job! It’s true that we can get fixated on the tiny flaws and forget all about the magnificent. I have to work at this every day.

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