Trouble’s Back in Town

Happy Labor Day Weekend, US readers! And, of course, a Happy Regular Old Weekend, for the international folks!

I tell you, I am happyhappyhappy to have a break from laboring this week! Oh wait, there’s all this household laboring to do. Isn’t it a pity we don’t get paid for that?

This work week involved almost as much driving as it did standing. Oddly, the driving was more tiring than the standing. Storms, highway construction, school zones, detours–what should have been a relatively easy 4+ hour drive took 5+ hours and involved a significant amount of knuckle-gripping the steering wheel while practicing my deep-and-controlled breathing.

But I arrived at my first destination in one piece. That was the good news. The bad news that my destination was Beaver Dam, KY. (Go ahead and giggle. I’ve heard it all week.)

beaver dam KY

It’s not a bad little town at all, but the restaurant offerings are slim. I chose Denny’s Diner over Wendy’s because it felt more “restaurant-y”. After the horrendous commute, I was feeling the need to be pampered a bit. The service was good; the food, not so much. I had the “cheeseburger flatbread” from the appetizer menu. It was advertised as a tortilla topped with crumbled beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and “Frisco sauce”. I’m thinking tostada, right?

Denny's cheeseburger flatbread

(Photo: Denny’s Menu Online) Right, sort of. It’s a steering wheel-sized thin tortilla with about an ounce of beef, a half ounce of cheese, a quarter cup of lettuce, a quarter cup of chopped tomatoes, and a quarter cup of “Frisco sauce”, which looked a lot like taco sauce stirred into ranch dressing. Good thing I’d ordered that on the side! It didn’t taste bad, but a little went a long, long way. To make up for the skimpy toppings, I decided to rearrange them by scraping the topping from one half of the flatbread onto the other. I figured the fine folks of Beaver Dam (or, at least, the six who were in the restaurant) wouldn’t be terribly offended, and if they were offended–well, that’s the benefit of a road trip. They’ll likely never have to experience me or my tortilla-scraping self again. Mostly, because the odds are against me having to stay overnight there again, but also because I’m not very likely to be ordering the cheeseburger flatbread again.

My next stop, Madisonville, KY, was a little better in terms of food offerings. Plus they have a Kroger, which meant I could grab some Oikos for the room fridge. This was especially helpful as I developed a hankering for fro-yo and learned there wasn’t a single source of it in town! Oh no! So I stuck my single serve of Oikos in the freezer compartment of the room fridge and made do.

A far more enjoyable Kroger find was the most recent edition of Woman’s Day, featuring none other than the amazing Ellen of Fat Girl Wearing Thin! Ellen’s success story (105 pounds lost that has remained lost for seven years!) is presented on page 176. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, look for this cover:

Woman's Day magazine

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story, Ellen!

I was supposed to have another stop on this trip, but it got cancelled, thank goodness. It was for two nights in a southern Alabama town, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Not because it was Alabama, but because there didn’t appear to be any walking facilities or healthier food options in the area. I’m sure I’d have made do, but I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Speaking of Alabama, what a difference a couple of weeks makes. Remember a few weeks ago when I indulged myself with a weekend away? This was one of the photos I took on that Saturday:

gulf shores August 18 2012

That’s the pier from which I spent way too much time fisherman- shark-watching. Here’s a photo of the pier from earlier this week, during Hurricane Isaac:


(Photo credit: multimediaimpre via flickr)

It looks like the area was spared significant damage and most of the water and sand that washed over the roads is back in its proper place. This is a huge relief to the business owners, I’m sure, as the holiday weekend is one of their last big weekends of the year.

The drive home was just as perilous as the drive up, with the front-runners for now-tropical storm Isaac moving through the area, convoys of electrical workers headed to the coast, and a high-speed police chase (complete with spike strips!) to keep me alert. Isaac and I arrived in Memphis about the same time, where we’re having more wind than rain. The worst seems to have gone west of us. That’s a relief, in one way, but sad in that the crops over in Arkansas are close to harvest-ready and the farmers are fearful that they’ll lose a significant amount of their returns.

While I might have lost my final assignment, I gained a few billable hours for a freelance client who called while I was making my windy way home and asked if I had time to take on a couple of small projects for him. I love happy little accidents like this!

But this reminds me that I need to get back to it. Or maybe I’ll wait to see if I win the lottery tonight and then I can outsource it tomorrow. :)

I’ll be close at home for the holiday weekend and am looking forward to some make-up exercise. It should be interesting walking in this wind.

Big plans in your neck of the universe?

9 thoughts on “Trouble’s Back in Town

  1. Hi Cammy.

    Big plans we don’t have, but today is Father’s Day so we are going out for lunch at our favourite local restaurant. The Chef is great. That’s important because John and I are both staying wheat free and I am into a month long dairy free experiment to see if it helps my skin problems go away. I miss Greek yoghurt but hopefully It will be OK to eat it again when this month is finished..

    I am very excited to be at my lowest weight for many years and beginning to look at buying a few new clothes.

    I feel so good it’s hard not to become a pain in the neck evangelist for Wheat Free Living. *laughter*

    I love the way you enjoy life.


  2. No big plans here. Visited my favorite apple orchard today in hopes of some early apples. Not much there yet, but shouldn’t be long. Did get some galas to make applesauce. Monday’s plan was a picnic in the mountains with friends, but looks like Issac is finally going to curve just enough north of us to bring some rain and thunderstorms. It may become a backyard/screened in porch picnic instead.

  3. Cammy – happy you are safe thru all that craziness!!! Glad you are close to home too! Hey, did ya win the lotto? We did not & one winning ticket about pretty close to us – dang! 😉

    Hope you get some rest, real food & some make-up exercise!!!

    Us, no AC hear & hot so we search out AC wherever we can find it! :-)

  4. I’m glad you made it home safely! No fun driving in high winds.

    Enjoy you holiday tomorrow. I will be at work. Sigh. My numbers did not come in.

  5. Wow, Cammy, those two pics of the same pier are remarkable! I love how you make the best of it with your food on these travel days.

    The other day I was in a restaurant and they had a fancy schmancy computerized touch screen drink machine and I wondered if it was like what you were working with!

    Have a nice home-day!

  6. I thought about you when we were out to eat at Moe’s yesterday. There was one of those drink machines with all the fancy flavors and I wondered if that was the brand you were working with. I was happy to see it did dispense plain water LOL!

  7. Such adventures you had Cammy! What a crazy time to be on a road trip with the wild weather. Healthy food on the road can be hard to come by. I usually try to take some food with me but it’s not always easy to do that.

    Hope you got in some make up exercise and enjoyed being home.
    It was a weekend of getting chores done around here and also a little cooking. All in all it was a good weekend.

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